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    Apple to introduce ringtone plan

    It does seem a bit silly that a phone as advanced as the iPhone will not let you use any MP3 stored in it as a ringtone. Then again, that is one of the big reasons I recently purchased an AT&T 8525 instead of an iPhone. The 8525 has greater overall funcationality, but furthermore acts just...
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    Good PS3 displays

    The early reports of PS3 incompatibility with non 1080p sets were hugely overreported, and by now have been solved. I use my PS3 with a 4 year old Hitachi 57SWX20b HDTV (a high-def RPTV based set) and it works fine. Even though my set only does 1080i things look great. 1080i vs 1080p is...
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    Obscure mouse problem

    Warranty requests take a while to process, and when it comes to water damage, some manufacturers will just say you spilled someone on it and it is your fault. I have lost a few keyboars due to spills, all in all, since mine are cheap, just buy a new one and get on with things.
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    PS2 or PS3? Or wait.

    Most experts have rules that the 360 and PS3 are pretty much equal when it comes to graphics, and if anything the PS3 has a slight edge. I still recommend the PS3 as a purchase for a good Blu-Ray player and while it has some decent games (not really a fan of Resistance Fall of Man, I am just...
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    PS2 or PS3? Or wait.

    I would agree, picking up a PS2 is almost a no-brainer, you can get one used very cheap, and out of any platform it has the most "must-have" games. The PS3 is a very nice system too, I really like mine, but I end up using it more as a Blu-Ray player more than a gaming system because I work...
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    PS3 - 1.80 coming tomorrow

    The PS3 did a good job with DVDs before, I still need to see how it looks after this update. The feature I am really looking forward to though is being able to do an update without having to plug the controller in through the USB cable.
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    Where is the new Apple Cinema HD Displays?!?!

    PPC wasn't a bad architecture when it came out, but alas IBM/Motorola couldn't keep up with the speed increases they promised at a reasonable cost. Yes, you do pay a premium for an Apple system over a comporable equiped Windows box, but that is the only way to legally get the MacOS at the...
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    Rock solid stable free osx word processor

    Also not free. MS charges an arm and a leg for their office suite, and at least an arm for MS Word on its own. OpenOffice is the best bet, I use it on my windows machine, does everything I need and more.
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    AMD Is Selling Half Of It's Soul

    AMD will never go bankrupt, Intel needs AMD just as Microsoft needs Apple. Both companies need a competitor to ward off anti-trust lawsuits. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Intel bailed out AMD by purchasing massive ammounts of stock if the company did go into serious financial trouble.
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    Any companies that offer 0% interest on a laptop?

    Other than struggling car companies, I have never known anyone to offer 0% for the life of the loan. When I bought my Dell 2001fp I got 0% and no payments for six months, but if I failed to pay it off in full before those six months were up I would have been hit with all of the interest...
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    Is it possible to run OS X using PC Hardware?

    While Apple has very high margins for an OEM computer builder, the margins on software sales are far far higher than they will ever be for hardware sales (take a CD or DVD that takes a couple cents to press and sell it for $100+ , even factoring in R&D costs software is much more lucrative than...
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    Some Iphone questions

    As 99% of Apple stores are in malls, and any mall in the US worth having an Apple store is going to have at least one Cingular kiosk in it (the mall in my hometown has an Apple store, three Cingular kiosks and a full out Cingular store) I doubt that would be an issue.
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    Do i need more memory?

    More memory would help, but considering you can get a system easily several times as fast for less than $500, you should probably look into a new machine.
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    Great Idea: Why hasn't this happened yet?

    So I got pulled over for an overdue registration today (which BTW was due to the DMV giving me the wrong sticker for my plate and I got let go), but why are there not smart chips in drivers license's? Think about it, a drivers license could have a chip that encode and via RFID keeps up with...
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    I wish I knew how to post a new quorum thread

    Because if I did, I would as how many are interested in the so called 'xMac' a mini or full tower mac with a C2D processor, and upgradeable video and sound.
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    Core 2 Extreme QX6700 vs PS3 Cell processor

    The Cell is a great design, it just needs special code so especially shine. An IBM Power(whatever number they are up to now) will absolutely kill and Intel or AMD proceosser it is put against for the code it is meant to run, given the right OS, but it will sham itself in general purpose apps on...
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    Brisbane is here.. and.. It's still 2006!!! You know what that means... right?

    Hehe thanks my manhood and I agree it was a close one.
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    Finally! The iPhone!

    its looks like a good product, and I am sure a lot of peple will go for it, but I am going to stick to my HP iPaq 6515 Cingular phone for one major reason: a hardware thumbpad. I like to me able to text message and type in web pages with ease, and a full qwerty keyboard is the best solution for...
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    Brisbane is here.. and.. It's still 2006!!! You know what that means... right?

