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    Asus ROG Maximus VII Impact

    does anyone know if this "supremefx" sound driver have amplifier built in?
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    WTU: Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    Thank you for the great responses. I'll look into the 750 ti and r7 260x. Here is my PSU, seems to be going pretty strong after 5 years: Another thing... my motherboard is still using the old PCI-E 2.0, is this a bottleneck for the...
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    WTU: Radeon HD 5770 1GB

    WTU - Want To Upgrade. Currently have a Radeon HD 5770. This thing is 7 years old. Any suggestions? -Must be faster than the 5770 -Must be power efficient -Runs cooler Games I mostly play (not demanding at all): -Diablo 3 -Minecraft Haven't done much research but a quick google...
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    i have two dual 21" monitor and looking to go triple. what size for the middle?

    Hello, I can't seem to find an information where I can find a monitor size that would perfectly align with two 21" in portrait (vertical) mode while the middle monitor would stay landscape (horizontal). So what size should I be looking at for the middle monitor that would compliment the...
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    Samsung 840 250gb with far cry 3 $158.39 at newegg

    I doubt I'm going to keep one for 70 years. 5-10 years is plenty good enough for an average user like me. Placed an order, thanks OP.
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    HSF replacement for an Emachine T5212

    Hello, I was given a computer by a friend and it's an Emachine T5212 with overheating issue. It's equipped with a low end Pentium D 2.66ghz processor. I have cleaned out the dusts, removed the dried up thermal pad that was on it and applied arctic silver ceramique. Temperature in the bios says...
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    Asus Maximus III Gene sleep issues... refuses to wake

    its in my sig, ati 5770... now that you mentioned the video card i found this: looks like the video card is the culprit edit: holy smokes sleep issue fixed! heres the fix for anyone with...
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    Asus Maximus III Gene sleep issues... refuses to wake

    everything is up-to-date. anyone got any ideas? does epu-6 engine needs to be installed?
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    Asus Maximus III Gene sleep issues... refuses to wake

    i have sleep disabled until i can find the fix. it wakes up only when my monitor is off... but it wont wake up after a long period of time which is the sleep mode.
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    Asus Maximus III Gene sleep issues... refuses to wake

    I really can't seem to figure it out... I will need the [H] forum's guidance on this. My computer refuses to wake from sleep mode. After I manually power off the computer and went back into Windows I get a pop up saying "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" BCCode: 3b BCP1...
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    This much CPU horsepower for a freaking website????

    using google chrome at i get 40-50% average, peaks 70%... hardware acceleration enabled too.
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    socket 1156 heatsink with reverse mounted fan for lian li pc-v351?

    sexy but pricey! The cooler master geminII seems like a good solution but how does it perform if you flip the fan in the opposite direction?
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    Prime95 crashing my computer :( Help!

    what do temperatures look like?
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    i5 750 vs i5 760

    you're right... like you said price is the only thing that should hold you back. :) i'm pretty happy with my setup if that's convincing to the original poster.
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    i5 750 vs i5 760

    Recently bought an i5-760 setup... it's plenty fast enough for photography, gaming and everything else. Really don't see the need to spend the extra for a sandy bridge processor. Using the stock cooler I'm overclocked at 3.2ghz and undervolted at 1.0v. It's only sipping 43-45watts while stress...
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    socket 1156 heatsink with reverse mounted fan for lian li pc-v351?

    anybody? i ordered MASSCOOL 8WA743 hsf and arctic silver ceramique. I'm hoping it'll do decent.
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    socket 1156 heatsink with reverse mounted fan for lian li pc-v351?

    Looking to replace the stock cooler and do some overclocking. I use a core i5-760 on an asus gene III socket 1156 motherboard. I would like to either have a side mounted heatsink or a top reverse mounted fan that exhausts the hot air through the psu. I do not wish to make any cutting or...
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    LGA 1156 Vs. 1366?

    i was in the same dilemma... but as an average user i went with 1156.
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    jump on the i5-760 now or wait?

    my current setup is an hp c2d 1.83ghz laptop with shitty intel graphics that doesnt even support openGL 2.0. I see theres an i5-760 going on sale for $174.99... should jump on it? Should I wait until the sandy bridge series come out and the i5 prices will drop even more? help me decide... thanks
  20. R Black Friday Deals

    should i jump on these or should I wait for cyber monday? Shuttle SH55-J2-BK-V1 $169.99 Intel i5-760 $174.99 G.SKILL Ripjaws 2 x 2GB DDR3 1600 $49.99
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    Tremeloes Silent Cube V350

    great photos! love the lightings. taken with a 20D? amazing. any other updates or is it now collecting dusts? :p
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    best overclocking m-atx board for intel cpu?

    sorry if this have been asked before... im in the process of building an all around computer that is reasonably priced. the only thing im stuck on is a m-atx board. whats a good overclocking m-atx board that will push an i5-750 to 4ghz easily? in the future i may want to add a tv tuner card...
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    Dell Vostro 1400 laptop died

    The other day it was pretty hot in the house and thats when my Dell Vostro 1400 laptop died. The laptop ran pretty hot as I was post processing some photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS4. I remember seeing a white screen for a few sec and then it shut off. I tried turning it back on the...
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    So far I'm on my 4th year of photography Canon 7D 18-55mm IS 50mm f/1.8 II Speedlite 580EX II Plan to get the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II soon. Previously owned: Canon XTi with Canon 50mm f/1.4 Nikon D80 with 18-135mm kit lens and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    thanks it was a good read... i think i shouldn't be looking at TN panels.
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    awesome! thanks for your input
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    no but i wish i still have the 2007wfp... im such an idiot for selling it. however i didn't like the screen door effect and the slight blurriness in gaming. my eyes were at least 2 ft away from that monitor. but hey... any decent TN panel monitor is better than my 14" dell vostro laptop...
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    but you're happy with it? thanks, i think i will go with the vw series
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    how are the colors on the TN panels nowadays? do they come close to IPS after adjustment or dont even come close?
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    so you favor the vw series over the vh?
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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

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    asus vh242h or vw246h or other?

    my previous lcd monitor was the dell 2007wfp with an S-IPS panel. i really liked the colors, the viewing angles but it was okay in games... if i look really close i could see a tiny bit of ghosting/blurring comparing to CRT. i really dont want to spend alot on lcd so i want to limit my budget...
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    FS: 4890,mini3 kb, P5KPL-VM mb, others
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    media center remote with mouse/trackpad function?

    i was wondering if any one of you use a media center remote with mouse/trackpad function? i found this remote with trackball on amazon and i wonder if it's dependable? got a recommendation?
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    the best tv tuner?

    with the Hauppauge 2250 can you watch two QAM channels at the same time?
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    the best tv tuner?

    i want all the bells and whistles. watch two tv shows at the same time, clear sd/hd programming, record my favorite tv shows. can't think of any others but more features would be nice to have. i plan to hook it up to a 40" 1080p lcd tv what about this one...