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    iPhone Catches Car Seat On Fire?

    My car was set of fire by vandals a couple of years ago, and it was a small car too. They pulled everything out of the glovebox and armrest storage space and put it on the passenger side floorboard and piled it up and set it on fire. My neighbor woke me up to say vandals had be out and it...
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    BFG 260GTX OC @BB $124 OTD, YMMV

    Got one last week at my local best buy! There was one left, but it was gone the next day. Central Indiana area. edit - mine was a 216 core model too.
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    pci-e or pci sound card?

    I would get PCIE as PCI is really on the way out. If you are going to keep the card for a while it would be a better investment in PCIE. My new MB has only one PCI slot and I have a PCI sound card and a PCI TV tuner so I can only use one or the other. I'm keeping the sound card for now.
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    HT Omega Windows 7 Drivers released

    Working great in my Striker also, glad to see them out this early! I have nothing but good to say about my HT Omega Striker, very impressed with them so far and am glad I gave them a try.
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    Ham Radio Enthusiasts Hope to Bounce Off Moon Today

    True, I agree to a point. But as mentioned below, just how reliable is a cell phone really? Im my town when back to school starts for college on move in day you cannot call due to all the parents in town calling during move in, "all circuits are busy". :mad: Think of any major disaster and...
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    Gigabyte going downhill lately?

    I just replaced a bad GB board last week, it was 18 months old and is now powering off all the time on it's own and is generally very unstable. My wifes office desktop actually, all it has ever done is quickbooks and light work like that. New board and processor and it is working like a champ...
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    Will they ever get rid of IDE and Floppy controllers?

    The motherboard I have has no IDE, no floppy, and no PS2 ports at all. Who needs them now? If you have something that is still one of the above formats it is dirt cheap to replace.
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    CoolMaster HAF 932 vs. CM Storm Scout

    I do not know, but after some looking I am getting the Cooler Master Store Scout I believe. It will not be for a couple of weeks yet, but I will be sure to share my build and thoughts when I do. I do not plan on taking it anywhere, but I like the design. I do not care for the toolless card...
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    Vista SP2 Results in Increased Free Disk Space?

    I gained 2gb of space after running compcln.exe - it did not do this automatically I had to run it myself in command prompt. Great utility, but I have no idea if it runs automatically, it has not on any of the machines I have installed it on. Run it yourself as a test. For those gaining a...
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    What case for a small WHS?

    Hey guys, I was looking for some suggestions on a small case to build myself a WHS box. I have size as a main consideration, but I'm worried about the tiny power supply's in some of the small cases that use non standard cases. Are there some that are solid and reliable? I plan on building...
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    The Public Strikes Back Against Robo-Callers

    Huh, my wife has two cell phones and she has been getting these calls on both of them. I have a work cell and personal cell, my personal cells number is only known by 4 people and the other day I got one of the calls on it! I do not even know the number I use it so seldom and they have found...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    Add me to the list also please.
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    Gateway FHD2400

    So I am getting ready to get one of these to replace a three year old Viewsonic monitor I think, I have found one new in box for only $240, for $240 is it really possible to go wrong with this?
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    Circuit City Calls Cops On Customer Wanting Price Match

    He fully deserved the cops called on him I would bet. People think they can cause a scene and get what they want, I see it at stores all the time. Glad the manager stood up to him actually.
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    Best Buy to Recommend Blu-ray

    Good. Anything to help end this. I was actually rooting got HD-DVD all the way and don't like blu-ray, but in the end just get it over with and decide so we can move on. If this helps in any way go for it. Oh and Steve - %98 of customers would have brought one of the movies back the...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    count me in, though the chance of me getting it is not so good.......
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    Spreading Firefox One Giant Sticker At A Time

    Well, at least they are going to avoid the ATHF stunt, though it sure got publicity! :) This was the first thought I had when I read this anyway, "they should be LED and light up!" Oh yeah, someone tried that already and Boston was, ummm, angry. :D
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    Blazing! ATI 650 All in Wonder $25.99, Best Buy B&M YMMV

    There were two at my local Best Buy @ $25.99, now there is one! Thanks OP!
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    X-Wing Fighter Launched

    Yeah, any links to that video or more info on the orange rocket?
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    MS Releases Vista Performance Patches to Testers

    I'm running Vista Ultimate and have been for many months and am amazingly happy with it. I set up dual boot expecting to have to go back to XP often, but I have only booted into XP three times total since I put Vista on. I play games quite a bit and some (company of heroes comes to mind) have...
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    Acer’s CEO Says Industry Disappointed With Vista

    It's not Vista, it's acers hardware that is the problem! Make some stable (or any) drivers for your older stuff and ship actual working PC out of your factory and it would help. I'll take eMachines over an Acer any day from what I have seen.
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    Wii Instock - Circuit City

    I see them on the shelf in walmart all the time around here, but only in the smaller towns. I have seen them there at least 15 times in small town stores. The stores around me are sold out, but if you drive 30 minutes you can find one easy enough. In town here all stores sell out right away...
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    Exchanging Guns For Computers & Consoles

    I agree that I would trade PCs and Xboxes for guns! I have sold a few new PS2 games and used the cash to purchase a new rifle, so in a roundabout way Sony has purchased me a firearm! I guess Sony is not all bad.....
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    Gmail Users Get Owned?

