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    So Quake4 is a similiar to Q2 singleplayer ? Ok show me the CoOp

    Serious Sam co-op was so much fun. The game is so open and crazy and cartoony it makes it a lot more fun than sneaking around. I really hope ss2 has it. I think halo for the pc should have had co-op, but hey,obviously microsoft doesn't need to listen to what people want...
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    Help Klipsch Promedia 5.1 problem

    I remember when I first bought the original PM 5.1's. I had read about some quality issues with them, so when I got them at Best Buy, I paid the extra $50 or so for a 4 year replacement plan. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! I had to return the set once for a dead sat. A year later, the amp...
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    Lookin at speaker upgrade

    That is f*in badass. Excellent idea. I'm assuming the B2's are fully compatible with the amp in the Ultras? All you need to to add is an SWS or 16 and you can make some serious noise. I had the old Klipsch 5.1's, and the Ultra sub is definitely an improvement. To this day I consider...
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    Speakers for college

    ^^^ Those are pretty cool. I myself bought the Klipsch 2.1's my freshman year of college. Sound great, very compact, great deal. I got bigger ambitions and moved to the Promedia 5.1's a year later...the first day in my new dorm the RD came up told me to turn the bass down. Now I've...
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    FS: Klipsch SWS Sub

    Bump for my own interests.
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    Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 $285 AC + free shipping at

    Well that makes me feel better for paying $399 for the 5.1's way back when... Still the best thing I ever bought for my computer, though. Wish I could put a set in my truck...
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    Why is everything so dark on my new lcd?

    Here's a short list I found...I'm sure there are more.
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    Why is everything so dark on my new lcd?

    Mmmmyea, I'm not talking about light colors. A white screen on an LCD is like a giant flourescent bulb and can light a room. I'm about about in dark areas or dark videos, things just all look darker (compare watching a movie like the matrix on an lcd to a regular tv). I had to turn the...
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    When will I see realistic results in Shooters?

    Ever played Soldier of Fortune II? Fully skinned people that allows target specific damage (being shot in the foot wont kill you, but you will limp) and limbs can be damaged and eventually blown off (with an explosion or a shotgun, for example). But this was one of the few games I'd seen...
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    Why is everything so dark on my new lcd?

    I have this problem in cs. My solution was to a) turn up the brightness and/or gamma in games and b) go into your video settings from the desktop and mess with brightness there.
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    what is the best cpu to buy @ 600$????

    Not really, unless you bump your price up around $400 more. Go with AMD.
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    G70 worth waiting?

    But will it be worth the $600 you will undoubtably have to pay for it?
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    Are Raptor buyers happy campers

    That's an interesting command. Is there any way to do that without the command? I wish when you copied things you could say "No to all" like you can say "Yes to all" when it asks you whether you want to overwrite existing files. Now will this command work to replace updated versions of the...
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    Are Raptor buyers happy campers

    Not really sure why you would ever use raptors as storage drives, but your second setup makes a lot more sense. I use a single 36gb as a windows and programs drive with 4 storage HD's so that a reformat takes maybe an hour and all my files remain safely stored :D Now I just need a way to...
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    CSS: Whats limiting me? Might have overestimated a bit (my fault for not looking first), but at load that oc'ed system easily draws over 200W constantly. How does that not translate to a bigger psu? Aside from that argument, there's the obvious things like...
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    best PC tv software

    Agreed. That's why I got myself an Hauppauge PVR-250 :D Sage works fine to record, but the live tv function is buggy as hell for me. Guess that's god's way of telling me to buy a damn tv, right?
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    best PC tv software

    That's probably the guy you want to listen to...taught me lots. I still can't recommend Sage because of stability issues...I might give Myth or Beyond a try in a few wweks and tell u how it goes.
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    SageTV Questions !!!

    While the idea of a plug-in for STV sounds cool, I would hate to have it mess up a program I've tried to record. I prefer to edit the recordings myself using Womble MPEG-VCR, which is an mpeg editing program. It can move frame by frame to easily cut out commercials. The editing takes about a...
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    Gaming and Vertical Sync

    I'd say if it really bothers you that much, buy a 12ms lcd, put it at 75hz and you shouldn't be able to see the problem anymore. Only problem there is, the only 12ms ones I know of are 17", which leaves some larger 16ms panels that should be good enough for your overly sensitive eyes and FPS ego :D
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    CSS: Whats limiting me?

