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    What flavor of linux for an old laptop for playing mp3s?

    Yeah you're probably right about painfully slow. I was hoping someone would say that it's bearable enough on that hardware since app installs are so easy with it (even though most are web-based apps that open through chromium.....). I'm a fan of Jolicloud since it was the one distro out of the...
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    iPad Vs Netbook

    Does your fiancee have an iPhone? If so, then maybe the iPad would be the route to go. Being married, I can tell you, if she wants the iPad over the netbook, just get the iPad :D But I concur with the wait a week for the iPad 2 release.
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    Linux Server - Distro Choice??

    I concur on the CentOS/Ubuntu Server votes. I would also be interested to see the charity pricing quotes. Having that support available comes in handy when you least expect it.
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    What flavor of linux for an old laptop for playing mp3s?

    Jolicloud Linux seems to be great for that sort of thing. Small footprint too.
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    how much ram did you dedicate for your host OS ?

    32gb seems to be the minimum for Hyper-V/ESX deployments where I work. No complaints yet.
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    Setting up storage in ESXi - Need Recommendations

    I'm hoping more folks will respond because I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 that I have ESXi 4.0 on that is going to be our new test/dev environment. I'm waiting for my 32gb of ram to come in for it, and I may be obtaining an EMC CX300 and Brocade 200e switches next week that is being...
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    Setting up storage in ESXi - Need Recommendations

    With it being a demo/test system, I would do this: 1. Load ESXi on the 300gb RAID 1 container and use the rest of the storage for VMFS3 storage. You can store disk images/ISOs in that datastore along with slower low-usage VMs. 2. Use the RAID 5 storage array for VMFS3 and raw storage for...
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    Landlord Uses Facebook To Evict Tenants

    +1 on the kicking out. Especially since damage costs would probably come out of the landlady's pocket. That's one reason I refuse to rent out my house. I'd rather sell it and get it off of my hands than trust someone else with it. Home-ownership can be costly at times...... That's my personal...
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    General Question for those PC Techies

    I don't use one. I just try to touch something metal first and find the safest surface to work on. Usually ends up being a wooden or plastic surface.
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    WPA taking forever to authenticate.

    Also make sure the latest drivers for the NIC and Firmware for the router are installed. Those are quick to take care of, and are probably the first things that support will want done if you end up calling them (either for the laptop or router).
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    You are correct on the 2850. They are Single Core Xeons with Hyper Threading in that system.
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    I can answer for the PE 2850. I had one at my desk (until last week when I had to give it to another dept) running ESXi 3.5 U2 for months without issue. It was for my testing though and wasn't used heavily, so results will vary. Especially compared to the 2950/1950, as those are the first Dell...
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    Own or rent modem?

    One of the biggest reasons I like TWC (at least here in Central TX), is that you know you are working with local folks. Be it customer service, tech support, field techs, they're in your area. They can relate. That shows me that TWC wants to invest in the community, and understands that in lots...
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    Own or rent modem?

    Exactly! If I have problems with mine, i'll try a system or two on it off of my router (for a short time period of course), and if it's still a no go, it's up to them to remedy. TWC in Austin is usually pretty cool about their troubleshooting. They can connect to it remotely, run tests on it...
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    I miss 20 years ago when every mall had an arcade place

    The arcade I remember best was Aladdin's Castle in Barton Creek Mall in Austin, TX. Top Games on Riverside Drive in Austin is a close 2nd. It's where I played games like SF2, Mortal Kombat and my favorite, Revolution X. That was the shooter that was Aerosmith based. Nothing like blowing things...
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    My new ESX Server - Waiting

    Here's a question I forgot to ask. Do you plan on having the virtual machines talking to each other only in the virtual environment, or do you want them to have connectivity to the rest of your office network? If all communication will be internal, then the 2 nics will be fine. Hell, internal...
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    Circuit City to Finally Shut Down Nationally Today

    The only time I really went to a CC was to purchase blank CDs/DVDs when they had a good sale. It wasn't a place I could go browse through like Fry's (Austin-Metro here) so that was another reason I didn't go as much. I think the biggest purchase I made there was a Nikon CoolPix camera there like...
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    My new ESX Server - Waiting

    For that, yeah more NICs would be warranted. 1 or 2 more since the 2 onboard NICs will cover ESX management and VM traffic. Plus, you could test with iSCSI if you add more NICs to the server. At first though, you could try to route VM traffic through one of the onboard NICs and see if the...
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    Own or rent modem?

    Same here. It's nice to be able to drive to either the RR office down the street from me, or the MoPac/Duval office in Austin to get a new one if needed. They're cool about doing a swap on the spot as long as you have the modem and power cable with you. Plus, it being their equipment, it's their...
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    My new ESX Server - Waiting

    You can get those from Vendors to demo (I think they called it Try and Buy when I worked at Dell) to make sure they will work in your environment. It depends on the account/org size and amount of purchase I imagine. Or maybe it was comped with a large order or something. We're in the process...
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    Rackmount in a dorm room?

