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    A good compact 500W-ish Power supply SFX with an adapter, a little on the high side but should be good quality and its very small.
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    Help for HTPC newb?

    That is all very true but the whs could not stream or do backups while in linux if there are other users this might not be ideal.
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    Help for HTPC newb?

    If you dual boot you would not be able to stream content from whs. you would have to store media on both.
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    how much PSI do i need from a compressor to clean out case dust?

    60 to 80 would be fine just get a gun with a small tip, and please get an inline water seperator they dont cost to much.
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    what is a safe temp

    the hsf is a thermaltake (dont laugh i was in a pickle) dont know what model.Stock voltage so off the top of my head something like 1.3. temps seem high to me its a Biostar a740g and it reads them closer to 30c at idle to 40c load and pc wizard is close to the same but the 60c was taken with...
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    Tell me what you think

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    Tell me what you think

    My two month old 4850 smoked and sapphire wont return an email. so i picked up a 4890, if they ever rma the card ill put it in my htpc. I have 5400 black @3.0 two WD hds one is a Green Power and 4 gigs of ddr2 800. I have a PCP&C 500 silencer, will this run the card for a while till i can...
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    what is a safe temp

    I have had a 5400black for a long time running stock speed. I got a little bored so i decided to bump it up. It is at 3.0 with 15x and stock voltage core temp .99.4 readings are at about 60c running prime raising to 63c but staying around 60c to 61c most of the time. Are these temps reasonable...
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    Help please

    I was playing cod waw it was the only game i had time to play in just over a month of owning the card. It ran well but i did notice some waters edge have a gold line sometimes but the card was running stock and low 40c under load. it didnt seem like the type of artifacts i have gotten with other...
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    Help please

    Thanks, they still have not returned my email. might just have to pop for a 4870,how is HIS.
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    Help please

    I know, its just frustrating. It was really fast for a budget card, slowed map load times but prob cpu bound.
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    Help please

    I tried the card on one of my monitors and it still had the same problem, the mobo seems fine and works with an old 8600gt. im past 30 days from purchase with the egg so i had to contact Sapphire, they have not responded yet. I hope they stand by their product. this is the first ati card i have...
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    Help please

    I have a Sapphire 4850 in an Antec 300 with a PCP&C 500 watt ps both are barely over a month old, and everything has been running very cool. I was playing a game today and the comp made a horrible beep and the 37 inch tv i play on came up with no signal. I switched to hdmi and nothing,put in an...
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    Need help XP froze

    Think i got it. Pulled the thing apart, installed new os drive and loaded vista biz. put my data drive back in,had a little trouble with the ntldr but got past that, pulling info off now. dont know what happened with nero but i tried it with vista and it seems to be working.
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    Need help XP froze

    Im upgrading my main rig and switching parts to my htpc. backed up almost everything, got my last box from the egg,and decided to put a couple things on disc. Installed nero 8 oem restarted and everything froze. Stealthed drives can be a bear to get a disc out of when u use my comp to eject. Got...
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    make a bigger hole

    If you have not had any luck yet you could find metal grinding bits for an air powered die grinder. you can chuck them in your drill, they should be by the air tools in your closest hardware store.They come as small stones mounted an a shaft and have different grits and can remove alot of...
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    Super CUBE computer Antec NSK1380 HELP!!

    I'll second the 4850, it is one i would consider for an upgrade. If the difference is noticeable it should not be by much. If you have the 5600 already use it. We worry about heat in these little cases but we dont see heat like the P4s put out any more. most cpus out there right now would be...
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    Super CUBE computer Antec NSK1380 HELP!!

    The 1380 has the top vent that the aria did not have, which should help a lot. my ps has been solid since i got it and the 1380 has more amps and watts. I took out the media reader and added a 80mm fan and it ran a little cooler, but it was louder than i like so i took it out.right now my up...
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    Super CUBE computer Antec NSK1380 HELP!!

    That setup should be fine, a little warm but not a problem.I have almost the same setup in an old aria with the smaller ps, cpu temps are solid but just a touch on the warm side. good luck on the build.
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    Project: Relic Crate

    You have a good idea on your hands, and are off to a great start.I will be watching this one so keep up the good work. if you want to distress the wood a little you can beat it up a little with a bag of nails.just hit it lightly, or a hammer and put a little stain in the indentions, and i...
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    the war radio

    Looks Great. Reminds me, i have an old desktop around here somewhere.
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    My Custom Tech Sation/Benching Table!

    Looks great, keep it coming.
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    Project :: Kaiten X

    Looking good, Keep it up.
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    Fiberglass guys..

    fleece might be something worth trying. it conforms well and takes resin well also. hope that helps
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    2142 dogtags

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    Help with case vendor problem

    I have been dealing with Antec the last few days, regarding a new face for my aria. I have to say that their customer service is the best. Im glad to hear that both companys were willing to fix the problem for ya.
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    Disadvantages to SFF?

    Never seen temps above 42 in my Aria.
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    A little help on a new project

    Asus is one of most peoples favorites. the last few boards i have owned have ben Msi though,and i have had good luck with them. either way you go should be a great board,enjoy.
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    My first case mod - The Cube

    Looks great. Heatshrink from a psu sleeving kit would help clean up that bundle of wires.
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    Aerocube Thoughts

    workable platform, it would be worth considering
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    antec b stock

    same here. looks like some good deals
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    SG01B - Finally built!

    nice build :D
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    Where can i get a metal cylinder about 12'' in diameter?

    use a 12 inch concrete form and lay fiberglass over it. you could also build the dome pretty easy. its not metal or plastic but should work for what u need.
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    Can Aria's PSU support my PC parts?

    with one hard drive you should have no problem.with 2 performance would become a question. I would strongly recomend against 3,if it would power it heat would be a prob. I have one drive and an older card in mine and took out all the front headers and added a 80mm fan never seen cpu temps above 38.
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    SFF Club website

    im withya on all that. were enthusiasts woot :D
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    HPR-4 Flame'D

    l00ks gre4t
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    dworley's extensive SFF Gallery

    Envy :D
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    [H]ard Sff Club

    the few the proud the sff... count me in. antec aria athlon 64 2800+ 754 1 gig 2700 seagate 120 lite on dvd rw 6600gt