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    FS: Used Intel Quad Q8400 CPU $90 shipped

    Please enable your PMs. I was unable to PM you, but I am very interested...
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    Hitachi 7K60 - 60GB, 7200RPM, IDE, 2.5" - $55.

    $45 shipped, non CC paypal and it's yours. someone please buy, I just wrecked my car.
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    Hitachi 7K60 - 60GB, 7200RPM, IDE, 2.5" - $55.

    Hey guys, I've got an old Hitachi 7k60 here. Works great, fastest IDE notebook drive around. I'd like to get $55 shipped for it. heat: lithium726 ebay: brian-peet
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    Question for those who went from Vista to Windows 7

    I switched when the RC became avaliable. I haven't been able to stand using Vista since. The media player and interface alone make it worth it to me, not to mention it's just more fluid and runs better, imo.
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    FS: Windows XP x64 Pro

    $50 shipped. bump.
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    FS: Windows XP x64 Pro

    I've had this sitting around for a while. I think it was activated once about 5 years ago when it was purchased and then pushed aside due to drivers not working with a tuner card. The COA is still in the case, waiting to be put on a machine. first $65 shipped gets it. heat: lithium726 ebay...
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    Your CPU progression

    Tandy 1000, whatever was in that. 486 Pentium 200 MMX PII 300 PIII 700 Athlon 950 XP 3000+ PIII-m 1.2 P4 3.2C Dual PIII-s 1.4 A64 3000+ P-M 725 X2 3800+ C2D-m T7200 that I've been rocking for 3 years and I just bought a Wolfdale Pentium DC for a new media machine.
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    FS: AMD Blowout!

    If you'll do 15 shipped on one of the 2500+'s I'll take one. Are they unlocked or unlockable? iirc AMD made them unlockable later in life... LMK
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    Windows XP x64 edition - $110 shipped

    Anyone want this? It's gathering dust. It was activated once about 3 years ago and then we realised that the TV tuner we were using didn't have drivers. Never got around to reusing it. PM me if you want it. $110obo. heat:lithium726 ebay:brian-peet
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    FS: BFG 6200OC AGP, Belkin Pre-n PCMCIA card

    Hey HF - I've got a NIB Belkin PCMCIA Pre-n card and a tested working BFG 6200OC APG card for sale. The BFG comes in it's box and includes the CD and a DVI-VGA adapter. Looking for $30 for the video card and $18 for the PCMCIA card, shipped. heat: lithium726 ebay: brian-peet both 100%...
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    FS: Opt 165, IP35-E, E2160, and More

    I dunno why he hasn't responded to y'alls PMs, he's responded to mine. $ sent...
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    WTB: Auzen or HT Omega card

    hey all, I'm looking for one of the following sound cards: Auzen X-Mystique, X-Plosion or X-Meridian HT Omega Striker, Claro or Claro+. Looking to spend between 30-80ish depending on model. The CMI8788 cards are preferred. Please let me know if you have anything. Upgraded Auzen cards will...
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    FS: Opt 165, IP35-E, E2160, and More

    YHPM concerning the x-mystique.
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    WTB windows 64bit XP

    I have a legit copy. I think the key code has been activated once. My buddy bought it for a build years ago and half his hardware didn't work so he ditched it... send me an offer.
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    S video low res?

    Because S-video is interlaced and doesn't have the bandwidth to support higher resolutions. You need DVI, VGA, Component or HDMI connections to make it look good.
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    Legality of ripped DVD ISOs

    Starting to think I'll just have to take the disks. I just didn't want the damn optical drive spinning. AverageJoe: I tried using ImgBurn, but it just read errors on protected disks. If i first crack it with DVD Decrypter and then rip it with ImgBurn, it still says the RCE protection is there...
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    Legality of ripped DVD ISOs

    For those asking how they can do this, here.
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    Legality of ripped DVD ISOs

    Joe, I've been using DVD Decrypter and mounting with Daemon tools, what software can I use to make a bit-for-bit copy? I don't think alcohol will read the CD correctly, but I do have an old version of 120%. Thanks I googled it and couldn't really find anything. I figured someone on here would...
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    Legality of ripped DVD ISOs

