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    WHS not showing up on network

    Ok, did a bit more searching. I have another computer which is able to see the server perfectly and I can connect to it via \\hpserver just fine and dandy. This is a problem related to my laptop. The laptop can see the other computer fine, but I need to connect via the ip to get to the server...
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    WHS not showing up on network

    I have an HP homeserver that has always shown up as HPSERVER under the list of computers (I'm using Windows 7). I was always able to connect by typing in \\hpserver but now for some reason this doesn't work. I now have to type in the IP address to connect to the server. This is a pain because...
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    Blockbuster Trying to Woo Disgruntled Netflix Subscribers?

    Important to note that you need to be a DISH customer to get this.
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    WHS for HTPC

    I have a HP Mediasmart WHS and it works very well. Just be aware that if your PSU ever dies (like mine did) that you'll either have to take it up the A buying a PSU that can fit or you'll have to go the DIY route and re-pin a PSU (not fun). If I had to do it again, I would have built my own so...
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    How to download flash video from

    Anyone know if there's a site where they put up entire episodes of the Today Show? They cut the clip short unfortunately online :(
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    How to download flash video from

    Worked great, thanks a lot!
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    How to download flash video from

    I was in the background of the audience. It was short, but still pretty exciting for me.
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    How to download flash video from

    Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I was in NYC this morning and got some airtime on the Today Show. They have the video online and I want to get a copy of it locally. Any idea on how to do this?
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    Home Theater Speakers

    I have the CS2. It's a little big but it sounds really great. The thing is a steal at 130. I paid over 200 at circuit shitty a few years back for one.
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    Catalyst 10.2 is out

    Television's perhaps?
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    Patriot Box Office Medial Player Giveaway @ [H]

    winner winner chicken dinner
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    does this exist?

    Maybe the iTablet will solve your need...
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    CoreAVC 2.0 Questions

    Thanks for the info guys.
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    CoreAVC 2.0 Questions

    I see that CoreAVC 2.0 is out and have a couple of questions. Is it worth buying this if I have an ATI card in my HTPC? Also, if you had say 1.0 can you upgrade for free or do you have to pay another $10 to get 2.0?
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    Will 2010 (Finally) Be Blu-ray's Year?

    With blu-ray's going sub $10 when on sale there's really no reason to buy the DVD version.
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    Garmin nüvi 285W/285WT 4.3-Inch $129.99 free shipping

    The 255WT is 129.99 at best buy right now. It's the same thing as the 265wt minus bluetooth support. I picked up one with 10% discover cash back.
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    Intel to Pay AMD $1.25B in Antitrust Settlement

    AMD is dropping THEIR case. This has nothing to do with what the DOJ plans or wants to do.
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    7MC and DXVA

    I think the trick here is to try to figure out how to load up the custom renderer using wmp/media center. I've looked into the filters that MPC uses and tried messing around with and to no avail. Hopefully someone comes out with something in the future.
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    7MC and DXVA

    How does MPC-HC bypass vsfilter and load up subtitles and why isn't there a way to have wmp or 7MC do the same thing? As for CCCP and CUDA, it definitely lowered cpu usage but not as much as when I have subs disabled. The quest continues.
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    7MC and DXVA

    As previously stated, DXVA is not working because I have vsfilter loading to display subtitles. I'm pretty sure that default MS decoders don't support subtitle tracks stored in an mkv. Hopefully there's some trick that CCCP does with ffdshow to load subs but not load up vsfilter.
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    Best TV tuner card for WIndows 7 ?

    I have this and use it with an antenna as well but from what I read on anandtech (here), a lot of cable companies are putting the kabosch on clear qam expanded basic channels so if you do plan on using the tuner for cable this is probably not the tuner to use.
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    7MC and DXVA

    Crim, I also watch Anime with mkv's but I used Wiretap's guide. I'll give CCCP a try and see if that helps. I mean they work but my cpu usage gets pretty high. I wasn't able to play a 1080p video w/subs w/o stuttering so that's why I'm trying to figure this one out.
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    7MC and DXVA

    As I stated, it does work except for when I play an mkv that has subtitles in it. Vsfilter auto-loads in order to display the subs and as soon as that happens the DXVA party is over.
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    7MC and DXVA

    Has anyone figured out how to get DXVA to work inside of Windows Media Center for Windows 7? I know you can get it working with MPC-HC but I really like the 7MC UI and not having to use a mouse/keyboard to navigate and open up videos. Edit: I take that back. It does work, but I have to...
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    Win 7 Japanese and English

    Is there a way to change your input text back and forth? In vista I had it so I could change back and forth from english text and japanese.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Hoping I win!
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    SageTV, MythTV, Slingbox, Hava, HDHomeRun.... Help me out of the woods here...

    I'll chime in as an HD Homerun user. It should work in linux (see the review here: ) and I know it definitely works in VLC. You also don't have to have your computer on all day if you use the newer versions of windows media center. You can have your...
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    Windows 7 Codec Setup

    IDK if there are yet honestly. The one that was ripped from the HDBits site and put up on the other forum (before it got taken down) was a direct word-for-word transcription. But you're right, as far as we should be concerned this should be good enough to get the job done.
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    Windows 7 Codec Setup

    Yea it got killed yesterday evening :(
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    [GUIDE] Windows 7 HTPC Playback Guide

    woah, they took it down already. hope you all made copies of it while it was up.
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    [GUIDE] Windows 7 HTPC Playback Guide

    In case you didn't see it in the other thread:
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    Windows 7 Codec Setup

    you can all thank me later
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    Five Things to Hate About HDTV

    Dumb article is dumb.
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    IR Remote Help

    I recently bought the anyware remote from newegg ( so that I could use the usb IR receiver instead of having my old pvr-250 act as a glorified ir receiver. The reason I wanted to get away from the PVR-250 is that the remote...
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    Help! Drowning in a sea of information!

    I can't stream wireless HD using wireless G to my laptop without it coming in and out constantly. You may be able to do it if you have pre-N but no guarantees.
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    Looking to upgrade GPU, need some help.

    I believe the CrossfireX mode that he's talking about is where the onboard graphics chip gives a boost to a pci-e add-on card. Unfortunately this only works with certain cards and they are all rather slow. I just put in a 4670 into my HTPC (same board, same amount of ram, proc. is slower...
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    [GUIDE] Windows 7 HTPC Playback Guide

    lol. I did that but I wasn't sure if the latest/greatest version could be located other than at that site.