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    Neo Tokyo (half-life 2 MOD )

    According to Glasseater and a few other developers the steam greenlight is almost complete. Documents need to be signed by both parties and we should have it very soon! I'm hoping that we get many new players to the NT community!
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    High Availability on ASA 5505 - user experience?

    Does anyone have experience provisioning a HA setup on two ASA 5505? I'm not sure of what an expected turn around time would be for this since I'm unfamiliar with setting one up. I understand the concept, but the execution is questionable for me. Additionally, I'l have to upgrade to the...
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    Java Zero Day Flaw Puts Millions of Users at Risk

    I was going to say, Microsoft is pushing SCCM and Intune to do 3rd party pushes. I'd go with SCCM regardless of seat size because I was quoted for ~$10 per seat per month for, hell no :)
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    Java Zero Day Flaw Puts Millions of Users at Risk

    WSUS is your friend for MS updates, friend. I agree with you about Oracle and Java products. They're lousy and updating them is a chore since they're automatic update function doesn't work. If we didn't have to have Java in use for some soft-phone software here at work I'd cut it out completely.
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    Best Buy's New CEO Signing Bonus: $20M

    $20 Million for not a whole lot of work - makes complete sense. American F*k yeah!
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    VLANs for call center - thoughts?

    So tagging the traffic is what it boils down to - noted. I'm still not clear on the specifics of VLAN planning and execution. So do I need to give a count of host, then re-subnet away from my /22 network to accommodate - then create a VLAN on the switch with that new subnet IP information...
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    VLANs for call center - thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the planning phase for VLAN rollout sometime in late Fall or Winter. Our environment is a call center and as such we have many computers and many phones. We also share floorspace with another company which I will setup on it's own VLAN. My issue comes during the...
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    Carmack apologizes to PC gamers about Rage

    What games are you guys playing to make RAGE look like ass? Besides from the muddy textures up close, I can't think of anything outside of BF3 and Witcher 2; all being arguably better.
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    Carmack apologizes to PC gamers about Rage

    All these trolls and naive people are quite funny. Why does the world owe you so much? He's clearly manning up, swallowing his pride to apologize as the head of technology (not even a PR guy) and all you do is bellyache about it. We won't debate how good RAGE was as an experience, but we all...
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    Time for new monitor or stick with my NEC 20wmgx2?

    Thanks Medion for the detailed response.
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    Time for new monitor or stick with my NEC 20wmgx2?

    Well, I'd prefer to go maybe 2-4 inches bigger. Additionally, this monitor is highly reflective, so it does not help with eye strain. Moving to a matte would be my preference. Improved contrast ratio and color gamut would be a plus too. I've heard both pros and cons to higher response time...
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    Time for new monitor or stick with my NEC 20wmgx2?

    I've been out of the loop on monitors for quite a while. I've been an NEC fan for nearly two decades, and my NEC 20wmgx2 continues to serve me well. Unfortunately, I have the new purchase itch. I'm...
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    Google Fiber Announcement Live Stream

    Would be be excited if this came to NC. But that speed is overkill :p
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    Java/Flash Acrobat update alert?

    I'm not aware of one. Currently I've been trying to find a solution to automatic updates for said software packages without spending a ton of money on a deployment appliance. Generally, I know when a new pack hits just from my own machine pop-ups. I'm sure there are some sort of...
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    I've already spoken to our switch vendor, Brocade, whom confirmed that they already load balance by default.
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    Would there be any reason not to use link aggregation/bonding other than if you have the port resources to do it? It almost seems that you'd want to do this by default then...?
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    Thanks, I was laying in bed last night thinking about this. Much appreciations to everyone.
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    cat 6 lines. I know it's not the most preferable of scenarios. honestly, and I'd have to go double check, i do not think these switches have a dedicated stacking port.
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    So you're saying a 1:4 connect then. Like ports 44-48 on switch three ?
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    Here on site we already have two separate server closets. One room contains three Brocade Gigabit 48-port switches, the other four Brocade Gigabit 48-port switches. The tie-in from between the rooms is a Cat 6 line - there are four of those. Currently, the switches in each closet are...
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    Carmack not all that interested in next-gen consoles

    Why does a video from the late 90s excite me more than something from the past e3? This market is so saturated now it's just not as fun...
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    Carmack not all that interested in next-gen consoles

    What he is saying is that we can do everything we want now on current machines as with the upcoming machines. Essentially, we're going to receive the same thing we already have with extra feature set. As stated above by Zohar78, it will not be revolutionary, but evolutionary.
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    LinkedIn Hit With $5M Lawsuit Over Lost Passwords

    It's a free service. One willingly lets go of all control when a 3rd party takes responsibility for your information.
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    Renaming domain computers via PowerShell *Update*

    So, I have the following script, set to run in PS. The goal is to rename our current domain machines on the network via the CSV file. # Script to rename computers in a domain by parsing a CSV file # Assumes: File of names with a header row of OldName,NewName # and a row for oldname,newname...
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    Anybody else feel let down by next-gen game engines?

