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    New Patent from Microsoft Reveals the Company's Plans for the Elite Controller 2

    I always considered this a plus. I love the fact that I can change my eneloops without waiting to recharge or using the controller wired up to a charger.
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    "I Called Out a Counterfeit Item on Amazon. Then They Banned Me"

    99% of my purchases are "Shipped & Sold by Amazon." I've had fantastic luck following this pattern. I think a lot of people see "Fulfilled by Amazon" and think it's some sort of mark of quality, but any 3rd party seller can have their items shipped by Amazon. Just make sure Amazon is the seller...
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    In California, minimum wage in 2000 was 5.75. It's now 11. Federal minimum wage increased from 5.15 (in 2000) to the current 7.25.
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    Those arguing for "living wages" forget one minor factor in running a business. Profit. Labor is a huge cost and as it rises, so will prices. I really hope this thread doesn't devolve into discussions about price control but I have a feeling it will.
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    This. Anyone can become wealthy by saving, investing and living within their means. Most people don't. They spend what they earn and then some. If they earn more, they spend more.
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    Any sensible business, especially one beholden to their share holders, will never take a hit on profits. The main problem with minimum wage is inflation. As minimum wage goes up, so does the cost of everything, from groceries to your basic burger combo to rent.
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    AMD to Showcase SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console at the Tokyo Game Show

    I must be getting old. I need reading glasses to play for any length of time on my switch, especially detail oriented games like Breath of the Wild.
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    Canadian Researchers Make a Bendable Tablet

    Get the same size screen in a far more compact form factor with a clamshell design. This rollup is unwieldy, unless they shrink it into a lipstick size device.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    Correct. The Heller decision removed the often used argument from the left of belonging to a militia.
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    Console Plebs Not Allowed to Play with Keyboard and Mouse Gamers in Fortnite

    I used to only play with KB+M and thought those who played with controllers on the PC were nuts. Then I changed my tiny 24" desktop monitor to a 55" TV/Monitor and now almost exclusively use a controller so I can sit back a little in my chair and not be hunched over a desk.
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    “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” Production Put on Hold

    Guardians 2 sucked, so having Gunn back for Guardians 3 wouldn't have been a good move anyway. Guardians 1 was lightning in a bottle.
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    LG to Launch World’s Largest Micro LED TV at IFA

    I have fond memories of my many CRTs back in the day, but yeah, I don't miss the shadow masks, convergence issues and flickering one single bit.
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    James Gunn Fired from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Franchise over Offensive Tweets

    Kevin Feige does a decent job of keeping things consistent no matter the creative team behind it. Don't think Guardians fans have much to worry about.
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    James Gunn Fired from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Franchise over Offensive Tweets

    Gunn's a one hit wonder. Guardians 2 was clearly inferior to 1. Disney probably saw the downward trajectory which made it easier to let him go.
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    Gas Station Pump Hackers

    In California it's closer to 20%. Even worse, their greenhouse Cap & Trade legislation is estimated to increase the price of gas by up to 70-80cents/gal in ten years.
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    Gas Station Pump Hackers

    Doesn't seem so bad compared to California (from the LA Times Oct 2017): "The bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will raise the state excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents, from 29.7 cents per gallon to 41.7 cents per gallon. The excise tax on diesel fuel will increase by 20 cents, from 16 cents per...
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    LG Embarrasses with OLED Burn-In at SID Tradeshow

    I miss having solid borders around my TV. Made it so much easier to move around if I had to. Everything now is like handling eggshells.
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    LG Embarrasses with OLED Burn-In at SID Tradeshow

    That's what Samsung says. I think the real truth is that LG has been more successful at manufacturing OLED (they have the rights to a unique manufacturing process acquired from Kodak that produces better yields in the large format vs their competitors). Producing large OLED panels using...
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    California to Become First US State Mandating Solar on New Homes

    Funny how the right is always maligned for their heavy handed ways but not the left. Not enough people demanding solar? Force them. Not enough people avoiding transfat oil? Ban it. Not enough people asking about calories on fast food items? Regulate menu boards. I remember seeing an interview...
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    3D Box Office Hits Lowest Levels in Eight Years

