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    Vega Rumors

    Archaea, I appreciate you relating your experience. I've got the exact same display setup as you (triple HP omen 32) and have exactly the same intention of liquid Vegas. I was watching newegg at launch and watched the air cooled disappear in minutes, waiting for the liquids that never came...
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    HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, VA panel

    Has anyone figured out what the "HP Enhance +..." setting is actually supposed to do? Just seems to make stuff blue for me
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    New HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, LFC, VA panel = $343 shipped

    I picked up three from Amazon. Only minimal backlight bleed or banding, nothing I can notice in use. Nothing like the bad example pictures here. My nvidia card does have them frame skipping at 75 Hz, not noticeable outside the test though. Archaea, I haven't been willing to commit to twin...
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    Any viable AMD solution for 7680x1440?

    I'm already picky in what games I play, I won't do anything that won't support multi monitor. I suspect the developers willing to put the time in to get multimon to work are mostly the same ones that are also willing to get xfire/SLI to work. So this may be less of an issue for me. With your...
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    Any viable AMD solution for 7680x1440?

    I've always read tri-fire was an even worse idea. Except for this. I do have a mobo that could handle tri-fire, and this guy did it with rx 480 within 750W.
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    Any viable AMD solution for 7680x1440?

    I bit on three of the HP Omen 32"s that were a great deal this weekend (thanks hot deals). These are replacing a 5040x1050 setup. I love multimonitor gaming and won't go back. I was considering 21:9 this time, but had concerns, and these were too good a deal to pass up. I'm currently running...
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    Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice?

    For the people having problems getting button binds to work: make sure your mouse is set to the right profile (have to go into the profile config to see which light combination = which profile).
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    SLI & CFX PCIe Bandwidth Perf. - x16/x16 vs. x16/x8 @ [H]

    Kyle, this is something that can't be said enough. Thanks for the extra effort to include surround benchmarks. For me, they answered a question I've been asking looking at monitor purchases to with a GTX 460 SLI setup. The answer is yes, 3x 1920x1200 is too big to run modern games at a...
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    Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice?

    Yes you are. More buttons! Just don't map them if you're worried about hitting extra buttons, the rest of us love the options.
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    Which GTX460s?

    There is an excellent deal on the ASUS 1GB TOP on the hot deals forum right now, their factory clock is 775. That was my choice, the only caveat is a 2-4 week lead time.
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    Embarrased to have to ask (dual monitors, diff resolutions)

    I have a nvidia card and set up the two with dualview ( each is its own piece of the desktop). Then MPC can just be dragged over to your HDTV and set to full screen.
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    Expected Kentsfield availability?

    I was debating this exact question for quite a while. I was originally planning on building in october, but pushed back to now for the 8800GT. In the end I decided to pick up and E2180 and have fun overclocking the snot out of it. I'll pick up a penryn after the prices stabilize in the...
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    Need a really big and good monitor for cheap?

    It does do HDCP, so with a dvi-hdmi dongle you're ok, afaik. Or I could not really understand/care about hdmi yet.
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    Need a really big and good monitor for cheap?

    Oh I just noticed newegg has this for 389 AR with free shipping as well, may help get around taxes, but I'd rather buy a monitor at a B&M. You need the newegg newsletter to get the 10$ off.
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    Need a really big and good monitor for cheap?

    I'm looking at it right now and love it, but I got it on friday from Circuit City for 330$ AR.
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    General use: dual monitor. Gaming, one monitor

    I keep my second monitor (HDTV) disabled, unless I'm using it for movies. Some games don't lock your mouse on the 3d app screen, and if you try scrolling to the side your 2nd monitor is on and click, it will alt-tab you.
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    I Hate Steam

    I'm not entirely satisfied. I just installed the Orange Box from DVD and now steam says my Day of Defeat source is License Expired. Plus the damned server browser is screwy and I've tried various fixes which still haven't stopped it from doing whatever the hell it wants. To their credit...