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    Counterfeit items on eBay - in this case something listed as UL certified from janetsbestbargains

    I was just at Home Depot this morning and this Legrand has an incorrect UL mark silkscreened on the plug.
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    Counterfeit items on eBay - in this case something listed as UL certified from janetsbestbargains

    So when are you going to report Home Depot and Lowes to UL for doing the same thing as janetsbestbargains ?
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    Counterfeit items on eBay - in this case something listed as UL certified from janetsbestbargains

    The presence of a UL mark doesn't guarantee anything. There are products out there that have fake UL marks.
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    Prove that email was delivered?

    Short answer is you can't. The only "proof" you can produce is that you sent the email if it still exists in your "Sent Mail". With personal Gmail accounts, you have no access for logs to confirm delivery. Even with Google Business accounts, logs are only kept for about 30 days. There are...
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    Auto mapping drives on a domain? I think thats what we are trying to do atleast.

    Is Active Directory domain even setup? The error message indicates either the workstations are not pointed to the correct DNS servers, or Active Directory environment isn't setup or configured properly.
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    China Will Block All VPNs by February 2018

    Very easy. Layer 7 firewalls like Palo alto have the ability to detect various encrypted tunnels and block them without relying on URLs, IPs, or port numbers.
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    VPN Blocking: How to Circumvent?

    No worries :) Over the past few years working in education, explaining technical topics to non-technical people requires a hefty lack of nuanced details.
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    What kind of routers does the NSA use?

    Like what Juniper puts online?
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    VPN Blocking: How to Circumvent?

    VPNs are blocked to protect the operator of the free wifi service from leeches who mask themselves behind VPNs while doing illegal activities. If you don't agree with what the operator of the free service is doing, then don't use their service. Unless SSL decryption is utilized, then only the...
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    An interesting scenario and ask for help

    If you have smart or managed switches then you can look at the MAC table of each switch to locate the specific port the device is connected to.
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    New remote work solution needed

    Why are you not using QuickBooks Pro in multiuser mode to allow multiple people simultaneous access to the data?
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    Terminating ethernet cables and testing

    Here is an example of a 12 port box.
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    Terminating ethernet cables and testing

    Throw a "biscuit" on the end of the cable. Then use a sacrificial patch cable from the biscuit to the camera or access point.
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    Amplifi HD firewall is pure hogwash

    Interesting... South Jersey/Philly Comcast Residential and Dynamic Business connections have port 25 inbound blocked as well as the well known SMB sharing ports. I'm wondering if something on your network is talking to the Amplifi via UPnP and opening up those specific ports......
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    SonicWALL Spectrum Ubee Issue

    Couple of long shot ideas to test....... First, try adding an unmanaged switch in-between the Ubee and the Sonicwall. If everything works, then the Ubee and Sonicwall are not negotiating speed/duplex properly when directly connected Second idea is to add a Managed/Smart switch in-between the...
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    Amplifi HD firewall is pure hogwash

    Curious.........Did you try turning off UPNP in the Amplifi and try rerunning the Shield's UP scan? Do you run an SMTP server? I only ask because port 25 shows open when nearly every ISP actively blocks port 25 inbound on residential connections.
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    Looking for a good cheapish Web Filtering Program for 20 users?

    If all the PCs are in the same location and you have 50 or less devices, then you can look at the freeware version of Sophos XG
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    Can't delete a file

    While this is for deleting annoying "long path" or "long file" name issues, try the following to see if it works for your situation: 1. Create an empty folder ( MD d:\empty) 2. Robocopy "d:\empty" "D:\Temp\Meadow\A\TVTranscript" /purge
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    Client is opening a second location several towns, special machine needs to talk to partner.

    Zywall 110 would be more than adequate. When I initially run into setup issues with setting up the site to site VPN, I called into their support and had the issue resolved in under 30 minutes so back then my one and only experience with their support was pretty damn good.
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    Client is opening a second location several towns, special machine needs to talk to partner.

    Well for starters, two new firewall/vpn appliances......Static IPs will certainly make your life & your customer's life a lot easier as you will not have to setup dynamic DNS services or be concerned with the IP changing. As for equipment suggestions, most of my experience is in Palo Alto and...
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    Client is opening a second location several towns, special machine needs to talk to partner.

    Basically you need firewall/routers at each location that is capable of IPSEC VPN and each location needs to be on a different subnet (e.g. Site 1 is while Site 2 is From there it is a matter of configuring the site to site VPN which depends on the make/model of...
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    Client is opening a second location several towns, special machine needs to talk to partner.

