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    Best RPG Android Game?

    XCOM:EW if you didn't already play through it on PC/console
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    amd 480 is 160 amir!!!!!!!!!!

    That's a great deal. Almost down in GTX 1050 Ti territory price-wise.
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    Quick questions for Vive owners

    When you are actually immersed in a title, you stop noticing the screen door. It's hard to get immersed in a title in any meaningful way at a store demo. The lack of peripheral vision and eye-tracking is something you get used to over time. Eventually you stop trying to look to the side by...
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    Quick questions for Vive owners

    You need a third camera if you want to do room scale at all with the Rift since it loses tracking if you rotate 360 degrees even if you're stationary. Even then, you won't be able to play titles like Climbey since the polling rate of the Rift isn't good enough even with three cameras. If you're...
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    Quick questions for Vive owners

    You can roll back to the previous version of SteamVR as a developer, but other than that automatic updates are enforced if you are running Steam in Online Mode. You always have the option to run in Offline Mode, postponing all updates. From a software standpoint the Vive is much better than the...
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    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    What are your internet son edition specs/ISP, where are their data centers located and how much latency is there when you play? This sounds like OnLive all over again and unless they were able to solve the latency problem with WAY more data centers than OnLive had or they've come up with new...
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    Android: Disable color theme tabs in chrome browser?

    You can use TamperMonkey on Android to remove the theme-color meta tag from pages. It won't disable this functionality in the browser itself, but it will allow you to turn off the theme changes on a per-site basis.
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    Is there a way to Make Win10 look more like WinXP?

    Diebold and other ATM manufacturers are some of Microsoft's biggest customers for XP Extended Support. Those ATMs are still online, but they also run patches that you cannot get without paying Microsoft thousands of dollars a year. XP is now an operating system for the rich. OP clearly needs to...
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    hl3 2018 with vr rumour..........

    It's going to stay in this boat though until it gets some AAA titles. Oculus is dumping a bunch of money into game devs, but no one is better positioned than Valve to make a VR game from the ground up that is good enough to move headsets on its own. Once we have some games that are moving...
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    hl3 2018 with vr rumour..........

    Same. Valve already has other IPs that are better suited for a VR game with the technology's current limitations in both Left 4 Dead and Portal anyway. But the basic premise of the article (a AAA Valve VR title by 2018) is happening for sure. Gabe has already gone on record as saying that over...
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    Good New 3DSxl games?

    Shovel Knight Monster Hunter 4/Generations Donkey Kong Country Returns
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    Nintendo NX May Be Revealed Next Week, Price Is “Major Disappointment”

    Let it run Android apps and I will pay all of my monies.
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    PSA: FYI Android users, Bootloader unlock will cause SafetyNet to fail.

    Roll your own ROM and you can get around it. The only restriction you will not be able to get around at this time is the loss of Android Pay since it cannot be used without a Google-signed SafetyNet.
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    PSA: FYI Android users, Bootloader unlock will cause SafetyNet to fail.

    Surprised it took so long for Google to do this. If your bootloader is unlocked, SafetyNet can be compromised with relative ease. If Google is serious about eliminating exploits that silently unlock the loader and then burrow into the filesystem, this is a natural step. It's a bummer that it...
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    Stupid Apple, can't you implement this simple but great idea?

    Why don't you just get a Kindle or other similar e-reader? Mine was less than $50 and I use it all the time. It's a great compliment to an iPad since it's considerably smaller. I wouldn't want an iPad with an e-ink screen since I enjoy being able to watch videos on it. Likewise, a Kindle with...
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    VR for the seated gamer

    If you like racing and spaceflight simulation games, you'll be pleased with the current seated offerings. If not, you should wait for the tech to improve unless you have an especially strong stomach. Seated experiences rely on artificial locomotion at this stage, which has a tendency to make...
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    Did I make the right decision? Or was it a mistake?

    You can't put an off the shelf SSD into that machine, it needs Apple's special PCIe SSD module. There's a few places you can buy them, but I wouldn't expect the price to drop in any major way over the life of your machine.
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    Lose Weight With This HTC Vive Workout

    Sure, but as others have said: enjoyment makes a huge difference in the success of a workout routine. If someone enjoys working out in the Vive, more power to them. Just do you, especially when it comes to fitness. I do not use my Vive for exercise, but I haven't noticed problems from either...
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    Recommend a host...