    HA - I have never emailed a friend from this account - I email noone ever, and I remove malware daily on peoples copmuters as that is my job so I actually know I have none because I do know what I'm talking about here. I'm extremely security aware, I do absolutely noting even remotely...
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    Gmail Users Get Owned?

    Gmails spam sucks, I signed up and gave noone my email address at all. The next day I logged in to 50 spam messages, granted, they are in the spam folder but still. What the heck, I have 1000 in there now and I get only around 10-15 actual messages a month that are to me. No, I do not...
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    My board is running great and I have 2x512mb of PQI 2.0v memory and 2x512 of PNY also. No problems at all, loving the setup and am typing this on it now.
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    ViewSonic 8ms 19" Digital LCD $255

    I got mine today also - no dead pixels and I hooked it up DVI and I am very happy. Very good picture and I use different brand flat panels every day so I have a lot to compare to. It made me happy, and I was so unsure purchasing sight unseen. Worth it!!! ps - 7-9 day shipping option...
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    ViewSonic 8ms 19" Digital LCD $255

    I ordered one also - It shipped today and is expected tomorrow and I chose the free 7-9 day shipping. Great deal! You mentioned no dead pixels, how does it look other than that? I'm hoping it's fine....
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    Dell Dimension XPS 400 Evaluation @ [H]

    A friend just purchased a Dell laptop at my direction about three weeks ago and he has still not got it in hand. They shipped it within 4 days but it shipped to the incorrect pickup location, almost 2 hours away. When they tried to fix it, it got shipped to another state. He still does not...
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    SSD for the Masses

    Is there anything else like this on the market now? I'm looking for one currently, the gigabyte would be ok, but I have had little luck finding anything like this for sale. I only need 2-4 GB of space and I know there are others out there. Thanks for any help.
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    Post you HTPC specs

    I just got mine up and running - Need better cooling on the CPU, but otherwise OK. Antec Sonata case and PS P4 3.4 1 Gb of DDR2 @ 533 in Dual channel BFG 6600GT OC PCIE 160Gb Seagate SATA w/ NCQ NEC 3520 DVD burner PVR 150MCE WMCE 2005 I'm using this computer for everything really...
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    DDR2 Questions what to buy

    Check out for another memory choice. They also have 3-3-3-8 memory available for a good price. Check out google for coupon codes that will give you 10% off when you purchase from them. I'm getting DDR2 also, I seem to be looking for the same thing. From what I've seen so...
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    nForce4 Mobos...keeping an eye out at the major national distributors

    There are a lot of 6600GTs available right now. Search Newegg and you will find several available right now. Now for more SLI boards to hit! Thanks again to the preson who started the thread.
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    nForce4 Mobos...keeping an eye out at the major national distributors

    For those looking for the ULTRA boards there is one showing up at ZipZoom, but it's only $20 less than the SLI board. For that little differance I'll get the SLI just because.
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    So When do the nForce4 board hit retail ?

    Some boards should start hitting retail in the next two weeks or so. See this post
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    nForce4 Mobos...keeping an eye out at the major national distributors

    At this piont $199 sounds like a pretty good price. I too thought they would command more money - but I'm NOT complaining at all :cool:
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    nForce4 Pci slots x1, do they have backwards compatbility?

    They are even less than 1/2 the size. More like 1/3 to 1/4th the size.
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    Aside from SLI, whats makes nForce4 better then nForce3 and K8T800 Pro?

    The soon to be available Seagate 7200.8 SATA drives will also support NCQ. I was going to get a Intel MB/Proc but I'm now going to get a 939 system and I'm waiting on the Nforce4 boards to be available. I agree with some of the others, I do not upgrade that often so I want to get all the...
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    Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)

    $50 of printer orders over $100 02?SF$NXDL?FFB
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    Nforce3 Neo2

    I believe that these boards perfer only 2 sticks of ram. I have read that if you use all four memory slots they will not work correctly and end up slower than two sticks. 2x1Gb should be better for you in dual channel mode. If you are not getting these right now the Nforce4 boards should be...