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  1. Submarinesailor

    Huawei Caught Using DSLR Shots in P30 Marketing

    I don't blame Huawei for trying to pump up their future sales. I'm sure many other manufacturers have used fake shots to advertise. However, I'm grateful that smart people have the ability to prove the ads are faked and take the time to inform the rest of us.
  2. Submarinesailor

    NVIDIA: RTX GPUs, High-Refresh-Rate Monitors Can Improve Your Kill-Death Ratio

    They don't mention "RTX" as being the winning difference. Smart of them.
  3. Submarinesailor

    The End of Blu-ray

    I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of RedFox AnyDVD HD that could be used to backup your blu-rays to your NAS.
  4. Submarinesailor

    The End of Blu-ray

    Watch a blu-ray on your PC and get your mind blown by high quality video/audio. You have everything you need except for a blu-ray player and they are fairly cheap for the PC.
  5. Submarinesailor

    The End of Blu-ray

    If you carefully read the guys article, you may come to the same conclusion I did: He just made up a bunch of shit to explain why he streams and doesn't buy physical media. Samsung was a convenient headline to get you to click on it.
  6. Submarinesailor

    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    According to the study, "Nearly 48 percent of people mooching Netflix said they got the login from their parents, while another 14 percent took their credentials from a sibling." I'd say that's family sharing, not piracy.
  7. Submarinesailor

    Researchers Find a 19 Year Old Bug In WinRAR

    I did (in 2007). Perpetual license. Gotta support the developers.
  8. Submarinesailor

    Rice Researchers Reveal Silicon Based Security Keys

    I looked it up on duckduckgo - complete fail. What does that mean/do?
  9. Submarinesailor

    Facebook Is Allegedly Working on Custom Machine Learning Hardware

    Perhaps Facebook could sell the technology to Nvidia so RTX works. hahahaha
  10. Submarinesailor

    Google Might Announce a Game Streaming Platform Next Month

    That'll never happen IF you buy games from GOG right now and download all the installers. There's a huge catalog of games you can stick on your NAS. Trust me, I know :D
  11. Submarinesailor

    Google Might Announce a Game Streaming Platform Next Month

    I'll never sign up for a Google game streaming service. That's my firm position right now.
  12. Submarinesailor

    NATO Experiment Manipulated Soldiers Through Facebook

    OPSEC fail. That's why US DOD and contractors have to take an annual refresher. Gotta keep the country safe!
  13. Submarinesailor

    NVIDIA on DLSS: "It Will Improve over Time"

    How do you know it's free to the devs? I didn't say screenshots. I said data.
  14. Submarinesailor

    NVIDIA on DLSS: "It Will Improve over Time"

    Let me get this straight: Nvidia is using a supercomputer to create maps/models to improve DLSS on a per game basis? That means the "AI" portion of the deep learning crap is all offline and not a part of RTX technology (in case you thought RTX was the AI cat's meow). Are game publishers...
  15. Submarinesailor

    Razer Shutting Its Digital Game Store This Month, Less than a Year after It Opened

    I'm not sad. Who needs another site with high prices and a "loyalty" system that gives minor discounts if you buy their overpriced hardware? Not me. Now if they had made their own launcher - I'd be bitching like crazy at the shutdown. Love me another launcher.
  16. Submarinesailor

    BioWare: "We're Definitely Not Done with Mass Effect"

    I started another playthrough of ME2 just this afternoon. That game is awesomesauce.
  17. Submarinesailor

    "Conviction": District 9's Neill Blomkamp Releases Live-Action Anthem Prequel Trailer

    Wait a damn minute! It's not on the steam platform! WTF! BOYCOTT! I'm trolling again. Have a good day!
  18. Submarinesailor

    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    Thank god I got a BDP-203 before stock was gone! Streaming video quality completely blows compared to physical disks. However, I'm old so watching movies on my phone seems to me like pissing in the wind. Sure you get the job done but it really is a sucky experience.
  19. Submarinesailor

    Bethesda Purges Duped Items from Fallout 76

    Which turkey are you glad you didn't buy?
  20. Submarinesailor

    Suspected Drone Activity Disrupts Dubai Airport

    More drone asshatery. We need fricken lasers around airports to shoot them down!
  21. Submarinesailor

    Here Are The Metro Exodus Unlock Times

    I wonder if there's going to be any day one Xbox X patches. I'm still pissed it's not going to be on Xbox Steam .... oh wait. I'm just trolling you guys. Enjoy your Epic boycott.
  22. Submarinesailor

    Obsidian Comments On Fallout 76's Reception

    Fallout New Vegas was an amazing game and I hope this new one has the same quality. The video was certainly great.
  23. Submarinesailor

    Micron on Making Octa Level Flash - Nope!

    Is it unusual for a company to contact you directly to refute a news story? Seems like a Big Deal.
  24. Submarinesailor

    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    I blocked "The Verge" from all my news feeds right after this video was released.
  25. Submarinesailor

    Activision Blizzard Begins Cutting 8 Percent of Its Workforce

    They also announced a $1.5B stock buyback program over the next two years. Playing to the shareholders with this move.
  26. Submarinesailor

    The Making of Metro Exodus - Part Three

    I don't understand the hate for Epic's launcher. Isn't it like those console exclusive deals where a game is only on the PS4?
  27. Submarinesailor

    The Official Metro Exodus Performance Guide Has Been Released

    Xbox One X streamed over LAN to my 6700k/980TI. Ha!
  28. Submarinesailor

    Facebook and Other Corporations Spend Millions on Executive Security

    Let me explain it to you and the other professional commenters. The whole point of the article is about clients not getting fucked up by some douchbag trying to kill/kidnap them. It's not about "data privacy". The World Protection Group doesn't give a shit about someone hacking their clients'...
  29. Submarinesailor

    Samsung Announces World's First 15.6-Inch UHD OLED Displays for Notebooks

    Are there any mobile GPU's that can handle that screen while gaming?
  30. Submarinesailor

    Facebook and Other Corporations Spend Millions on Executive Security

    The article is talking about personal safety, not data privacy. sheesh.
  31. Submarinesailor

    Know Your Audience!

    Wondering the same thing. What's the story here?
  32. Submarinesailor

    17% of Americans Use Smart Speakers

    Alexa, what's the weather?
  33. Submarinesailor

    Game Developer Revokes Game License over Bad Review but Later Apologizes

    And then he apologized in public. A win for humanity.
  34. Submarinesailor

    685 Million Users Exposed to XSS Attacks Due to Flaws in Service

    There's no comprehensive list in the sourced article, just a small listing in the technical paper. "RobinHood, Shopify, Canva, Yelp, Western Union, Letgo, Cuvva, imgur, Lookout, and more."
  35. Submarinesailor

    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    The question obviously wasn't directed at you. Please move on.
  36. Submarinesailor

    NY Govt Wants Its Cut

    This article is HardOCP material how?
  37. Submarinesailor

    DDoSing WoW Gets You Federal Prison Time

    No need to speculate, let me see if I can break it down for you. The article said it was a DDOS attack and even explained what that means. It also said it was targeted specifically at WOW servers. It even mentioned that Blizzard Entertainment was based in Irvine, CA (an american company) which...