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    Not sure how or why I have 2 IP addresses with Spectrum that work

    Arris Surfboard SB8200, not provided by ISP and has the older firmware that doesn't support link aggregation for single WAN. I'm stuck with that firmware because Arris doesn't have any firmwares on their website, I can't find any way online on how to user update the firmware and Spectrum does...
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    Not sure how or why I have 2 IP addresses with Spectrum that work

    I have an Arris SB8200, purchased not provided by the ISP, it has the older firmware that does not support link aggregation. It has two WAN ports. I have a pfSense router and out of curiosity plugged that second WAN port into the router. To my surprise the router is showing me a second IP...
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    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    Only if you need or want those extra features.
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    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    Holy smokes! OK it IS indeed in the Microsoft App Store. Searching windows, windows 11 pro, windows 11 pro for workstations, workstations, does NOT show the upgrade in the front or even several pages down. It turns out the search key needed was "upgrade"! Well that's strange because I...
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    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    I installed Windows 11 Professional last time using the Windows 10 Professional product key, then installed Pro for Workstations via the MS app store, no fee charged because I had Windows 10 Pro for WS already. I don't see why it wouldn't work again.
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    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    Strange because I was just running Windows 11 Pro for Workstations just before reformatting. I don't see why it would just be taken out.
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    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    I had Windows 10 Professional, then upgraded to 10 Pro for Workstations via the MS store app, I paid for it. Then when Windows 11 came out I did a clean install and got the Windows 11 Pro for Workstations in the MS app store, this time it was free (likely because of the previous purchase of the...
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    What alternative sites to get tech news

    As the title says, what are some other sites to start getting tech news?
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    NASA Rover Opportunity Succumbs to the Martian Weather After 15 Years of Operation

    Per JPL spokesperson, "...JPL spacecraft either don't work or work REALLY well...
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    When the hobbyist / enthusiast knows more about computers than the IT guy.
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    Dead huh? It was never alive to begin with. Now an external high end DAC and amplifier thru USB is a different story.
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    AT&T to Start Using Fake 5G Indicator on LTE Phones

    Didn't they do that in the past too with HSDPA and HSPA being marketed as 4G at the time?
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    The Next AAA Publisher Crash May Already be Here

    An opportunity for the rise of independent developers who hopefully won't allow themselves to be bought out by companies like EA.
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    Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Teased

    Just to clarify is that live action or computer generated? Or both, like live action humans but a CG sonic? Like Pikachu Detective.
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    Steam Is Banning Sex Games with Young-Looking Characters

    Seems the laws and how they're enforced are different in Japan. Usually for hentai and hentai games, the girls are actually around 16 and 17 years old, but the age gets bumped up to at least 18 when it gets westernized.
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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    And another possible data breach waiting to happen.
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    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    US seems to have a stable and reliable network. But coverage in Hawaii is abysmal, especially in the mountains and far out into the ocean (obviously).
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    What's the largest consumer available SSD suitable to replace a storage HDD?

    Micron 5200 it is then. Thanks for the input!
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    What's the largest consumer available SSD suitable to replace a storage HDD?

    I always like the idea of replacing the storage drive with large SSD. I've been down this road before: I asked the question a few years ago. So I ask the same question again. What's the largest single SSD...
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    Intel Launches Neural Compute Stick 2

    What does it do?
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    For the First Time Ever, the World Champion of StarCraft II Is a Non-Korean Player

    Isn't diversity the in demand thing nowadays?
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    Software Predicts Crime Using Social Media

    Waiting for someone to complain about profiling.
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    What are my current options for a double wide case?

    Agreed! The Thermaltake Core W200 looks very nice. That case and the Mountain Mods Extended Ascension Cyo.
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    What are my current options for a double wide case?

    I'm looking for a double wide case. What are my options? I had this question in the past here: I got the Lian Li PC D600. Again I'm looking for a new case for a new system I'm about to build, and like the last one it...
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    Halo TV Series Is On Its Way

    Interesting reaction that it's on SHOWTIME. I wonder what the alternative reactions would have been if the show was instead on Syfy, Freeform, HBO, or AMC.
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    Few Are Pleased at EA’s Latest Take on Command & Conquer

    It doesn't look promising. No live action cutscenes and likely filled with microtransactions. Let me guess, I have to pay to win?
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    "High Definition Vinyl" Coming as Early As Next Year

    Article says the audio source is DIGITALLY converted. So in other words, it's still essentially a digital music format? Are there even music masters still archived in analog format?
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    China Plans Hypersonic Jet That Can Fly Anywhere in the World in Three Hours

    I wish commercial aircraft were that fast.
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    Twitch Surpassed CNN in Viewership in January

    CNN isn't what it used to be a decade ago.
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    Apple App Store Revenue Climbs 33% Year Over Year

    It's good to invest in Apple stocks.
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    FCC Vows Probe into False Alarm That Sent Hawaii Scrambling for Cover

    That is indeed what happened. Apparently very few people in Hawaii are prepared for any kind of attack. Foodland at least took their customers into the basement food storage area. But Walmart actually turned people away.
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    Google Will Activate Chrome’s Built-In Ad Blocker on February 15

    Can we get the best of both worlds? Ad isn't seen by viewer, but website still thinks ad was loaded and publisher still gets revenue. Is it possible to have an ad blocker that works with the ad is still being blocked, it doesn't load or the viewer doesn't see it, but website still registered...
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    LSI 9305 not detecting HGST SAS drives

    My LSI 9305 24i is not detecting HGST 4tb 4kn SAS drives. It sees other SAS/SATA drives just fine. I've done the obligatory pre search, and I found this and...
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    Honolulu Bans Texting While Crossing the Street

    It seems everyone who lives in Honolulu think it sucks.
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    Amazon May Be Entering the Multibillion-Dollar Prescription Drug Market

    Americans are already over medicated as it is. I work at 2 hospitals, I know.
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    I prefer cars that standard 2 DIN stereo. I like to use aftermarket stereo head units.
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    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    You mean the car is for free? I'll take it then, break it down for spare parts to keep and sell some of the rest. Hold off on the oral thingy, I'm not single.
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    Facebook and Google Will Stretch Internet Cable from LA to Hong Kong

    That's right folks, despite the advancements in wireless technology, good old wired connections are still the fastest, securest, and most reliable.
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    New Ethernet Standard Brings 5x The Speed Without Disruptive Cable Changes

    Better to just get 10 GbE. It's been standardized for a while and already available. It IS expensive, no argument there, but it's one of the best options if you need to go faster than gigabit ethernet right now. My home network setup is 10 gigabit ethernet. I'm never going back.