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    What can I do with...

    This was the best and correct answer. I even wonder if he’s the YouTuber that made the video I saw and say the exact same thing.
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    What can I do with...

    I obtained a late 2010 Mac Pro with 64gb ram and dual AMD 5770 video cards. I’m updating the macOS on it as far as it’s letting me. What can I do with this beast!? Apparently the highest it can go is Sierra. Guess those cards don’t support metal.
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    DIY Project Valerie: Build Your Own Triple-Screen Laptop

    I love how it extends over to his son's lap and he moves the kids tablet out the way! hahahhaa
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    Keyboard Snobs Rejoice

    It needs better click-outable feet, or 2 layers of those!
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    You're Doing it Wrong

    I'm surprised the funny amazon reviews aren't pouring in yet.
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    Next VR Craze: Drunkn Bar Fight

    Yeah I have no interest in spending the $ for THIS... Albeit the video did make me laugh. It looked like you could pick people up, but he never tried that. His trial and error skills suck.
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    Foosball With Power Drills

    Yeah spinning is for lameos... I owned a decent table like this at one time. One of the house rules was no spinning. It's all about a good wrist twist. Isn't it always? heh
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Update To Remove 'Get Windows 10' App

    It's still totally free for "anyone" through this link: Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users
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    I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

    I read the entire article... From the beginning I guess I would never fall for this because if you can't front-end my airfare for the interview, I'm totally out. Screw off. And I have flown in for 2 separate interviews before (that they covered from top to bottom). The story is CRAZY... If...
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    Cool LEGO Statue Thingy of the Day

    Why!?! I mean wow but WHY! Also, the music they used, I truly kept anticipating Billy Joel to start belting some song I love... And then it ended and I was sad.
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    Robot Promises to Destroy All Humans

    Wow that thing is scary... it looks like her head is on backwards on top of her neck
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    DIY Hidden Retractable Ceiling TV

    yeeeeeah no thanks
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    Man Builds Massive Megaprocessor In His Living Room

    All that... to suck at Tetris.
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    Homebuilt 200W Laser Bazooka!

    I've seen a lot worse videos, I find him entertaining... I'm curious if he had any burn marks on the other side of the wall when he was pointing that thing around in his... garage?
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    Google I/O Liveblog

    I had to add www in front of
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    Bill Gates 1995 DOOM Video

    I knew a guy that had that type of setup in his basement and played the game that way. It was wild, kind of blew my mind back then.
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    Admin Deletes His Entire Company With A Single Command

    The closest thing I came to this in my world was running a diskpart (clean wiped and formated) and wiped my d: full of dev stuff... that hurt. I was trying to wipe a USB drive. DOH!
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    ESPN Will Start Covering Drone Racing

    I have watched more drone race videos through the [H] than I have anything being a car in the last 10 years... so I guess I'm interested.
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    Google Makes Its Photo Tools Free To Everyone

    I'm less excited after I learn you need one of these 4 apps as they are just plugins: Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperature, Photoshop Elements.... I still use Microsoft Image Composer circa 1998 that was a complementary software with Frontpage 98...
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    Ghostbusters Official Trailer

    I'm in... my wife prob will be too, which is weird. The Hearse is the best part... bravo, well done. McCarthy/Wig are at the top of the female comedy world... like akroyd/murray were back in the day.
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    Six Flags Virtual Reality Roller Coasters Coming Soon

    What the hell is wrong with you people... drop the Political Correctness crap. The world will not end here because of this...
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    Watching The NFL With Microsoft's HoloLens

    I feel ya on the 3dtv angle. It needs some better content to keep me interested... none of that really seems to be worth the hassle. I'm 37/4 kids and barely get to watch as it is.
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    The X-Files Returns: Inconsistent, Messy, And Promising

    I don't watch a lot of "live TV" as Most watching is through netflix now when it gets there (or if). I left this on after the Football Game and watched... 5 mins later commercial, then show, 5 mins later commercial... I flipped it off when Scully told them they can't go forward with it. Meh
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    Snowboarding With The NYPD

    Loved it!
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    Internet Speeds In The U.S. Have Tripled Since 2011

    Thank you Google, thank you. 100% success! I had 15mb back in 2011... I now have Gig fiber to my house. Time warner bumped it to 200 since google announced because they HAD TO to try and keep business.
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    Despite Windows 10, Windows Phone Is Doomed

    My wife had a Windows phone back in the pre Win 8 days... from a facebook standpoint she loved it and preferred it today over her iPhone. I avoided anything Windows mobile because strangely at work (even though we were a big windows mobile shop) I couldn't get Good for the Enterprise on it...
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    Using Technology To Lend A Hand

    At my Church... you can give in the bucket, or via txting a phone number or through the app they have. I prefer the txt... once you link it to your card you just txt a number and bam ur done. Tithe Txting for the win!
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    Google Fiber Sending Flowers To Would Be Customers

    I get mine installed tomorrow!!!
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    Turn A Smart Phone Into A Universal Remote With ASRock Gaming G10 Router

    I think it's a nice value add for a router... But in my home, I'd rather not have the router out on display where it can send signals to the tv. In fact my router is BEHIND the tv so it doesn't need to be seen. I would think a simple "dongle" that could handle the IR transmitting would solve...
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    Drone + Handgun = Flying Gun Apparently the FAA and others are investigating this now.
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    There goes my afternoon drive home! That's who I podcasted EVERY M-F afternoon for my 30 min drive home :(
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    Microsoft Security Tool Fails Malware Detection Test

    That's because they have Virus' and the product doesn't even know :D Seriously, there's junk like that all over... MULTIPLE LAYERS help identify this stuff. Home users don't have a chance.
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    Interactive Just Cause 3 Trailer

    VERY Slick... I did notice the "driving around in a car part" lacked the kind of attention to Detail that GTA provides... This might look more fun to do so though :) Sometimes GTA is TOO damn real...
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    Russian Government Has Set Rules On Selfies

    I get them all except... no walking up steep inclines and taking selfies one?
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    R2 D2 Robot Delivers Beer On Demand

    Such a joyless occasion... kinda sad. Was the room empty?
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    DOOM, Pong, Tetris Inducted Into World Video Game Hall of Fame

    I was thinking the same thing. I like some of the arguments in here that WoW pushed MMO's SO MUCH FARTHER than anything in that genre... It's also hard to dismiss a game that's made what, $1 Billion? And I like the Minecraft thing... a game that sold for what 2 billion? haha. When you...
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    Microsoft Celebrates 25 Years Of Solitaire

    and the 1st place winner gets their job outsourced to india jk/lol
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    YouTube Kids App Under Fire

    Here here!