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  1. J

    Time Warner Cable Loses 306K Subscribers in CBS Fight

    There were that many people who liked CBS?
  2. J

    Run Windows v1.01 In Your Browser

    One of the machines has zork on it. Should be fun to fiddle with.
  3. J

    The New Frontrunner to Run Microsoft is Ford’s CEO

    Ford and Microsoft: Quality is Job 1.1 ;)
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    16-Year-Old Arrested for 'Biggest Cyberattack Ever'

    Well, he is a hacker after all. That means he already has Asperger's or some other politically friendly mental illness.
  5. J

    Rockstar Says GTA V Scene Is Cannibalism, Not Rape

    I can't really work up an appetite for this game yet.
  6. J

    Why The GTA V Petition Won't Speed Up Its PC Release

    I still have Vice City I tool around in. :D I'll be okay for awhile longer.
  7. J

    Los Angeles School Kids to Get Free iPad by 2014

    Pfft. Next year for our school kids here. :) Mine two have their school laptops already.
  8. J

    The Top Tech Quotes of 2012

    It didn't make a difference in the end.
  9. J

    Parents Name Baby Hashtag

    I'm into step 4, maybe step five of the Kubler-Ross model. I gave up hope for humanity ages ago.
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    Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair

    I'm not one, but I'm closer to Unix Admin type.
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    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition New Gameplay Trailer

    I've been needing a new copy.
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    Google Employee Loses Prototype Phone In A Bar

    Another "leaked" phone. Apple should sue.
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    Top 10 Secret Features in Windows 8

    I don't see a pressing reason to upgrade.
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    LG Launches 84-Inch, Ultra HD Television at $19,999

    I'll wait until there's some actual content before worrying about it.
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    Dumb Criminal of the Day

  16. J

    Paid PR Scandal Erupts At Wikipedia

    I don't think the rest of us are surprised either.
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    inFusion by Smasher [Scratch Build]

    That's cool. Must have been a lot of work.
  18. J

    How often do you boot Windows?

    Honestly, mine's been weeks between reboots. It hasn't been shut off in months, however. Well, at least the last power failure.
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    Barnes & Noble Cuts Prices on Nook Tablets

    They have their place. My wife uses and abuses her Nook Color as an email machine, video device and more.
  20. J

    EPIC Pedal Car Mod

    Luckiest kid around. It's even edited together like a build video.
  21. J

    People Without Facebook Accounts Are 'Suspicious'

    Two sociopaths don't have facetube accounts and suddenly it's newsworthy?
  22. J

    Google Earth and Maps Get High-Res Updates

    I see we're no where close where I live.
  23. J

    YouTube Pushing Users To Use Real Names?

    I'd ask who wastes time commenting on random youtube videos, but I guess it's a large number.
  24. J

    Analyst: China Has Backdoors to the World’s Telecoms

    China has access to 80% of the worlds Telecoms, and Americans are thinking about sex. No wonder we're losing.
  25. J

    Vice President Had No Involvement In MegaUpload Bust

    I can totally believe Biden had no involvement. Honest! :D
  26. J

    The Fireworks Laws In All 50 States

    I wouldn't here, it's very dry.
  27. J

    Twitter Prepares Curbs On Hate Speech

    Right... what's their definition of hate speech?
  28. J

    LulzSec Hack Suspect Fighting Extradition To US

    'Cause it's a great excuse to keep breaking laws for fun.
  29. J

    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    They also have a retraction up, which beats what USA Today would do. :)
  30. J

    mp3 ripping

    I have a copy of CDex I use, but it hasn't been updated since 09. Works well, however. I'm in the same boat, however: I haven't ripped anything in ages.
  31. J

    Anonymous Mad About Being Called Terrorists?

    I'm out of caring for today, check back tomorrow.
  32. J

    FBI: We Need Wiretap-Ready Web Sites -- Now

    I can't work up any sympathy for the FBI, for some reason. Wasn't the Patriot act enough of an overreach?
  33. J

    Extremely Disappointed with Ivy-Bridge

    There's no drama that way. :rolleyes:
  34. J

    Chinese Official Says Proview Owns iPad Trademark

    Gee, China decided a Chinese company owned the patent. Color me stunned.
  35. J

    Admitted Norway Killer Breivik Trained on Video Games

    If that's the case, my time in GTA: Vice City should make me a killer mafia boss, right?
  36. J

    Twitter and Facebook Lack Humanity?

    Good marketing strategy.
  37. J

    DIY Floppy Autoloader

    That would have made installing Linux 1.3 MUCH easier. Must have been 50+ floppies....
  38. J

    Watercooling With Toilet Water?

    Depending on how many people are in the house during the day, that may not be an issue.