    What is preventing the use of a different subnet? e.g. Site 1 uses while site 2 uses There are solutions that will make remote networks appear as though they are in the same physical space, but it is not without its own issues.
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    How to make Windows 10 HIPAA compliant?

    An hour or two of work which is hardly jumping through hoops. Incorrect. The only mention of HIPAA compliance is for the teleconferencing portion. That one mention does not mean the entire OS distro is HIPAA compliant.
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    How to make Windows 10 HIPAA compliant?

    This may help
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    Looking for an easy solution for client isolation over a wired network

    Look into managed switches that are PVLAN capable.......
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    OpenFlow and Software defined networking?

    I don't have any direct (or indirect) experience, but here are a few links to some switch OS:
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    Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

    This is the point where hardly anybody understands that in the ISP world, bandwidth is not necessarily some infinite resource. Smaller ISPs must peer with larger ISPs and depending on that relationship, yes a smaller ISP needs to pay a larger ISP for accommodating larger amounts of bandwidth to...
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    ISP revealing customer NAME on DNS IP hostname (IP address resolved to hostname)

    But robtex and are not customers of the ISP. If the ISP wised to do so they could lodge complaints against robtex and hosting companies or upstream providers. Hell some of those companies even offer the ability to opt out. The OP is a customer of the ISP so my opinion stands...
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    ISP revealing customer NAME on DNS IP hostname (IP address resolved to hostname)

    I would say it's unusual as most ISPs reverse IP lookups are defaulted to the ISP's name in some form or fashion and not using the customer's name. I'm not a lawyer, but you need to be very careful how and what you do with the information you've collected.It is one thing to have a handful of...
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    Browsers don't resolve IP addresses to domain name - getting "Invalid URL" pages

    A number of things will prevent the IP from working, DDOS mitigation services, load balancers, SSL accelerators, multiple websites hosted using a single IP, reverse proxy servers, etc. Use the proper fully qualified domain name.
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    ISP revealing customer NAME on DNS IP hostname (IP address resolved to hostname)

    While I don't agree with the ISP's practice, it is unlikely anyone here on the [H] can do anything about it. If you really want something done, your going to need to do more than complain on the [H] about it. Contact your local newspaper and show a reporter what's happening. Invoke scenarios...
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    Problem with resolving G-Suite MX Record

    From that output it appears bluehost is correctly resolving at least the MX records to Google however when DNSStuff then tries to resolve the google addresses using Bluehosts DNS servers, they resolve to the parked IP address. When I checked my own personal domains using DNSStuff, I see that...
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    Problem with resolving G-Suite MX Record

    When you performed an NSLookup, did you specifically set the query type to "MX" ? If not then the default for NSLookup is to resolve the google records as "A" records rather than MX which would give you incorrect results. Try running the following : nslookup -q=mx Post the...
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    Routing a static IP

    Here is how Comcast does static IPs in the South Jersey/Philly region..... Business Class/Cablemodem You'll purchase your choice of static IP options, a /30 (one useable) ,/29 (5 useable), /28 (13 useable) etc..... /30 - One IP is assigned to the cablemodem to serve as the default gateway...
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    Internet uptime (and speed??) monitoring solution/application. Any ideas? is freeware for up to 100 sensors. You can setup ping monitor to various sites as well as they have provisions to autodownload files from different sites to try to gauge bandwidth. As for file sizes, you'll need to ballpark it base on your speeds. Higher speeds will require...
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    Routing a static IP

    Let's say Comcast assigns you a static IP of as your static IP and a default gateway of . Typically the gateway IP address is assigned directly to the Comcast cablemodem and yes you can use the cable modems control panel to perform simple port forwarding using...
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    Way To Alert That Internet Is Down

    While it may seem a bit "excessive" from a residential standpoint, there are programmable power strips that can ping an internet address and if pings stop for specified period of time, the power strip can automatically power cycle one or more outlets.
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    Exchange Email Export (when domain is fubar)

    About a year ago I used Digiscope to export emails from a crashed Exchange 2003 server directly to PSTs.
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    Ruckus Wireless

    Looks like the AP is malfunctioning. Out of the hundreds of 7363 or 7982 APs, I have yet to run into one that reboots from a kernel panic. Have you tried updating the firmware? Contact Ruckus support? In my current position/role, I'm not involved in the sales cycle so I don't get to see what...
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    Ruckus Wireless

    Most of our deployments are high density and in school systems so price is not the deciding factor. From our experience we have found that the Ruckus Wireless has better signal penetration, handles a larger number of clients per access point, and is extremely easy to setup and maintain. We have...