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    Without Drugs, What's The Point of Bitcoin?

    yo dawg I herd from my uncle who's a sheriff in West Virginia dat bitcoin is for child porn. His pastor can confirm
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    Price/Performance Be Damned - Does anyone just like tinkering with new cards?

    Yep. I don't even have new games to try with my GTX 980. I just wanted to see how powerful it is. I bought the EVGA SC and it OC'ed to 125%, +80 GPU, +350 mem. Not bad!
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    Real Life Holodeck With An Oculus Rift

    "... and here's the best part: it has an outward facing camera that can record all of your interactions for us -- I mean for you!"
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    NSA Employees Intercept, Share Private Nude Photos

    I face palmed when I saw the post you replied to. Like if a tv feed is more useful than a server with Petabytes of movie and picture files. aye aye aye and yes, IT look under the sheets when bored.
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    Facebook: We 'Really Regret' Our Secret-Test Misfire

    If you are into reddit, you may like the following:
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    What's the best graphic card?

    I have had both semi highest end cards availble in the begining of this year. 780 ti and 290x I loved the 780ti but since I am a battlefield fiend, I swapped it for a 290x to try mantle. I have barely noticed the difference but in return I got to save $150 BUT even though my 290x is a Sapphire...
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    TV/antenna for boat

    Sorry I have nothing constructive to share.
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    The Best GAMING Monitor at this moment

    Although I also agree that 120Hz > IPS or Aspect Ratio, it's kind of short sighted (due to gaming? ;)) to state a preference as a fact.
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    Coil Whine in MSI 290x

    IMO the 290x series are loud anyway you cut it -- custom fans and all. I get loud coil whine on mine and since it's the only GPU I have, I'm going to have to live with it until the next gen.
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    Dark Souls 2 Season Pass 18.75

    yep, not working.
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    Facebook: We 'Really Regret' Our Secret-Test Misfire

    Interesting apology; reminds me of this:
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    Facebook Apologizes For Brief Outage

    "is that a terrorist threat?" - future police state near you
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    US Marshals Leak List Of Silk Road Bitcoin bidders

    Buy bitcoins place wallet in USB hdd Destroy with golden hammer. Financial institutions Win. Fatality
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    Humanoid Robot Designed To Interact Safely With People

    It's performance art. It's supposed to get you to think about, "How long is that robot just going to take that abuse?" :p
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    Starbucks' New Wireless Charging Won't Work For Most Devices

    Finally, someone who gets how stuff gets done.
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    Battlefield Hardline: 6 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay

    This game makes me really uneasy. Why is the police armed to the teeth? Is this something that we should get used to?
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    Cops In Watch Dogs Are Unstoppable

    Nah, I just said I don't like it. :)
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    Cops In Watch Dogs Are Unstoppable

    I hated the game at first but it was only because I couldn't play it. Once I got it to work I really like it. GTA is ok and all but I feel like a psychopath. This game changes that.
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    Watch Dogs Image Quality Preview [H]

    Maybe it's because I have a sick rig but the game is good -- very entertaining. The AI is very aggressive and it makes the game very intense. It's a much bigger deal to upset the cops in Watch_Dogs than it was in GTA4 (PC gamer; no GTAV). It's also a nice change of pace from chitty chitty bang...
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    What we've got here is failure to communicate. Guys, please use PM. This is so embarassing. Anyway, I hope theres more competition cos these look amazing but dat price, tho'.
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    Is that 'dark light bleeding' common ?

    Yeah this looks more like a personality problem. OP, I think you should switch to CRTs again.
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    Scientists Report Finding Reliable Way to Teleport Data

    I believe quantum entanglement is faster than light.
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    Courts: Ex-Lovers Have To Delete Revealing Photos

    They're getting people accustomed to the government telling you what to do with your phone. They start with innocuous things like child porn and this but then it gets out of hand quickly as it is harder to fight off 'sensible' laws in regards to your personal property.
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    Watch Dogs Gets NVIDIA Day One patch

    Sounds legit. With a game called Watch_Dogs, no less.
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    Google Already Being Asked To Remove Search Results

    ITT: No one changes; they are always the same -- except me. I was bad when I was young but it's irrelevant now... :p Some of the replies here are puzzling. How is it Orwellian that you are in control of your info? Do you LIKE that mylife and other parasitic sites have your personal info...
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    Quietest possible air-cooled R9 290(x)?

    I can report that the Sapphire Tri-X is not very quiet.
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    Windows XP PCs No Longer Receiving Updates

    we recently bought a retail PC that needed XP so we're SOL
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    The Military Wants To Build Robots With Morals

    We need drones with morals so that when an airmen presses the red button to blow up a brown farmer, the drone will feel sad.
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    Project: Make my 290x not so damned hot and loud!

    wow @ that bloaded HS
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    Intel Security Launches for World Password Day 2014

    "So citizens, now that you've changed your password, you are safe!"
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    We're all running HP PCs.
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    Kids Exposed To Violent Video Games Retain Aggressive Behavior

    People who drink water are 100% likely to die
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    How do I determine if my CPU is bad?

    CPUs are so complex that any little error basically renders it unusable from my experience. Look to your ram, SSD, or drivers.
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    Sapphire RMA - Thanks for Nothing

    Last thing I wanted to read about! I have a Tri-X OC 290x and there's a hella coil whine. :(
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    quietest card for 1440p gaming?

    Since I own a tri-x oc 290x I can wholeheartedly recommend a 780ti that I had before I got this (I insisted on testing Mantle). The 780 ti was miles quieter. 290x is too loud but Mantle is nice :p
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    Arma 3 Karts

    haha or cactus :)
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    Exchange 2010 > 2013 Migration Advice

    If you are willing to spend $ microsoft tickets are awesome. It's $250-ish and they will stay with you until the task is done.
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    The Brutal Ageism of Tech

    Older people may tend to rely mostly on past experiences which is debatably a minus in the tech sector. We need more forward thinkers to drive technology forward and usually that will be some 20-40 something year old rebel. Or not.
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    Facebook Is Still Failing Marketers

    Facebook just helps facebook -- and government agencies who reserve the right to tap into their server to help themselves to all of your info and connections.
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    After installing aftermaket cooler my card has problems 'starting up.'

    Had a similar issue with my first 290x. Couldn't figure it out so I thought I must have broken it. Sold on ebay to someone who was able to fix. Sorry I don't have a solution but at least you know it might be fixable.