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    LF New Gaming rig...Alienware M17?

    Seems like a waste of money to me. You could do better with a Gateway P7805 for $1200-ish or those MSI barebones on ebay (although a 9600M GT is probably not as good as SLI 3850s), or go for an MSI 725 for a 17" with a 4850 or something.
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    Acer Aspire One, take two... Size Matters... :)

    Better battery life, better keyboard (although the 2nd gen AAO improves that). Only mistake to fix on the 2nd iteration would be flushmounting the SDHC and making it bootable.
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    best "netbook" ever

    On my netbook, a USB drive knocked my life to 2/3 or 3/4 what it is without it.
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    best "netbook" ever

    Chiming in in agreement, that's not a netbook. Hell, once it gets to the 12" segment, it's an ultraportable notebook as far as I'm concerned. If it's Atom or Nano powered rather than Core (or god help us Turion), it's a weaker one that focuses on battery life, but that's not a problem. But...
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    Lenovo T500 or HP HDX16t?

    Lenovo, for the reasons listed above. 1366x768 though? That's not a Thinkpad resolution. 1280x800 or 1680x1050 in the 15.4" W500 gives you 1920x1200 like Whoodie and I's T61p. But, I'd take the switchable graphics over the 1920x1200 if I were to buy it all over again. There are far more...
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    I've got a $1000 set of headphones, and no way to use them.

    My dad's former company bought all the pilots sets of Bose Aviation headphones (model number AH-BG), with active noise cancellation. When he joined the new company (which bought out the old one), the headsets were no longer compatible with the airplanes, and have sat upstairs in my dad's closet...
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    Man, you are my HERO! It found 3 keys for me. Granted, all were the same for 64 bit, but now I ahve 32 and 64. Now to find a good download for 32 bit.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public 32 bit ISO just timed out again. I don't understand why it keeps doing that...this has to be the 20th time.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    FINALLY! Almost 9 hours after I start, I get a key. It's 32 bit though, but I assume it will work in 64 bit as well? I want to try it on my netbook, but I want to test it on a 64 bit machine
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I've got the stubbornness thing going. 3 computers I'm hitting reload tabs one. I've got virtual machines, IE, Firefox...I'm sending in roughly 40 refresshes every 5 seconds....and nothing. Imagine how frustrating this is given that it's been since a little after 7 (I had to get up and eat food)
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I've been using those links for an hour and a half...and still nothing. My ass is falling asleep. (But, itnerestingly enough, the x64 version runs quite well in VMWare w/ just 512mb if only I had a key for it)
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I'm getting the errors still. I've been at this for almost 9 hours now, it's driving me nuts.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    Looks like that method is dying too. I went from getting the standard errors to it trying to say it can't find the page
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    HP DV6000 repair

    I hope you have another computer may have to wait a while. But, you may win in the end if you wait too long. I sent in a client's DV2415NR or something for that same repair the week before Thanksgiving. I got a call on 12/19 saying it would be 1/5/09 before it was done. I...
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    I know it's a simple thing to ask, but I haven't gone shopping in a while: USB flash

    I know it seems a simple thing to ask about, but I haven't really gone USB flash drive shopping in over 3 years, a 2gb Corsair Flash Voyager being the last drive I bought. I got a couple SanDisk drives, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, and a Kingston 8gb from work...but I can't complain about (nor choose) free...
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    WTB Lenovo Thinkpad T60 Battery

    I take it you're looking for one that fits the 14 and 15" 4:3 and 15.4" wide? If so, I've got a couple new batteries for my T61p, only really need 1 spare.
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    Which small laptop should I get?

    It's not in the same price range you listed, but I'll agree. I love mine. Also, if you want to go the live cashback route, I just helped a guy get an MSI Wind w/ a 6 cell and 802.11N for $400, $300 after LCB rebate.
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    I've entered the realm of the crackberry. Bought a bold.