    So, despite the fact that the 6800GT can draw around 150W load (not even oc'ed), and that 3.0C probably around 75W, he doesn't need more than 200W? I'm certain it's probably not his biggest problem, but hey, he can always return the psu if it doesn't work. I'd say it's worth trying.
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    Next Generation Cards still AGP?

    After all, the lion's share of computing hardware goes not to us, the "enthusiasts," but to businesses in the form of workstations that don't really need cutting edge technology or high performance. I mean here at GE, they are just now upgrading a lot of the workstations to P4's!
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    Refresh Rate

    Yeah, you can say that all you want, but is it necessary? I don't see how 85 or even 75Hz is such a step down. Now the fps issues sound like a different story. What game are you playing?
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    Budget of 419.99-help?

    Here's one for $10 more from zzf There's a gigabyte one there too
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    Refresh Rate

    AFAIK, with Vsync off, the two are not related. And how has your monitor not caught on fire or something while supposedly playing at 120Hz? Unless you had it at like 640x480 at 120Hz...which of course is pointless in a way I don't even need to explain.
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    Refresh Rate

    Finally a little bit of real information to the thread... Basically your refresh rate has nothing to do with your FPS. And I know people can tell the difference between 60 and 75 or 85 Hz, but I really doubt you can tell the difference between 75 or 85 and 120.
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    Klipsch or Logitech

    Fantastic choice, and you're a lucky man to find them for that cheap. I've had Klipsch for 3 years now, running through the 2.1's, the original 5.1's, and now the Ultras, and I have yet to hear a better set of multimedia speakers.
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    Promedia Ultra 5.1 with better satellites?

    Interesting would probably work as long as you stay within the power restrictions of the amp. Although I'm curious why someone would buy the Ultras in the first place if you planned on replacing all the satellites instead of just going with a receiver...
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    Are Raptor buyers happy campers

    I moved from a standard 7200rpm 8mb cache IDE drive to a 36gb raptor and notice a pretty substantial difference. Boot times are faster, programs install more quickly, and big programs like photoshop start very fast compared to before. I'd say if you have the money for the drive and some good...
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    how safe is partition magic?

    I've used Partition Magic many times and never had a problem with it (except once when it wouldn't see my drive and I had to use the built in Windows formatting tool). On the other hand, I've never had the guts to do what you want to do, which is partition or remove partitions on a drive...
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    Asus A8V Deluxe or MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum which one to choose

    So far I'm a big fan of my neo2, but as you will see if you check any of the other threads, you want to make sure you have the right memory setup (ideally 2x512mb with compatible RAM) and know that if you plan to overclock you cannot use 2 of the SATA ports. Since my memory works and I'm not...
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    A question about DVI cables

    You could also spare a few hundred bucks to send my way :D
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    MSI Neo2 Platinum cd rom freezes

    I've actually heard from a few different people that the MS IDE driver seems to work better than the Nvidia. It would definitely be one of the first things I would try if I had a problem. Also, could it be a PSU problem?
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    Ati own Nvidia now lol

    I'm not sure if any of you have realized it yet, but the heavy competition between ATi and Nvidia is probably the only thing that is keeping the price of our high end gpu's down in the face of low supply and high demand. I for one am glad there is more than one choice that performs very well in...
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    A question about DVI cables

    How much are you willing to spend? The cheapest I've seen at a store is about $35 for a so-so brand.
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    buying a new pc. rip off?

    No offense on a great system idea, but right now and for a while longer it seems to be a total pipe dream. You don't need this setup to be finished anytime soon, I hope? And your old system is certainly a serviceable storage computer or jukebox, so you should be able to get a few hundred...
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    buying a new pc. rip off?

    Turn up the AC :D That is a sweet rig, bro, but where the hell are you finding SLI capable mobos and pci-e 6800 GT's??? And also, even though the raid0 debate has been done to death and it looks like you have the cash for it anyway, it probably won't help you out that much. And I would...
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    bling bling mp3 player

    How bout big shiny metal hoops that hold your tire (and maybe they spin!!!)? It's not like people pay thousands for those worthless things....oh yea...
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    Would there be a noticeable difference in these volume levels for fans?

    There are some pretty good quality Sunon ball bearing fans that push 50cfm with fairly low noise. I know you can get them from but that's the only place I've ever seen them. And ditto on the fan controller bit.
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    Maxtor Reliability Question

    Ditto...except for IBM Hitachi. They are absolute fucking shit. :D