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    Why Don't We Shoot Garbage Into The Sun?

    No, the vast majority of the fuel burned goes toward accelerating the rocket to escape velocity. Starting from low orbit with zero velocity might save 10~15% of the fuel/mass.
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    Converting Carbon Dioxide Into Batteries

    Pure Marketing Monkey idiocy. (And [H] clickbait - shame on the editors.) Unless they have some slick method for precipitating CO2 out of the exhaust gas, it will be vastly more cost efficient to make their batteries out of coal or petroleum residue, etc.
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    OMG, they're SO CUTE!! :D
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    FAA Puts 30-Mile ‘No Drone Zone’ into Effect for Super Bowl

    The ban affects all aircraft. With all the agricultural land surrounding the stadium, I only hope the patrolling F-16s don't blast some poor crop duster who didn't get the memo. Perhaps more to the point, any 'smart' drone can be programmed to fly a fixed route. There may be one stashed in a...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I recently bought an AM3 Asus, the M4A79XTD, so as to properly OC my old Thuban without fear of blowing up the FETs on the notoriously fragile MSI 870AG54. Back in the day, a K7V was the 'board of choice for OC my Slot A Athlon. I has a Golden Fingers connector and managed to be the first...
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    Old athlon (k7) 750 or 1000 machine

    Donate it to a retirement home or other senior organization. You'd be surprised how many old folks want a basic machine to e-mail the grandkids.
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    AMD Zen CPUs?

    Sure it does. A big fat GPU core is a waste of transistors that could be dedicated to bigger caches and/or more x86 cores. Look at the Kaveri chips; they waste over half the die on GPU units that are (A) too bandwidth starved to ever work well, and (B) will go unused the moment you install a...
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    Tesla Is Working On Robotic Snakes

    Great. Just great! Because Skynet + Hentai = So Much Fun!
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    Yet Another Horrible Comcast Recorded Customer Service Call

    It's not easy living up to their #1 rating, but if anyone can manage, it's Comcast.
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    Back by Popular Demand: Vinyl Records

    Sometimes it is. Sometimes not. :rolleyes: Look what AC/DC's B-in-B album has suffered through over the years.... (In this case, I'll bet the most recent vinyl sounds a hell of a lot better than any thing else released in this century.)...
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    Back by Popular Demand: Vinyl Records

    I'll agree that an old, well mastered, LP sounds VASTLY better than any dynamically crushed digital device or medium. But... Please don't confuse choice of data storage medium with the dynamic issue. Vinyl vs CD vs. 24/96 (etc.) has nothing to to with the asinine Loudness War. Indeed, I...
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    'The Interview' Available Online Starting Today

    No kidding! Just watch the preview; the movie looks absolutely wretched! It's all about stupid, unlikeable people making 'stinky dick' jokes. I guess 'Tammy' wasn't rock bottom after all. :(
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    Flaw Discovered That Let's Anyone Listen To Your Cell Calls

    Steve! For the love of sanity, please correct the apostrophe misuse.
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    Sony Pictures CEO Claims 'We Have Not Caved'

    No hand. Zero fucks are given. :) After watching the trailer, 'smelly dick' jokes and all, I want to personally thank Kim Jong-un for suppressing this depressingly stupid, vulgar film.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Oh, Asus, Great and Mighty! During this season of giving, please show mercy toward my feeble HD3850 infested system! If you could please share but a small portion of your bountiful pixel shader treasures, I would be most grateful. Amen.
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    Train-Mounted Lasers Blast Tracks Clean

    New Scientist? ;) The same 'publication' that brought you supersonic hurricane busters? :rolleyes: It seems a stretch to believe that any practical laser will be powerful enough to vaporize a...
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    Forrest Norrod Joins AMD as Senior Vice President

    Big Shot Managers are like sharks - drawn to feast on the bleeding carcass... For what AMD pays the 'elite' Pointy-Haired-Idiots, they could hire half a dozen competent engineers. Oh, well. AMD was occasionally good while it lasted.
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    Microsoft Recognizes Top-Performing Partners

    A double splattering of Buzzword Diarrhea... Woopie.
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    HyperX Memory Supports New Intel Processors, Chipset

    How is this useless press release[H] worthy? Are the editors THAT hard-up for page filler?
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    Still On Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice

    What I wonder is why [H] would stoop to dredging up sludge like this in the first place? :( C'mon, you can do better. Can't you?
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    Government Survey: Who Do You Trust With Your Data?