    So in light of the recent 'Feds will make an image of the laptop's hard drive' bullshit, I'm having to re-think my laptop plans for my trip to Germany next month. One thing I really wanted to do was rip a few DVDs to ISOs for viewing on the plane, as that would use far less power than having the...
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    Bye, Lithium726 and Tsuehpsyde! (...and Brent??) Also, top 500 by January...?

    an idiot? Pull your head out of your ass, I apologized for bringing it back from the dead, I just wanted to say what happened. jeez.
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    Inspiron 8500 post issue.

    So, I've got a customer's computer here that I'm trying to figure out, and I figured someone might be a little more well versed with this particular model than I am, they were pretty popular back in the day. Basically, the laptop refuses to post 90% of the time. It will power on, no fans will...
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    Bye, Lithium726 and Tsuehpsyde! (...and Brent??) Also, top 500 by January...?

    So I just googled my handle and this pulled up :p Sorry for bringing this back to life, but I'm sorry about pulling my machines. I actually wound up having to sell all my spare computers and take the few I have off due to power bills and my not being able to pay them.
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    Black Light's For Sale Thread

    where are you located? I'm interested in the Bass, but I don't want to deal with shipping.
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    Office 2007 Ultimate edition $60 (Students)

    I love being at TTU, I got vista ultimate for $10 and office 07 Enterprise was a free download with no activation :D oh and 07>03. unless you're using an older computer. 07 runs like shit on my T23 (1.2ghz p3, 512mb) and office 08 for Mac will be out soon. We're internally testing it at TTU.
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    WTB - Intel Pentium M725, M735, M770, or M780 || 2 x 128mb PC133 sodimm (144pin)

    I've got a M725, I just need to find my old Banias chip to throw back into the T40. $30 shipped?
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    FS: Thinkpad T40 2373-75U $240 OBO

    I've actually found that the video chip is fine and the security chip on the underside had a loose connection (it's socketed) and the machine seems to be working fine now. I'm going to go ahead and lock this and make new threads since the machine is working fine now.
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    FS: Thinkpad T40 2373-75U $240 OBO

    Oh, I dunno, maybe. If you know of someplace it'll be a super cheap notebook, I doubt there is any place like that around here. we have one industrial electronics store in the city and they aren't going to want to resoldier a BGA chip.
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    FS: Thinkpad T40 2373-75U $240 OBO

    I have one of my old T40’s up for sale, Model 2373-75U. The laptop is in pretty good condition… First, the Good. Nice XGA screen, minor blemishes. It is completely clear while on, there are some key rub marks while it is off. It has 512MB Ram, a 40GB HDD, and a 1.6Ghz/2MB Dothan...
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    OSX 10.4 - Lock out system preferences for users

    None of us here are really well versed in OSX and we need a way to lock out the system preferences application for users - this is on a (windows run..) domain. Thanks
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Yes please
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    Is XP 64 bit good?

    I disagree, without appropriate drivers any OS becomes unusable. If it doesn't have mainstream support there is only so much it can do. My buddy bought it when we built him an athlon x2 system a while back, he kept it for maybe a month. some of the drivers were buggy, he couldn't get drivers...
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    Is XP 64 bit good?

    I've got a copy of XP x64 at home, and it's a pile IMO. drivers are non-existent, but maybe that's just for my laptop. That said, it runs nicely on the computers in our ME lab with Ansys x64. I guess it just depends on whether you can find drivers.
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    Suppressing logon scripts in XP

    Ok, I talked to my boss and we don't have that much authority - any policies we set would be overridden by policies that our higher-ups have set. Is there any way to override this on the local machines? apparently eons ago someone wrote a script to suppress it but we can't find it.
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    Suppressing logon scripts in XP

    Thanks for correcting my terminology, all this is still somewhat new to me. Just so I'm clear: you're suggesting putting the Kiosk account in it's own usergroup so we can suppress the legal notice through group policies for only that account, correct?