    DigitalOcean starts at $5/mo and is a great pick for getting a new site tested and off the ground, OP. Not for a website. It's 2016. If you outstrip the resources a large VPS can provide, you should migrate to a cloud infrastructure like AWS or Azure. The days of dedicated servers for web...
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    Like them or not, Google's Pixel phones will be the iPhone competitor we've demanded for years

    It's a core usability issue for some people. If "stop complaining" is your general way of dealing with UX problems, an iPhone should be perfect for you.
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    Lose Weight With This HTC Vive Workout

    You can't yank your PC around even if the cables got completely snarled since they are connected to a breakout box designed exactly to prevent that from happening. The worst part of the cables is that sometimes you step on them. If you don't like moving your body in real life, you won't really...
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    Short Cut Key or alternate key used for Selective Start Up on a Sony VAIO Model PCG-71316L

    If it's running 8.1 or W10, F8 doesn't work anymore. It should take you to the recovery menu automatically after 3 failed boot attempts. If the boot sector is damaged, you'll need install/recovery media to get to boot selection.
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    DSR/Supersampling for Oculus CV1

    Does Project Cars use SteamVR for the Oculus version as well? If so, you should be able to use SteamVR's native supersampling. Hopefully you have a 1080 if you want to try it, since even 1.2 SS slaughters my 980ti. Make sure you use a rain-to-clear weather setting for testing.
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    Crimson Driver - Overlock boot issues

    I had this same problem over the weekend. I was just trying to avoid reprojection kicking in with my Vive and instead fell down a 4 hour rabbit hole of uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers 3 times in a row because AMD wrote software that allows the user to overclock but has no idea what to...
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    The future of multi-GPU gaming?

    I think the future viability of SLI/Crossfire sort of rests on whether or not VR developers support it. As the NV fun House demo shows, there's a massive boost going from one 1080 to 3x1080 (one for physics, though it's overkill even in Fun House) as long as the software is designed from the...
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    What is a cheapo GPU that fits in microatx case that will run emulators up to ps1/dolphin?

    PS1 for sure. For Dolphin, it depends on your requirements. Browse the Dolphin wiki and look up some recommended specs for games you want to play. A decent APU should be more than enough for Gamecube titles if that's what you are targeting.
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    V3 VR Headset Allwinner Octa 2.0GHz 2G/16G WIFI 1080P $99 SHPD! GOT MINE TODAY!

    Probably only useful as a remote client for RiftCat or for watching 360 video since the onboard specs are so poor. If you want to try out SteamVR over Wifi and don't have a compatible phone, you can use RiftCat to make your PC think this is a SteamVR headset.
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    Tablet that can play Civ 5?

    Shield K1 won't play it - that's an Android tablet. All of the Surface Pro tablets play it just fine, with varying graphics options. Generally speaking, anything with a Core m or a Core i CPU is up to the challenge. I've even played it on a Dell Venue 8 Pro (Bay Trail Atom) and it does work but...
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    Bethesda Denies Copying New Vegas Mod

    General design and plot elements. I've played this mod and noticed the resemblance of this particular part of Far Harbor when I got to this area in FO4, personally. However, large parts of FO4 are already agreed by the community to be heavily adapted from mods for FO3, NV and Skyrim, even if...
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    Vising the US soon, new high-end build after 3 years: many questions!

    Second the recommendation for Microcenter. You can even try out the VR experience with HTC Vive if you go to one that has it. The reps will also show you the specs of the PC it was running on for your reference.
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    Tablets, tablets and more tablets!!

    WebOS is dead, but you can put Android on it. Shut it down completely. Hold Vol+ and the Power button until you see a USB icon on the screen. You are now in the Touchpad's recovery bootloader. From here, you can flash the tablet to Android using any one of a number of online tutorials.
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    It's a joke riffing off the fact that Nintendo's most recently released console (the "New 3DS XL") does not include a power adapter with the purchase.
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    It uses HDMI natively. As long as your TV isn't garbage, you should be able to disable pre-processing. I'll still miss my scanlines though.
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    If you just want the controllers, you'll be able to buy them standalone for $9.99 each! Sounds awesome.
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    Yeah, but dumping your own NES cartridges to ROMs to play on your Pi is a huge pain in the neck, requires specialized equipment and is absolutely worth the $60 not to have to do it. If you're talking about just pirating these games to play on your Pi, that's just thread-crapping and isn't any...
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    Thunderbolt 3.0 questions

    Yup, you can use a USB 3.1 hub on a TB3 port. The ports made by the hub will be USB 3.1 ports, not TB ports.
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    Vive Outselling The Rift By As Much As 2-to-1

    Elite: Dangerous and Project Cars have significant replay value (many people have put 100+ hours into each) but both are existing titles that have been in development for years and have robust VR support that was added at a later date. If you want long-form games built from the ground up for VR...
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    I have just inherited a Mac pro workstation dual quad need help!

    Do you have any way to get access to a Mac for about half an hour (including a nearby Apple Store)? If so, you can create a USB recovery drive that will let you install OSX directly from the internet.
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    What are the best showpiece games out right now?

    Nvidia Funhouse when it comes out later this month. When they demoed it publicly, the machine was running 3x 1080, with one being used just for physics.
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    iOS 10 Public Beta

    Since Apple added OTA updating for beta versions, I no longer find the rapid releases to be a burden. If a new beta version comes out, I get a prompt and the phone updates overnight. Going back is a pain in the neck, but so far iOS 10 has been stable enough for me that I haven't wanted to go...