    If you're going to go rackmount, the cheap place to look is craigslist. The smaller racks will be more expensive, but they're there and pretty affordable.
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    How many of you have de-dusted networking equipment outside your house?

    I either do it outside or in my garage with the door open. My neighbors let enough leaves roll down the street into my yard, so dust they shall get back!
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    DSL vs. Cable broadband?

    Myself, i'm biased to Time Warner/Road Runner. Here are my reasons: 1. Local support. I know my customer service folks and service techs are in my area and know my area. 2. Speeds are decent. 8mb down if I recall for their standard service. 3. Reliability. Now this will probably vary per...
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    Best place to buy a laptop online? Customer service? Best exchange policy?

    I just got my HP Mini 1030NR from Best Buy with the 2 year in-store contract (also retains the 1 yr HP contract). I've never had return issues with Best Buy, so that could be an option. I'll have to read my paperwork to get the specifics though.
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    trying to find a remote access alternative

    Dynamic DNS address is a good start. You could have it open where he could just remote into that name, or set up a VPN connection on your server for him to connect to. There are a number of free VPN solutions like OpenVPN: That will give you a tunneled connection...
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    long-term value of VMware's VCP?

    Ok cool. That's good that they have 4 different versions. That should help keep it a reputable test.
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    long-term value of VMware's VCP?

    With adaptive testing, each test for each test taker is different. Adaptive tests will pull questions at random from a database of questions so the test is never the same for each test taker. My A+ exam back in the day was like this. This keeps people from making braindumps of the tests like the...
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    long-term value of VMware's VCP?

    I would say yes it will be useful in 2-3 years. Here are my reasons: 1. With the economy, the new solutions/equipment out now are perfect for virtualization, and will save lots of money on administration costs, downtime costs, power/cooling costs, etc... 2. It's becoming a standard for more...
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    Bridge WAP for my XBOX 360?

    +1 for this solution. Works great with my 2x WRT54G's running DD-WRT v24 SP1. As a matter of fact, I made this setup specifically for my 360 since the xbox original wireless adaptor didn't support WPA2. Plus, I have it set (client bridge I think) to where I can use the switch ports on the...
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    HP Mini 1000

    I picked one up a little over a week ago from Best Buy (1gb ram, 16gb SSD, XP home) and I can't complain. I think mine says it's a 1030NR if I recall. Plays YouTube videos fine, browses fine, and runs putty and WinSCP without issue. The only thing that really gets hot on that laptop is the...
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    The best netbook?

    I read about that on Now I need to get a copy of Vista for my HP Mini 1030 and try it out :D . My 16gb SSD would probably work fine after vLite-ing it, and maybe a 2gb ram upgrade.
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    Best, free antivirus?

    +1 for Avira
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    Linux Sysadmins: Is there an "Active Directory" for Linux?

    It's called LDAP if I recall...
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    Domain controller

    If the server will be the first domain controller (i.e. this will create the domain), it can come from a workgroup. If there are other domain controllers already in service, I would add the server to the domain first, then promote it. DCpromo.exe is the program to use to get these tasks done.
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    backup and restore user directory??

    What I do is copy the folder to somewhere else before making then changes, let the system create the new profile and folders, then copy their info into the new profile folder. What i've found is that if you just copy the whole directory over, is that when the user logs in for the first time, it...
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    Virus? NvCpl

    I'm in agreeance with the last 2 posts. Could add AdAware to the list of programs to run.
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    A+ preparation And Future Goals

    One tip I can provide for A+ is the A+ All in One guide by Michael Meyers. The book has had multiple revisions for the changes A+ has gone through (I bought this book in 2003 to...
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    Ready to take a Linux plunge

    Add one for Ubuntu. If you get the hang of it quickly, move to Slackware. It's fully configurable and very stable. Ubuntu is nice that it can be an easy transition from Windows, but if you're someone that is more into totally modifying the OS, Slackware is the way to go.
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    It's not at home (new infant at home, so no ESXi fun at home :) ), but it's my ESXi test system at work: Dell PowerEdge 2850 Dual 3.0ghz Xeon processors 2gb RAM 2x 36gb drives in RAID 1, 3x 146gb drives in RAID 5, and 1x 146gb drive as hot spare (All U320 SCSI) Dual gig nics PERC 4 D/i...
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    What do I need to get a tech job?

    I think a helpdesk/tech support job is a great place to start. You get to learn not only technical skills, but also the people skills that have to go along with being in the IT industry. Any big job site like Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.. will have jobs like this listed. Better if you are...