    Well I will admit I was hoping I wouldn't have to cop on it, but AMD didn't pull through with any decent release of 65 nm procs by Jan 1st (and believe me, I checked) so I lucked out, but it also helps prove my position that AMD likes to make more paper releases than real ones.., then again, so...
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    DL DVD and DVD Players

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    Why do people buy PCs to game?

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    Chipsets, Mobos, and Quad-core

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    Has the PS3 outsold the 360 in Japan Yet?

    From a common sense point, the included Blu-Ray drive is a huge plus for the PS3 over th Xbox 360 or the Wii, at least if you enjoy watching movies in HD quality.
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    Why should I buy an Xbox 360 vs PS3?

    I have a 360 at the moment, but plan on getting a PS3 as soon as I can find one for retail pricing (I missed out on the pre-order, my EB manager friend was on vacation the week the e-mail about the pre-order came out). The 360 is nice now, I love Madden and Battlefield: 2 MC on it, but...
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    Are we at the absolute end of Single Core Intel Processors?

    I really don't see the need nor the marketing potential of a 'high-end' single core CPU. The _only_ place high-end single core CPUs shine is in gaming, and given that even a mid-range dual-core CPU is video card limited at the moment, there is no reason to release a high end single core part.
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    I need a new system! Money aint a thang...

    I have built a number of PCs for people, but I make it very clear when I do so that they are not to call me for any reason if tech-support becomes and issue. Sure, I have had people back out after the lecture (and probably for my better good) but some agree, and while I have gotten a call or...
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    I need a new system! Money aint a thang...

    Forget watercooling if price is no object, go for below zero temps, there is a company (I can't recall the name at the moment) who makes cases with pre-built peltier coolers built in, with all the necessary equipment.
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    I want to sell my powerbook

    You might be able to get $1000+ from a Mac fanatic, but due to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, any knowledgeable user would pay $500 tops. EDIT: Especially since you can get an Apple refurb (thus warrantied) MacBook 2.0 Ghz C2D (which will absolutely kill an single core G4 of any speed) for $899
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    AMD 65nm coming soon.......

    If any reputable (i.e. trustable) e-tailer or retailer manages it before the new year, I feel I have no choice but to follow through. EDIT: And that means in stock availible for order, not just posting up a pre-order, or 0 in quantity page from the start.
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    Consumer quad-core

    A lot as in around a 30% improvement in video encoding and a 40% improvement in audio encoding as shown by the [H] review of the chip. If you are running a business, that would seem more than worth it, and if you are a home user who just doesn't like to wait, also worth it.
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    AMD 65nm coming soon.......

    Well, that is a semantics argument, I meant it as being a production part, until I see it in a major retailer or e-tailer, I would not consider it a production part.
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    Consumer quad-core

    Audio and video encoding/transcoding apps benefit greatly as well, so if you do a lot of DVD backups or move a lot of video to formats for an iPod or similar source, it makes sense as well, as for people who do a lot of CD to MP3->Ogg->etc.
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    AMD 65nm coming soon.......

    As of so far, they still aren't availible at the Egg (no Brisbane core CPUs are listed) so I am not quite in the shitter yet.
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    $500 "gaming" system?

    Your best bet for a $500 'gaming system' is either an Xbox 360 or a PS3.
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    Anyone else think hardware is advancing too fast?

    I agree, gaming graphics cards are moving way too fast for the vast majority of customers to want, or be able, to keep up with, hence the big move to console gaming, which combined with consoles with HD cabability (the PS3 and Xbox360) are capable of producing almost as good of graphics plus on...
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    How is the new power mac?

    And unless you make six figures a year, or your company is buying the machine, you don't buy such a computer for one year.
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    I think I may....hit up the Dark side?

    The DS3 is a great OCing board, that plus an E6300 will OC to destroy even the fastest of the OCed AMD FX chips. That being said - AMD is the dark side.
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    any new consoles coming out soon?

    I would not buy a MS handheld, especially after seeing how they botched the Zune. However, I would always pick a PSP over a DS. I am not sure what marketing Nintendo did to put the DS ahead of the PSP in Japan (especially since the PSP overall has way more to offer than the DS) but game...
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    Anyone else think hardware is advancing too fast?

    High-end graphics cards always seem to move faster than anything else in the market, and only the rich, stupid, or hard-core gamers buy those. Overall, I think things are moving at a good rate. I would of course (like everyone) like to see Blu-Ray recordable optical drives hit shevles soon...
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    Spherical Case

    You could either make a stand or weight it so it stands mostly on the bottom.