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    Recommend a general all purpose desktop replacement laptop (15-17")?

    I would look into the newer HP Spectre x360 coming out. Very stylish, good solid build, good battery and solid performance.
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    Full Spec Dell G7 or Asus GU501GM (Zephyrus M light)

    The link. Basically I would like to maximize reliability, performance, price and aesthetics. The Asus seems like a lightly cut down from its big brothers. I am wondering about reliability compared to the Dell and if it worth it. Someone who might have hands on...
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    Full Spec Dell G7 or Asus GU501GM (Zephyrus M light)

    Hello! Before I pull the trigger I need some input... I am between these two laptops. The Asus is the BB exclusive Zephyrus, I believe the only difference is it has a 120hz IPS instead of a 144hz? Between the Dell and Asus the difference is the use of 1060 Max Q vs full 1060, the 60hz IPS on...
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    Gaming Laptop suggestions

    Sorry for the thread hijack .. I am more or less on the same situation. I need to buy a laptop but I can wait till October or November the latest.. and I was thinking if it is worth to wait for the Volta GPU's? I was leaning torwards the new MSI G65, 2k usd give or take.. I'd like the level of...
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    Nintendo Says Non-Gaming Apps for Switch Will “Come in Time”

    Just got my Switch yesterday, TBH I got none of the issues people are having. Tho I do use Pro Controller only when docked. I just wish the screen was glass and not plastic. But it is a fantastic handheld otherwise, the screen is beautiful, probably not gonna use it as portable much until I can...
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    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently there is a rumor about a foxxcon worker leaking accurate specs a while back. Apparently he got right the battery size, the dual color sku switch, hd rumble and couple things more. He also stated that the soc was an A72 or A73 @ 1.73 and Pascal GPU @ 923. Apparently it is being...
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    BT Headset - Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless?

    Hello everyone, Does anybody own this headset? I would like some impressions on the audio, from what I have read they are pretty good. I would be using this with an iPhone 7 and as a headset with my computer (since I read it has mic). Would this be easy to setup? Currently my PC has no BT...
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    3DNes emulator turns classic two dimensional games into 3D

    This is what I wanted on 3DS... dammit Nintendo
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    Total War: WARHAMMER Delay; Specs

    Need this, still on the RTW2 engine? They really need to update the engine, and do Mythology Total War
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    HTC Vive VR or Oculus Rift?

    I'm leaning towards Oculus atm. Main reason being the display and ergonomics seem better (oled, better optics, less screendoor, etc) and I like (having tested none) the Oculus Touch better.
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    Personal progression AMD Athlon XP BARTON 2500+ AMD Athlon 64 2800+ -->(From this point I got a job xD)<-- Intel E8200 Intel Q9450 Intel i7 920 Intel i5 3570k Before that I had (my fathers PC from my young days) Intel 286 Intel 486 Intel Pentium II 400Mhz Intel Pentium III 800Mhz Getting the...
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    Ashes of the Singularity benchmarks.

    So how is the game? Is it fun? Like Supreme Commander FA?
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    Everything Apple Introduced This Year Kinda Sucked

    Well, can't say I disagree with anything on the list. But I will argue that 3D Touch has potential yet, and it will probably be adopted as a new way to interface. Initially I will agree, it was overhyped. Even if it is not in the list, I will argue that the iPhone 6s is hardly a...
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    Music Sounds Better On LSD, Study Finds

    But I disagree, you are weak minded and you are defective. It is just you areclosed minded and you cannot see it, ignorance is bliss. Really? I never said you should go out and do it, I said you have to experience it to really know since it is impossible to describe. And that hyperbole...
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    Music Sounds Better On LSD, Study Finds

    Doing drugs is as much an exclusive thing to junkies as drinking alcohol to alcoholics... Have you ever ried LSD, weed or any drug? I can asure you, there are plently of people who ocationally indulge in recreational drug use that pose none of the genetic defects you seem to associate with a...
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    Music Sounds Better On LSD, Study Finds

    You have no idea what you are talking about.
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    Gaming Headset, what do you have?

