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    Titan crashing my machine?

    If by typical Titan user you mean someone who is burdened with copious amounts of disposable income at the cost of the free time it would take to figure this out instead of throwing up a forum post and then throwing money at the problem? Guilty.
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    Titan crashing my machine?

    Turns out this is correct.
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    Titan crashing my machine?

    Since installing the Titan, I've been running into an issue where my machine will suddenly turn off during game play and reboot. After running Crysis 3 fine, I began to experience this issue while play SC2. I had fiddled with some setting in the Nvidia control panel which I reset to default and...
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    Welcome to the SEC.
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    Dell U3011 A02 light bleeding issues

    Mine does the same thing. It doesn't really bother me since it's only visible on a blank screen.
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    That's a very expensive piece of floor clutter. :)
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    I so wish we could have basements here.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Assuming you're talking about the legality of possession in the United States, everything in that picture can be legally obtained with the proper licensing and paperwork perhaps excepting that particular rocket launcher.
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    what size for flanking 30"?

    I see most people using a 20" dell with 1600x900.
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    How much does a new iPhone go for?

    If you're dead set on an iPhone and money isn't a concern, then I'd hold off till midsummer when they release the next revision. If Engadget is right, it looks pretty swanky.
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    Thinking about getting samsung PN50C550 to replace panasonic p50g10

    I'd keep the G10. I was looking at the G10 or the PN50B550 last year and ultimately went with the Samsung because I couldn't see enough of a difference between the two sets to justify the extra cost of the Panasonic. I'm even happier with my choice after Panasonic was smoked out about their...
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    The epic search for a rust-proof case

    I would be more concerned about the fact that inside of your home is exposed to this much moisture.
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Fly fishing, ew. ;)
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    Using a 32" LCD HDTV as a Computer Monitor

    The effects of input lag are subjective. Some people are more sensitive to the effect than others. Most newer TV's come with some kind of proprietary image processing function built in making them worse than a standard monitor, but most also come with the means to disable all image processing...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Why is it that anytime someone posts a picture of their desk and there's a pistol in the picture, someone has to make a comment? Are you anti-gun or do you just not think there's a legitimate reason to have a pistol on a desk?
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    Plasma: Which One?

    My Samsung plasma blows my roommates Panasonic out of the water.
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    Netflix Agree to Delaying Delivery of DVDs

    I read an article somewhere that all of the movie studios are planning on making movies available for purchase one month before they're available for rent in an effort to boost sales. This is not only going to affect Netflix, but all digital delivery and brick and mortar stores.
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    BRAVIA XBR9 42" 240Hz refresh rate question

    Or you can wait and see what CES has to offer in terms of new displays, I'm crossing my fingers for at least one 1920x1080 true 120Hz screen.
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Your wife must really love you if she's cool with a MW2 wallpaper on her PC.
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    Best gamng LCD ?

    I do, I wasn't very clear in my original post. There are.. 3? 120Hz displays out right now and I don't think any of them do even 1080 due to bandwidth limitations. The point I was trying to make was that until Display Port becomes the standard, true 120Hz screens won't become pervasive in the...
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    Debating on monitors

    FYI, manufacturer advertised response times are crap. I have the T240 and I hate it. Screen uniformity sucks and the viewing angles are horrible. Sitting dead center, eyes level with the center of the screen, images appear lighter and more detailed as they move from top to bottom. There's...
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    Best gamng LCD ?

    I wouldn't mind displays that actually sample at 120Hz instead of using image processing to achieve a 120Hz effect, but as I understand it, HDMI/DVI doesn't have the bandwith to support that over 1650x1080, so until display port or some other connection type becomes standard, don't count on...
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    Glossy compared with matte screens for photography?

    I learned a long time ago that when it comes to electronics, the sexiest looking equipment isn't necessarily the best for your needs. Consequently, despite their sexy looks, I will never own an Apple desktop. If your number one reason for wanting to buy something is because it looks badass...
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    Glossy compared with matte screens for photography?

    I'm certainly no expert, but wouldn't a matte screen designed to reduce glare and reflection from outside light sources also adversely affect light (the picture) coming from inside the monitor?
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    There's an adapter, I'm just too lazy to mess with it.
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    It's the tunerless T240. Not a big fan actually. No VESA and the stand sucks, wobbly and a huge footprint. I really miss having a glossy screen, but that's my own fault. Vertical viewing angles are atrocious and since there's no way to adjust height and you can only barely adjust tilt...
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    UPS employee theft: What's your experience?

    UPS employees caught opening packages and stealing the contents should be shot. :mad:
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    Silverstone FT01 - Comments Please

    I have it, I love it, but it's small. If it was 15% bigger it would be perfect, but I knew what I was getting when I bought it. Two GFX cards fit no problem, cable routing isn't so bad, it's tucking extra length of cable that's a nightmare. I should also note the side panels are a little...
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Looks like a toy, but the pic is too grainy to tell. If it isn't thats looks like a double stack mag.
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    is the inside of the black silverstone ft01 anodized or painted

    There are 4 versions of this case. Black exterior, black exterior with window, silver exterior, silver exterior with window. On the black, windowed version, the entire inside of the case is powdercoated black. On the black version without the window, the inside is bare aluminum. They use...
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    GTX 285 SLI problems

    Yea turns out it wasn't the soundcard. I had popped off my SLI bridge when I was removing my soundcard, because the end goal was to remove one of my GFX cards. I decided I would give it a go without the soundcard in the third slot, and popped my SLI bridge back on. After remembering that I...
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    GTX 285 SLI problems

    Ok, because I hate leaving threads unresolved: Turns out my soundcard was the culprit, popped it out and sure enough, SLI is working again. The question now is, was it because having that 3rd slot populated dropped the second slot down to an x8 or is it software related?
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    GTX 285 SLI problems

    Ah, thanks for clarifying about the clocks. I wasn't aware they clock down when they're idle. Disabling SLI fixed the issue with the purple textures, but since that's obviously not a solution for me, I wiped out my drivers completely and re-installed using the most recent Nvidia beta drivers...
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    GTX 285 SLI problems

    I've got two XFX GTX 285's running in SLI. I was playing some CoD2 throwback, should be no problem right, well all of the sudden I started getting purple textures in the game. So, memory problems right? Tried CoD5, same story. I reinstalled the drivers and still no go. So I checked GPU-Z...
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    Motherboards with D0 stepping support stock?

    Rolled the dice and got a D0 from newegg, yay.:rolleyes:
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    Windows 7 Drivers for an older Creative Sound Blaster

    I can't find drivers that properly function with my new Creative sound card in Windows 7, good luck.
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    Affordable, Cool, Black, Aluminum. Where?

    Silverstone FT01