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    Project: Beast III

    WOW! man those coils look so sweet! Keep it up!
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    Black P180

    hehe i just found this on the antec site looks just like the P150 the calling it the SOLO
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    project: Shuttle Cool Down

    Those Grills look mint great job :)
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    Project: Beast III

    Those tubes look AUSOME, Mod looks REALLY really good keep it up man :D :D :D
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    Modding Battle Wounds - Got Any?

    I bluid computers everyday for a living and usually get bitten by the cheap shit cases at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes i dont even notice till i see the blood on my keyboard later on. Sanded a bit of my finger with a dremel cleaning up some holes on a case, nice graze for a week.
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    all i can say is WOW thats like so ausome job well done :)
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    Opinions on Antec P-150...

    2 Words: Its Heavy. The sound proofing is little more than a thin (i mean thin) foam (like 2mm), Nice Solid case other than that i bluit my Ex's machine in one and its sweet as.
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    Dual Core and Gaming (BF2 mostly) - Poll

    when i bluit my new rig not long ago i stuck a 4400+ X2 in there. and ive NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER had any issue in any game program or anything. (other than a dogdy hdd that failed) so :p:p:p to the people that think dual core is evil for gaming :D AMD x2 FTW
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    How to say GOODBYE to whiny NB fans!

    Nice job there. Put them old HSF's to good use :)
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    Annoyed by the latest graphics?

    Honestly Games like CounterStrike source dont need HDR Valve tends to over do it with the HDR My twin GTX's dropped to less than 20 frames in one part of that new milita map turn it off it looks fine and back up to 100+ frames HDR in other games like NSF:MW looks dam good imo my 2c
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    Project: Feeding Frenzy

    Hey Top Nurse Looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing some updates :D :D
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    RE-Building The House of RagE - AGAIN

    and again all i can say is WOW. all that Data Goodness in one package :eek:
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    RE-Building The House of RagE - AGAIN

    all i can say is WOW thats one nice stack of hdd's
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    Antec Titan Opinions?

    I bought a Titan 550, absolulty love it Its huge, plenty of space, heavy as all hell fully loaded, i get a sore back every time i move it :D Cooling is Ok, but it could use a fan over the GPU area IMO, but other then that its a great case.
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    Storm'd !

    Great Mod Defyant! :cool::cool:
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    Yay modcam action!! I see u crim :p
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    What do you do with old hardware?

    Take old parts out the back and smash them to pieces i tell's u. Its GREAT stress releive
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    Bonzanego's Project: MorningStar

    Dam those bezels look sweet.
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    Doom 3 Style PDA

    Rip it apart and mod the hell outta it (Pun Indeed). Styrene would be a good material to use. Nice n strong.
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Hehe As Featured on the Hard OCP page ;)
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Ok ive had a nice long read of the posts any many of your are proving my point to a tee. AGP is here now and alot of people still have it including a large number of gamers and OC'ers. Im not on some "Save the AGP Slot" greenpeace rampage. Im all for PCI-e but the fact is its a major...
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    The AGP, PCI-e Poll

    Keep voting im trying to prove a point here people. :D The point is AGP is still here Now and LOTS of people have it. In actual fact having the poll here is a Little Biast because were all enthusists/gamers/OC'ers, when in the real world you will see a HELL of a lot of AGP in a Vast majority...
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Dam i leave the forum over night and i get a nice big discusion when i get back the next day :D
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    The AGP, PCI-e Poll

    Ok were here to find out what type of Video Card People are using in there Primary Systems. Choices are Simple PCI-e or AGP In the system you use most often (your Primary System). Specify how many u have if you want its all good. Personally i have 2 AGP Systems, and 1 SLi / PCI-e...
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Oh one other thing guys were in AUSTRALIA so Parts tend to cost a lot more than over there in the USA. For example 7800GTX USA $599USD Australia Ranges from $836-$1000+ in places Some people cant really justify shelling out for a new mobo/cpu when they recently bought AGP based systems.
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Now the thing is customers are gonna get up me for selling them non upgradable systems theres me main problem. Were talking Ma and Pa type people here NOT OC'ers or Gamers Like us. Anyone who works in a computer store will know this problem 1st hand and may of us have been abused over...
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Yeah its a pain in the ass allright. our main supplier dropped there entire AGP 6800 Line up 1 Day after we ordered one, then they told us "we can get them there discontiuned" but were like " it was showing IN STOCK at the time we ordered it" so we ended up having to go else where. Adding to...
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    Where Has all the AGP Gone

    Like the title says Wheres all the AGP Cards Gone. Our suppliers over here in Australia are dropping them like crazy. entire 6800Series (GT, Ultras) have been dropped in the last week. It took our Company 1 and a half Weeks to source a Decent 6800Ultra for a customer. sheeesh Is there...
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    Sapphire Liquid Metal "Blizzard" Demo PC

    Well im dam sure it was there and it looks sweeet in person. Will look for pics to be sure.
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    1000w Psu!!!

    1000Watts does the word "Why" come to anyones mind. I counldnt even try to justify a 1000Watt PSU can u just imagine the price. LOL @ the USB Table Saw :D:D
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    Subscription access + Paypal... in Australia?

    Yeah man i paid for my subscription just fine with paypal and im from Australia too. Works out to about 12 Bucks AU$ i think and paypal will convert it for you. GenMay is worth it all the way. Support the [H] !!!!
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    Sapphire Liquid Metal "Blizzard" Demo PC

    By any chance do ya know if this was featured at CeBiT 2005 in Australia? Because i could swear i saw it there.
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    Soltek 3801 arctic silencer / blowhole mod

    Looks Sweeet man. what did u use on the edge of the cut out there?
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    Bonzanego's Project: MorningStar

    This is looking to be a Very interesting project
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    Ausome Just Ausome!! :cool:
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    Project: Batman Begins (completed!!!)

    now that looks cool!!
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    Project: OMG there's water in your thingy!?

    i like the idea of using board mounts for ya rad. keep it up man!
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    Project: Batman Begins (completed!!!)

    that PSU looks pretty darn sweet the way you have it mounted there Qtip