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    old thread

    I'm interested in the 9900k. PM sent.
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    FS: i5 Gaming Rig, Various Hardware

    I don't suppose you still have this for sale, by some chance?
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    HifiMan HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones - $249.00 Newegg/Amazon

    I'm in the same boat. I have DT880, D7000, and AD900. I've heard the HE series and they're awesome, but unless I get at least HE5xx, it's somewhat of a small upgrade and more of a lateral move to a different tech.
  4. A is having their Fall sale.

    Actually, lots of great games. Like, a lot. You must mean "Nothing that great I don't already own".
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    Most Young Millennials Love Piracy and Ad-Blockers

    What a shit paper. Any actual researcher would rip this paper apart for their shoddy methodologies, the dubious references, and their misguided conclusion.
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    Dozens Of Apple Car Employees Laid Off?

    Are you talking about Google? If so, then you're absolutely wrong. Google has had machine learning specialists (i.e. data scientists) in their employment since forever. Besides the advancement of their search engine algorithms, one of the main uses for machine learning is automatic...
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    Dozens Of Apple Car Employees Laid Off?

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    Best for a GTX 1080: 144hz G-Sync 1440p or 60hz G-Sync 4K?

    You're right. It really just comes down to fluidity vs resolutions which means it really comes down to your games. If you play mostly single player or coop games, then go 4k. If you game via competitive multiplayer games, then go 144hz.
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    Replacing an aging PC

    You should read the stickied post in this section that outlines the questions you need to answer before we can fully help you.
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    SVS and Outlaw Subwoofer Sales - President's Day

    I am also a big fan of HSU. Such clean, but loud bass! Also, the bigger Outlaw subwoofers were designed by Dr. HSU so you will get a very similar sound between the two brands. I have the HSU and I got my friend an Outlaw. I can attest to the similarity.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch $86.64

    Oh I see. It depends on where you live too. In Los Angeles, I would have no problem at least getting bites from people.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch $86.64

    Your monitors don't fit nearly perfectly next to a 30".
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    Sony In Talks To Sell PC Business?

    This link was hard to get to from the Front Page.
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    Blizzard is Hiring

    I think Riot Games would be helluva lot more fun to work for.
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    How Not To Complain To A Developer

    Best solution to this perceived problem.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch $86.64

    1,920,000 DOTS PER INCH?!?!? HOLYYYY!!!! Must be military class tech...
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    FS: PNY 128GB Turbo USB 3.0 Flash Thumb Drive (P-FD128TBOP-GE)

    Just FYI, link shows it's selling for $60, now.
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    You Can Now 3D-Print Your Unborn Fetus

    For anyone who wants to play gynecologist.
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    Report: Dell Layoffs Are About To Hit and Could Be Huge

    Do you really think $604 a week is a lot of money? That seems like chump change to me. Especially if you have kids.
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    The Darkness II at Microsoft Store - $2.99 + FS

    Wow, this is a damn good deal. Thanks for the find!
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    Please recommend 1200-1300$ Gaming build

    Dang is just concerned with how much gas you might use that will negate the savings from sales at the store. Don't mind his curt wording. :)
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    AT&T’s Sponsored Data: Time For Netflix To Pay Up?

    Thank you. This exactly why data caps are crap.
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    Tech Gone Horribly Wrong

    Yeah, shortages of resources are never the problem. We always develop technologies to circumvent that. It's the distribution of resources that have always been the problem.
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    Former Microsoft Exec Charged With Insider Trading

    It's not just a matter of a CEO protecting their personal finances. It's also the fact that the CEO can manipulate the public into purchasing their stock to raise their stock prices and then the CEO can sell the massively inflated stock price to take advantage. And I guarantee that the CEO can...
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    It Pays to Be America's Most-Hated Companies

    Stats nerds completely debunking this article:
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    PS4 Console or Bundles available at

    This. I'm even considering getting a PS4/Xbone for the exclusive PS3/360 titles they will re-release. I never got to play those. :( Also, Kinect tech is awesome.
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    Dell 24" 4K Ultrasharp

    That applies to other things too. :D
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    GoG winter sale on now. (Free Fallout 1,2 + Tactics for the next 47 hours)

    I would have to agree with you, but I use in addition to Steam if only for the fact that I support their DRM free business model. They also have a really good selection of classic games and are often cheaper than Steam. So I use Steam and only. But I definitely think including...
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    GoG winter sale on now. (Free Fallout 1,2 + Tactics for the next 47 hours)

    I agree with this assessment on every point. Storyline is definitely not canon.
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    Xbox One Problems Fixed With Brute Force

    Modern hard drives can handle a simple slapping of the box easily.
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    Stating a newish Build go 6 Core or stay Quad core?

    What's your current CPU/motherboard? If you're at 2500K, I honestly see no reason to upgrade still.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Let the bidding war begin.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Um... am I too late to jump in on purchasing this case?
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    PSA: Credit card compromised after digital software purchases yesterday

    I've been using my Chase card pretty often at and Steam in the past month. No other online vendor. I have not gotten any fraud alerts on it yet.
  35. A Insomnia Sale (new deals every few minutes)

    OMG I missed Ultima 1 + 2 for less than $2!!!!
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    Noob Building PC for his son

    Next time, you can edit your first post instead of posting two more posts. For your photo editing, is it light photo editing or is that your profession? Your gaming will mostly be affected by your GPU, but depending on how heavily you photo edit, your CPU may affect your photo processing.
  37. A has 3 games for free when you donate $5 to a charity.

    I picked up Driftmoon, FTL, and Botanicula. They look really interesting. I look forward to playing them.
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    Western Digital Adds Helium To Its Hard Drives
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    Apple Sued Over Faulty iMac Screens

    Lawsuit is worth $5M? That's not going to even put a dent in Apple's numbers.