    Obama, the new Ackbar? If that's not already a meme, it needs to be. As someone who cautiously voted for him 6 years ago, I see his hardline defense of the Security State to be a huge back-flip. I left a strongly stated 500 word reply, making my cynicism toward Washington clear. Maybe...
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    G.E. Has Discovered a New Way to Refrigerate

    Mr. [H] editor, please don't spout nonsense. GE 'discovered' nothing; the magnetocaloric effect has been known for decades. I suppose it's good that they are working on a practical application, but that clunky demo is many years, even decades, from becoming a reliable, efficient home...
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    NVIDIA Coin Mining Performance Increases With Maxwell

    Another drawback is that mining as many coins as possible, as quickly as possible is highly advantageous. Faced with increasing mining difficulty and the potential for a burst bubble, slow-and-efficient-and-steady doesn't sound quite as appealing.
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    Must See Video of the Day

    Can's stand the nauseatingly slick ad. :(
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    Intel Advances Next Phase of Big Data Intelligence

    I soooo hate business bullshitspeak!
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    Navy To Deploy Laser System This Summer

    You're forgetting one eensy-weensy detail: The latest and greatest killing technology always makes its way to the 'bad guys' sooner or later. It won't be nearly so 'badass' when the other guys start blasting 'us' with hypervelocity projectiles, will it? Our society's incessant glorification...
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    BioShock Developer Irrational Games Closing

    :rolleyes: Yea, because the GOP like, you know, really cares about the little people soooo much. :rolleyes: 99% of Washington is 100% corrupt. The reality is more like this...
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    The 10 Best Flying Games Ever

    Very glad to see IL-2 near the top. IMO Falcon 4 is definitely MIA!
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    Intel Releases A Boatload Of Haswell Documentation

    The practice of [H] articles linking to themselves is pretty lame to start with.... :rolleyes:
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    A New Kind Of Cardboard Box?

    :eek: Cooper's Union is apparently THE PLACE to go if you want to learn how to market and pitch an obvious, impractical idea to investors and the public. It's no crime to be a Young and Dumb student, but you start to get in trouble when you combine those factors with the level of...
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    A New Kind Of Cardboard Box?

    :D That pretty much represents my take as well. Even if their box is supposedly "greener" and "non toxic," the Smug Factor exuded by the two inventors is waaay over FDA limits.
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    Creative Introduces The Sound BlasterAxxT AXX 200

    "intelligently enhances" = adds crappy surround filters and similar gimmicks. No thanks.
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    Future APU's and the end of FX

    "Got Relevance?" (WTF kind of a question is that?)
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    Future APU's and the end of FX

    Possibilities, in the future, sure. Maybe. Eventually... Until then, anyone who buys a discrete graphics card would arguably be better served by a chip that cuts GPU resources by ~50% or so (leave 'enough' to do any APU/HSA/gobbldygook stuff that may come along) and uses the liberated die...
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    AMD Kaveri with SteamrollerB, GCN HSA, Audio Cop, PCI-3 SSD Features Surface

    Exactly. I was hoping they'd release just such a chip, both to provide an intermediate 'bridge' to the APU Wonderland, and to throw a bone to the enthusiast crowd, who are going to be buying discrete GPUs anyway and don't need all those on-chip shaders. Perhaps the power limitations of...
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    New roadmaps out

    Gee, that's nice. That and a buck will get me a cup of coffee. In year or two, maybe, this whole GPU/APU/HSA scheme might begin to bear fruit. Until then, it's just so much marketing monkey hooting and hollering. Anyone care for a round of Buzzword Bingo? :D Until then, x86 is where it's at...
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    New roadmaps out

    Show me the apps. (crickets) Show me the benchmarks. (crickets) Then (and ONLY then) will I sample a small cup of the Sickly Sweet Fruit Flavored Beverage you have been chugging with abandon.
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    New roadmaps out

    You did a pretty good job of that all by yourself, Chief. HSA/GPU/blah-blah are nice ideas, but the application base, pretty much non existent at the moment, will take years to be developed. (You do 'realize that,' don't you? :rolleyes: ) In the meantime, AMD needs a stronger x86 offering...
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    AMD Radeon R9 290X CrossFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    Did you guys take any frame consistency measurements at all? Simply saying "it looked smooth" doesn't, IMO, quite make it. If a subjective judgement of "smooth or chunky" is sufficient, then why bother to measure framerate in the first place? ;)
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    Laptop Giving 3 Random Beeps

    It's a HD error. Mine does the same thing and has slowly, over the last few years, been getting worse. I suspect a cracked solder joint on the mobo or maybe HD slot interface. If the system suddenly starts running very slowly, Windoze may have reset the HD controller to work in PIO mode...