    Last movie I wasted my money on was Last Jedi, which only showed on 3D at the time I needed (before work). The picture was murky, dark as hell, everything was obscured. Anything with motion was miserable. Terrible experience made only worse by a bad movie.
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    Xiaomi Aims to Sell Smartphones in the U.S. This Year

    What's the current administration doing with the Chinese that could possibly be worse than selling them our most advanced missile guidance technology during the Clinton administration?
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    Wind and Solar Power Could Meet 80% of US Electricity Demand

    In addition, modern plant designs have many safety features missing from older plants (like Fukushima) with passive safety features that kick in even without human involvement. Besides, blanketing our landscape with solar & wind will kill off the majority of our bird population either by blunt...
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    Nearly 6 Million 8K TVs to Ship in 2022

    None of you guys use a TV as a monitor? I recently upgraded my 55" 1080P LG to a 55" 4K LG as my primary monitor and it made a fantastic improvement in PC gaming. Everything is razor sharp with far more detail. I was fortunate to pick up a 1080ti before the price explosion so all games run...
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    I don't get this weird hate for Trump. Do none of you invest in the market?? Or did you all follow the advice of leftists telling you to sell sell sell your kid's college funds when Trump won, saying the market will guarantee tank? My lower-risk conservative investments in the market have...
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    Thanks for making my point. I see you didn't touch upon the transracial issue. Opinions? Two pioneers of the movement - Dolezol & King. Oh and many who believe in the healthy-at-any-weight don't agree with your assessment that it causes health conditions or that it's in anyway a dysfunction.
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    Just a natural extension of the trans movement. Be who you want to be and we will accept you and support you for it no matter the consequences. Healthy at any weight. Be the gender you want to be. Be the race you want to be. Anyone who disagrees is a bigot.
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    Healthy at any weight! says the anti-shaming lobby.
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    Middle-earth: Shadow of War 4K Download 98GB

    I thought Microsoft beat them to the punch with Forza 7. Windows store had the Win10 version at 99GB. Edit: Seems like the new norm now for 4K assets.
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    Foxconn Plant to Be Built in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

    All the greenies talking about pollution, having this plant in China would've been an order of magnitude worse for the planet in terms of net pollution.
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    Government Gets Serious About STEM and Coding

    Kind of left your thoughts on a cliff hanger. Why would sending your kid to a private school be the worst thing you could do compared to public classrooms?
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    The Nintendo Switch Version of Doom Is Locked at 30fps, 720p

    Don't see why they couldn't nowdays. PS4 Pro has an increasing number of games with 30/60 option. It usually sacrifices resolution/quality but I'm glad the option is there finally in the console world.
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    Mathematical Formula Predicts Global Mass Extinction Event in 2100

    Since 1989, the US federal government alone has funded global warming studies in excess of 30 *billion* dollars. That much money doesn't evaporate into thin air. It goes to researchers whose livelihood depends on the "correct" answer. Imagine earning your living performing such research. What's...
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    NES Golf Found Inside Switch NES Emulator

    Classic Sonic: vs Modern Sonic...
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    NES Golf Found Inside Switch NES Emulator

    Correct. My kids and I only play three games right now: Classic Sonic, Zelda and Snipper Clips. I basically got the Switch last week while it was available (without a scalper premium) because I know when Mario comes out next month, there's going to be another shortage of systems.
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    Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One X Will Run at Native 3K "1800p" Resolution

    I don't see what the big deal with checkerboarding is. It looks great on my PS4 Pro. Both Sony and MS should use checkboarding, save the resources for higher settings elsewhere and call it a day.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Performance seems ok especially if you're in the Freesync camp, but that power usage is outrageous. Can only imagine how much wattage it'll suck up when overclocking on water.
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    FaceApp Forced to Pull “Racist” Filters That Allow “Digital Blackface”

    I guess nobody's heard the latest. Transracial is the new Transgender.
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    Earth Has Entered into a Sixth Mass Extinction Event

    All you Bernie-Bros in this thread talking about Eugenics and forced pop control are scary as hell. What's to stop a ruling class to decide if one class of people politically or culturally is deficient/genetically-inferior and thus grounds for termination?
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    At $15/hr, a restaurant operating 12hrs would have labor cost of $180 per day per cashier position. Add in employer matching FICA/Medicare tax/workerscomp/overhead, and you're looking at labor cost of $225 per position per day. That's an astounding $82,000 yearly. Guarantee those kiosks cost a...