    Senn HD 650 + Asus Xonar Essence STX Moved from a Logitech G930.. sometimes I wish I could go back to the Logitech's, so I can move back to the HD 650 combo and be blown all over again
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    Bought it via Origin.. 35 usd EA has some pretty good prices in Origin for Latin Americans... I bought DA:I Premium Edition or whatever, for 45 usd
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    Smallest most portable case for my setup?

    The PC in my sig, I'm not interested in adding any more components that add bulk. I need something small and sleek. I was thinking about Bitfenix Prodigy case, any input would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Peter Molyneux: 'It's Over, I Will Not Speak To The Press Again'

    I used to like this guy, even after all the under delivered promeises... After the scumbag move he pulled on the kid who won Curiosity, I see him as nothing more than a conman.
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    Reference Sapphire 290 Aftermarket Cooler

    Interesting, now I'm thinking if it is going to be worth the money for the G10. But I fear the resale value (next card will not be a reference) Would the Gelid VRM kit work with icy vision 3 (maybe comes in the icy vision 3 pack?)
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    Reference Sapphire 290 Aftermarket Cooler

    So, I got someone going to the US and I wanted to get a cooler for my 290. It is summer where I live, and I don't want another summer with the turbo jet. Which would be the best one to get? Performance/Money
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    MAJORA'S MASK 3DS announced!

    Sure you can, emulate in 1080p resolution.
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    Looking to upgrade from hd598 to a more immersive/exciting headphone

    I used my HD650 with Asus Essence STX and they rock. Play alot of games and listen tu a fair amount of music. Sound quality is superb, amazing. It really lets the audio in games shine, love the sound of sniper in BF4, so sharp and clear. The Soundblaster ZXR should be amazing too
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    Shadows of Mordor

    Excelent game, best game in a while. If they could merge the combat and abilities with a game like The Witcher 3 promeises to be it would be GOT
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    Total War: Rome 2

    The original RTW feels far better. Played it a couple months ago after all the patches, and it still felt like a dumbed down prettier RTW. How is it now?
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    Galaxy Note 4

    I don't think it works that way The screen is divided by software and the lenses each focus on half. The refresh rate is not halved, only the resolution.
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    Galaxy Note 4

    Note 4 is 60hz, as far as I know. Any less for VR won't do.
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    Galaxy Note 4

    I know, right now I've an S4 Mini with CM 11 I think. To be honest, I only use it for music in my car, whatsapp (fotos, videos, etc), taking some snapshots and videos. The only reason I use CM is that it has KitKat, don't know what version is officially out for the S4 Mini but my...
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    Galaxy Note 4

    Waiting to see how good Gear VR is. I am really tempted about the posibility of a VR Cinema using the Note 4.
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    Best Audio for VR?

    Are you keeping the headset ? I would recommend that you upgrade to a Sennheiser 558 or 598 if u can. Pair them with a Soundblaster Z. That would be a pretty cost efficient setup that will sound very good. The headphone are not close, but give a great and neutral sound. By the way, i don't...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Been playing this with a DS3... not optimal but it sort of works to get into the game at first. Waiting for my DK2 anxiously. Planning on getting a X52 Pro when i can
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    Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 Teardown

    It would be awesome if we can just put a Note 4 screen on it. I think they will be 1440p
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    Nvidia K1 Shield Tablet

    Is it known if it uses Gorilla Glass or any anti scratching glass ? Haven't seen it being mentioned in any of the previews. Sounds tempting at 300 you get a top tier spec tablet.
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    lg w2363d pf 133 euro

    I had one, i was pretty happy with it. FPS gaming mostly
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    Steelseries 9HD and Logitech G500 mouse feet

    Need some [H]elp ! I bought this mousepad and mouse combo last year and at the beginning it was excellent. Super responsive, perfect glide. But the mouse feet on my G500 are all scratched up now and the friction is terrible, its a chore to use. Had to revert back to an old Razer Abyssus which...
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    Second-Gen Oculus Rift Headset Now Shipping

    Is there any place to see how far into de queque i am ?
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    Second-Gen Oculus Rift Headset Now Shipping

    omg omg omg omg omg
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    New Pilotwings would be great. I loved the one in 3DS, yet it was too short. Can't wait for the new Star Fox, my dream would be a kind of No Man's Sky hybrid where you can transition from space to surface in realtime. No chance in hell, but its good to dream :(