    And damn am I impressed with it. It was down to an iPhone or the Bold, but in the end, support for microSDHCs and a lack of requiring iTunes won out. The biggest surprise has to be the speakers. I'm very impressed with the multimedia functions of it; so much so that I'm getting rid of my...
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    WTT: external slim Blu Ray drive for laptop

    Bump in futility. have a feeling I'll be holding onto this.
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    WTT: external slim Blu Ray drive for laptop

    dunno. I don't believe it's worth a dual core system, but some Dothan/Centrino system doesn't seem out of the question. I've bought decent D600s and D610s for less than $200. A netbook wouldn't be bad either.
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    WTT: external slim Blu Ray drive for laptop

    I have an HP OEM Sony/NEC Optiarc Blu Ray / DVD+-DL drive for notebooks (BC-5500a), in an external USB enclosure. I bought this for my HP notebook, but ended up selling my notebook. Figured I'd get an enclosure for it so I could use it with other systems...but given that I don't have any blu...
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    Merc 2 PC..So who's getting it?

    or at least some place or way to rent games. This would have been money not well spent. As it is, it's just 2 days of downloading (I'm against piracy, but I'm also against the disappointment felt after paying for products such as Crysis. All I ask is a demo). Fuck did that not impress me at...
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    Anyone with Streets & Trips 2008, a request.

    Are you using a GPS500 or GPS360? My 500 is detected w/ Windows Update, but my 360 never did. Ended up giving my 360 to my brother, as his 700m only will run 32bit. thanks for the heads up bats, I'll download 2009. Free map updates!
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    Can you switch the FN and left control key on the gateway 7811?

    Personally, I'd rather see more laptops go with that FN/CTRL layout. Then agian, I more or less grew up on Thinkpads which have had that setup. Can't stand laptops with the FN key moved.
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    WTB: laptop that will play nice with Linux <$500

    To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I purchased a Lenovo R60 for $450 that was a Core Duo T2400, 1gb RAM, 60gb hdd, 3945ABG, and DVDDL. But, I was stupid and sold it before getting scammed for $800 on ebay. So, I'm looking at getting another laptop replace my R60. Intel video...
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    WTB: laptop to use as car GPS

    I've got $68.03 in my paypal account, and am looking for a very cheap laptop to use in the car as a GPS. Smaller the better. Battery life, as long it'll work for, say, 15 minutes it'll be enough. RAM, 128+, ideally 256mb + Hdd: 6gb+ optical drive: doesn't matter Needs to have a USB...
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    Microsoft Technet Subscription Student Discount - $99/yr

    Anyone receive an email yet confirming the order? I bit on this last night, but forgot to print the receipt out.
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    WPA but no WPA2?

    As I stated, my router does WPA2, and is set for WPA2. Those options are not showing up though. WPA2 is absent from my list.
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    WPA but no WPA2?

    Leopard 10.5.2 Aiport Extreme 802.11N card I'm new to OSX so maybe it's something basic I'm missing, but I'm not seeing an option for WPA2 (which my network uses), and when trying to use my friend's WEP based router, it's not accepting the password. So far, the only router I can get on is...
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    Where can I BUY Windows XP Professional/Home Media

    Well, here's the good news. Most OEMs use a pre-made image that does not use the same key that's on the side of your tower. So, if they were never custom-reformatted, but rather always used the original recovery image, those keys likely were not actually used. But, here's the bad news...
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    DLink DIR-655 $99 Costco B&M

    Excellent router at an excellent price. I used mine over over a year without any problems. Only real issue that you may run into is if you're using an intel 4965AGN, it won't get the 300mbps that the Atheros cards do, thanks to it only being a 2.4ghz router. 125mbps, but this isn't a Dlink...
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    Online Relationships Don't Last

    Online initiated long distance based relationship from 1998-1999. That went horribly, and cost me thousands in phone bills. Online initiated long distance based relationship started 2003. Engaged in 2005. Married in 2007. Monday marks our first anniversary. And, in response to the hippo...
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    Any reason an Acer mobo wouldn't run an Opteron?

    I ended up grabbing a 5000+ AM2 in the FS/FT after the Opteron was purchased. I had a Socket A system, I think it was actually a Shuttle XPC, that I used a Mobile Barton on. It wasn't recognized, but it ran fine. Just said Athlon ??? or something like that. If it did that, it'd be ok...but...
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    FS - 4 Retail AMD AM2 5000+ CPU's

    3 Retail AMD AM2 5000+ CPU's, that is Money sent for 1
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    WTB/2.5 notebook harddrive,and 8x dvd burner.

    SATA or IDE? I have a brand new WD 80gb SATA 5400rpm for $50 shipped.
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    FS - 4 Retail AMD AM2 5000+ CPU's

    What's your paypal?
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    Laptop panel types for a college student

    nauseating? The IPS/MVA will have better color and better viewing angles, but typically aren't as responsive as TN panels, which would equate to the later being better for gaming, while the former better for digital graphics. That being said, it's hard to find MVA/IPS panels any more. None...