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    Your perfect game

    My ideal game has already been made. It's called Total War, and there have been four versions of it thus far.
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    Already have Company of Heroes but I want the steam version :(

    Glad to hear you've got a solution. Too bad the hater(s) had to come in here and threadcrap when all you asked for was some help. Makes one wonder why they spend so much energy on something they hate. Attention-whores, methinks.
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    FFS with the microphones...

    I've found that teams that only talk about crap like that generally lose, so I switch teams or servers rather than deal with it. That's why I try to stick with servers with good admins.
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    Crysis Warhead First Look

    I've had that happen to me in Vegas 2, but not in Crysis.
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    Crysis Warhead First Look

    Horrible spawning issues? Say wha?
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    What was the last game you loaded for nostalgic purposed??

    I've been playing since it first came out in 1995. The free version for Windows (Steel Panthers: World at War) is a definite improvement on the old DOS version. I keep the files backed up on a disc in case Matrix no longer distributes it. An excellent game that will run on any computer. You've...
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    Red Alert 3

    He's not saying the models were reused, have you read his comment? He says the units are the same except for their appearance. Pretty much the opposite of what you're reading into it. While I don't necessarily agree with this in the case of Warcraft 3, Warcraft 1 and 2 were most certainly guilty...
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    TSLRP 1.08b leaked.

    Some people are also at work and cannot access sites like those.
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    What was the last game you loaded for nostalgic purposed??

    All using widescreen/high resolution mods in the last few weeks: Baldur's Gate Icewind Dale Fallout Fallout 2
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    Already have Company of Heroes but I want the steam version :(

    That sounds like a plan. You can always sell your retail copy of CoH to recoup some (hopefully all) of the cost.
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    Already have Company of Heroes but I want the steam version :(

    I bought OpFro via Steam and simply had to enter my retail key for CoH and everything was accessible in Steam. I'm assuming you have OpFro via Steam already?
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    Why Modern Gaming is Dead

    Bingo. And, yeah, revisit this concept when you can rent a car.
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    Why aren't there AI innocent people in FPS's?

    If only that were true.
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    Why aren't there AI innocent people in FPS's?

    Ghost Recon had civilians in at least one of the urban maps.
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    Anyone else miss the old Rainbow Six?

    You have you checked the numerous threads and posts pointing to Ground Branch? Despair not!
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    Crytek says Crysis Warhead Runs Smoothly at High on $620 PC

    Fanboys? You yourself acknowledged there are more haters. And guess what, you're one of them. As far as I can see, you're the only one slinging insults around this thread. I can see why you'd self apply the label of loser.
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    Crytek says Crysis Warhead Runs Smoothly at High on $620 PC

    Maybe so, but a Metacritic score of 91% says they're simply a vocal minority.
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    People, please: it's TIE Fighter. TIE is an acronym for twin ion engine. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
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    Crytek says Crysis Warhead Runs Smoothly at High on $620 PC

    I ran it on my 8800 GTS at 1280x1024 with everything on High and either 2x or 4x AA (sorry, don't recall right now) with smooth play. Maybe we're the exceptions, but somehow I don't think so. Some people just expect 100+ frames per second no matter what I guess.
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    I am loving Mass Effect, what Bioware game should I try next?

    Pick anything by Bioware and you won't go wrong.
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    Fallout 3

    It's definitely a shame Van Buren was scrubbed.
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    TF2 Pyro Update: Full Details Inside

    Axtinguisher useless? Such lack of imagination. A pair of pyros (one with flamethrower, one with axtinguisher) could wreck serious havok ambushing enemies.
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    Video Games - The Ultimate Art Form

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    Tactical Multiplayer Shooters

    If you register at the forums, you'll have access to screenshots. You can also get more information here.
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    FPSGUN (mouse)

    I used one once at a LAN for about 10 minutes playing Prey deathmatch. I can't say I liked it very much, but the guy who brought it liked it and was certainly competent with it. See if you can find one to try out first, as it is quite a different style from a more conventional mouse. edit -...
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    Tactical Multiplayer Shooters

    Here is a snip from their forums: Dig around the forums and you'll find lots more information. Truly this sounds like the game many people have been waiting so long for.
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    Video Games - The Ultimate Art Form

    This is what I was referring to in part: A good argument need not belittle another to stand up on its own merit. I'm not saying I disagree with how you feel about Ebert, I'm simply saying your essay would be the stronger for removing such statements.
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    Tactical Multiplayer Shooters

    Ahem: BlackFoot Studios was founded by one of the developers from the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, and includes a current US Special Forces Operative.
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    Any simple games that dont require much graphical power?

    There's also Codename: Gordon
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    TF2 Pyro update this Thursday

    Gotta love the bobblehead president from the old Hunted missions. edit - viewable here, btw:
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    Video Games - The Ultimate Art Form

    A mostly good read. Do you plan on doing anything more with this, something professional perhaps? If so, I'd recommend polishing it up a bit more. Saying "Film could never achieve that" is on the same level as what you accuse Ebert of doing. And I'd remove the insults entirely.
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    Any simple games that dont require much graphical power?

    You could always try Defcon, it should run on just about anything.
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    Company of Heroes online play?

    For those that play online, isn't vanilla CoH the same as OpFro, just without access to Panzer Elite and the Brits? That was the point of that 2+ GB patch, yes? That would make it in line with Relic's online treatment of DoW. If so, it'd be worthwhile for the original poster to know he may be...
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    Any good free online multiplayer RTS?

    Trash is free, you can play as the Humans. If you purchase the game, you get access to the Mutant side as well. I haven't played the game, though so this may not be 100% correct. I'm at work and cannot verify details for you. But feel free to check it out and let us know.
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    Why is PC gaming the better choice overall?

    And yet you still felt the need to begin to do so. And this thread started out so well, too. Congrats to you and Baker for official thread derailment.
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    Your old school favorites: obscure edition

    Castlevania 4 and Punch Out as obscure games? Hardly.
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    TF2 Pyro update this Thursday

    Who else doubts we'll be seeing another torrent of angry threads, this time damning the servers overflowing with pyros?
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    Why is PC gaming the better choice overall?

    This is from the other thread, for completeness' sake: I'd also like to add the fact that indie developers are much more likely to develop for the PC. This ties in with mods as well. Just about anyone with any budget can develop for the PC. The same cannot be said for consoles.
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    Why is PC gaming the better choice?

    Mods are a very big reason. Free content is hard to argue against. Steam is another great reason. Ease of use, access to older, hard to find titles, automatic updating - all of these are reasons Steam is a Good Thing.