    So right in many ways unfortunately. I believe there are two major contributing factors to the decline of really well made games. The first stated in quoted above. As for the second, it's two parts: Production and R&D cost sky rocketed to the point where risk outweighed the reward. The...
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    Unreal Engine 4 Features Demonstration

    Very similar to idTech5 as in presentation and ability to essentially play in a sandbox to create worlds. It's really neat stuff.
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    Star Wars 1313

    I haven't seen a thread about this title yet, so lock it up if old... Synopsis Calling all Bounty Hunters! Star Wars 1313 ™ is a brand new mature videogame franchise set in a never-before-seen world, the most dangerous place in the Star Wars ™ galaxy. Level 1313 is a dark, vast...
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Review

    Paul Thurrott was on along with Leo speaking about the product. While he really likes Win8, he believes that businesses will not upgrade as Win7 has such a hold on current and future markets. I would have to agree that there isn't much justification for users to move up at this point...
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    Stuxnet Virus Engineered by U.S. and Israel

    Cyber War is immanent. So the US and Israel are going for Gold uh? How long will it take for the government to come out and say 'Flame' was also a US creation some 5 years ago? This type of thing is only going to get deeper and more drawn out as civilizations become more infused with...
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    Max Payne 3 -- When Rockstar 'pushes the envelope'

    You're correct if it's a 32-bit executable. The only engine I'm aware of that will require a 64-bit platform, and thus the extra RAM, are games made on Frostbite engine - and the later games at that.
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    Poll: Half of Americans Call Facebook a Fad

    Facebook's lasting appeal isn't the consumer, it's big business. You can pull all consumer information and data on a user and learn spending habits to market better. It's a gold mine in the making. You can login to the majority of websites using FB integrated api. And while any company can do...
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    Poll: Half of Americans Call Facebook a Fad

    How would anyone argue that it's not a fad? I guess 'fad' is a bad work, but like all things in life, Facebook cannot stay on top forever. I'm not knocking the hard work and diligence that Mr. Z or any of his staff have put into it, it just amazes me that a social media company can be...
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    Max Payne 3 -- When Rockstar 'pushes the envelope'

    Additionally, the recommended requirements are so high generally means that the coding is piss-poor and not streamlined at all. What was the verdict on if this was a bad PC port?
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    Max Payne 3 -- When Rockstar 'pushes the envelope'

    The specs listing 16GB of RAM are nothing more than advertising IMO. Rage and Witcher 2, arguably the two best looking PC games only recommend 4GB of RAM. This game doesn't look nearly that good. I think it's a tactic of the Rockstar saying, "look at how badass we are, you don't even have a...
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    Microsoft Striping Features From Windows 8

    I think he's referring to all the new apps that a preloaded on the beta.. Many random games and apps.
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    Nintendo Loses Half A Billion Bucks

    Technically, it's not a real loss, but a presumed loss as companies shoot for a strategic number for income each year. If they don't reach that number it's considered a loss. Anyways, Nintendo isn't going anywhere. They the most flexible of the three major hardware manus. It's interesting times...
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    Biggest Tech Failures of The Last 10+ Years

    I understand the article title notates 10+ years, but why would you list Windows ME when it came out eons ago? It seems campy. Anyways... They've mixed great products that didn't succeed with products that were bad and didn't succeed. Products that were great but didn't succeed as intended...
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    Windows XP Still The Dominant OS

    It may never if people stay on, or migrate to Windows 7.
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    Windows XP Still The Dominant OS

    And Win8 is on the heels.... Every time I come across an XP machine I cringe. I'm thankful to work for a company that has completely phased out XP and is all Win 7 and Linux. PCMusicGuy, you mentioned legacy software, which is quite quite prevalent in oil production and other fields like...