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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Ordered one on Thursday. Figured why not burn some tax return. Received it last night. Too tired and busy at work to mess around with it but I plan on setting it up tonight or tomorrow.
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    PM sent
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    FS Sony Vita Bundle and a couple Corsair AIOs

    Price Drop on Vita, one AIO gone!
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    FS Sony Vita Bundle and a couple Corsair AIOs

    I have a launch day Sony Vita, it is in perfect condition. Has screen protector, mad catz clear case, the deluxe Sony Vita Folio case, original charger, car charger, 32GB and 8 GB memory cards. Has firmware 3.15. Comes with the games: Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted...
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    Recommendation for mATX chassis

    Take a look at the thermaltake V21 chassis. You don't specify if you need an external optical drive bay but if you don't the V21 may work for you.
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    MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z and Asus RTX 3070 Dual OC SOLD and Closed.

    I am going to list two cards, whichever one sells first I will pull the other one. First card is an MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z. Bought this new, only used for gaming. Have full retail package. $650 shipped NFS anymore! Second is a lightly used Asus RTX 3070 Dual OC video card. Card has been in...
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    FS: Brand New 44mm NIKE APPLE WATCH Band

    Nice stuff bump!
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    FS: GTX 2070 Super FE - SOLD

    Nice price for this.
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    Rtx 3090 FE

    Pm sent.
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    WTB: Thermaltake Core V21

    Just a heads up, if you are close to the microcenter, they have one in stock at the St. Davids PA location.
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    FSUsed HP DV7T-7000 CTO Laptop, $125 shipped SOLD

    Specs on the laptop are as follows: I7-3610QM Quad Core 8GB RAM 750GB Hard Drive Blu-Ray/DVDRW Combo Drive 17.3 Inch Screen OS Upgraded to Windows 10 Professional, OS Activated, COA Sticker on Laptop Condition of Laptop: Screen is good, no issues, some small scratches on Lid of Laptop...
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    WTB: Desktop to run Fortnight, Roblox

    PM sent to you.
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    How do you cool your 3900x?

    Using an EVGA CLC240
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    Hot hot price. This should be gone.
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    Any matx X570 board?

    I’m running the asrock Matx x570 board and it has been absolutely fine to work with. No issues or surprises.
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    Best x570 under 300

    Just built the rig in my sig, absolutely zero issues, but the board is matx.
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    I Pre-Bought Neo Geo X Gold and a Wii-U

    Is that an Odyssey 2 sitting on the far left, had one of those back when they were new. Still don't remember why I picked that over an atari 2600. Maybe the same reason I picked beta over vhs back in the day. ;)
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    Crucial 512GB for $396.49 on

    paid $520 for one of these 6 weeks ago and no regrets if I had the need I would buy another.
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    LNIB eVGA GTX 680 - Complete. 02G-P4-2680-KR

    damn hot price, if I didn't already have one. :cool:
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    Amazon To Collect Sales Tax In NJ

    on the bright side, us new jerseyans should get our purchases a bit quicker now that they ship from instant. First it was newegg, now amazon. It was good while it lasted but the taxman cometh for us all.
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    FSOT 4x4GB GSkill PC12800 and an Enermax Infiniti 720W PSU

    I can take a check, money order, or Amazon payments. No paypal crap. I have 4x4GB of GSkill PC12800. This is the GBRL model with the fairly low profile heat sinks. There is a single kit and a three stick kit, these worked perfectly fine together in my P8P67M Pro. $75 shipped. Now $70...
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    FS/FT Enermax Infiniti 720W PSU and some other junk

    Need to make some space. As far as trades go I would only be interested in PSP or Vita games. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 unless noted. I can take a MO or a personal check from good traders. My heat is under PClark99. If you have little or no heat, please expect to ship first...
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    EVGA GTX 680 For Sale!

    that sux man, good luck to you!
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    FS: Crucial m4 512GB SSD NIB $470 shipped! ^_^

    burn my retinas out hot. too bad I don't need this.
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    Spring cleaning sale, i5 2500k, SSDs, complete rig basically, other things.

    make me some "REASONABLE" offers people. You never know.
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    Spring cleaning sale, i5 2500k, SSDs, complete rig basically, other things.

    added and lowered price on video card.
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    A good company making quality reliable products and they know how to support their users after the sale.
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    WTT: Perfect u2410 (H-IPS 10bit) for perfect 2408wfp (S-PVA) or other S-PVA panel

    Lulz, I am right down the road from you in Oakhurst but I don't have a monitor to trade. In fact I just did the RMA dance with dell and sent back my old 2407 and got back a u2410also. That said they are great monitors. GL with the trade.