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    I think I'm getting too old for video games.

    I burned out a few years ago. (43 yrs old) Lately this is the only thing I've mustered up the interest in playing: I never even finished HL2 Episode 1.
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    What is it with TF2?

    I agree. CS was always just run up to choke point and camp from what I saw. Way boring compared to TFC. Going down memory lane here, I went from TFC to Quake 2, which was like going from a planet to a galaxy. Damn, those were the days.
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    What is it with TF2?

    In other words, it's "old school" like back in the day. :D
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    $4.99 Steam Gaming

    I remember when Steam was new and a lot of people just hated it for various reasons. I wasn't one of them though.
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    The Bullsh*t button :D

    Is that bullshit button available in the USA?
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    Service pack 3 on Windows update.

    So if I'm still interested in keeping my old games working, like Source stuff, BF series, and I'm running fairly old hardware, do I need to worry about this SP3?
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    What is COD4 Multiplayer like on PC, i am an old bf2 player

    I hate CS in all it's forms, and loved BF2 immensely. Will I like this? I did like COD games before, however I really like the breathing room that BF2 had. I only played COD1 and 2, FWIW. So someone said singleplayer is bigger than mutli in this game, or did I read that wrong? What, if...
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    loosing intrest in gaming

    One of these threads shows up every month or 3. There is no recourse. If you lose interest, you lose interest. There's nothing you can do but be open to whatever captures your fancy next. Stages of life thing; diminishing returns; who knows what the answer is. I really miss some aspects...
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    Either I'm maturing or don't have a real appetite..

    You nailed it...then again I'm 43. Stage of life thing I guess. I find that other things that used to get me going don't do it as much anymore, like I used to be real into music. I used to play the guitar a lot. The novelty has worn off and new stuff isn't really all that new, it just...
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    Is it just me, or does everyone else just not care about realism in games?

    I dunno though, here's where I'm at. The last game I played was the MOH Airborne demo and I thought it was pretty cool, however it wasn't light years ahead of HL2 or Doom 3, and that's okay. However I remember back when these games were released (which is a fair bit of time ago now) and I was...
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    Is it just me, or does everyone else just not care about realism in games?

    I agree with you. I mean even if I'm moving around in a world that looks real, I still want an unreal experience.
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    Enemy Territory: Quake War have you tried it?

    Gamespy stats on the game are kinda disappointing. There are more people playing Quake 3 than ETQW according to it. Then again, the masses have never been a great indicator of quality.
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    Either I'm maturing or don't have a real appetite..

    BTW dude, did you actually play the first Delta Force? WOw, I still have amazing memories of that game and it probably looks so dated now. HOwever I still haven't played a "modern" FPS game that features such huuuge spaces to fight in. But man, I loved that game back in the day. I remember...
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    Either I'm maturing or don't have a real appetite..

    Well how old are you guys? I'm the same way, however I'm 43. The last thing I played the hell out of was BF2. I bought BF2142---a year or more after it came out---and haven't yet played it online. I recently did play the Medal of Honor Airborne demo quite a bit, but it was after my wife gave...
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    Team Fortress 2 class balance

    Sounds like they stayed true to the old TFC with Halflife then. :D I recall playing the pyro only when bored and wanting to kill people with fire just to be unique.
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    What game would you make?

    I'd make a slower paced adventure oriented FPS role playing thingy with figures like Jesus Christ, Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend in it. Maybe some Nazis and naked Celtic warriors in there for good measure. NO dragons though. Too cliche.
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    your best gaming memories?

    Hearing my first Quake 2 grenades clinking down the hallway of that big twin silo's map in the Lithium mod. Man, that game rocked so hard. Quake 2 railgun is still the coolest of all time, even today.
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    Stutter Problem

    Look in event viewer.
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    I lost my cd key , am i screwed?

    You can get a new key for 10 bucks plus sending in a disc for proof.
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    Problem with BF2

    Well the choppiness in single player mode at first is probably the game loading partially onto your swap file on your hard drive. Sounds like could be a connection issue. As the other guy said, if you could check your online game performance without the wireless connection, that would be a...
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    BF2...worth it?

    It is old, but not as old as UT2K4, although to be fair, I guess it's only a year younger or so. But then again, it's had expansions to refresh it. One thing you can take away from this debate is that a great FPS is not an annual event anymore. It's a rare breed. Oh and I was a huge instagib...
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    BF2...worth it?

    Well then you'll most likely have to send them the game disc along with 10 bucks. That's the standard policy. They'll send your disc back of course, but are not responsible for it.
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    Problem with BF2

    How does the game perform in single-player mode? You may want to look in event viewer for clues, and run a testing suite like Sisandra on your rig to see if anything stands out. After that, it's pretty much swapping components one by one or looking for obscure Windows XP stuff, like turning...
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    BF2...worth it?

    Okay, how about size, variety, and from the same era as BF2? :D I consider UT2004 kinda old by now.
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    BF2...worth it?

    My manual was discarded, however I managed to get another one from EA. Took a phone call and 4 emails. Main phone number is here: Ask for technical support for games. You'll have to start with level one and then ask to escalate your issue politely. I...
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    BF2...worth it?

    I said size and variety.
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    maicoX - Projekt V2 (NOT FOR MODEM USER!!!)

    Incredible. However being German, you should have selected a flat-six engine, or a VR. :D
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    BF2...worth it?

    Name them. Name one that does what BF2 does as far as size and variety. ANd if you say CS:S I will reach through the screen and slap you.
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    BF2...worth it?

    I intend to, but I haven't got that winning the bid thing down on eBay yet. :D
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    BF2...worth it?

    I was a BF2 junkie, and even hassled EA until they gave me another key for it after my wife threw out my game manual in a bout of insanity. HOWEVER, I'm loving the BF2142 demo now!! :D
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    Problem with BF2

    Hard to say. Could be memory. Could be vid card, or drivers. There are some steps to clear out some cache in the game. I don't have them handy. Have you tried the good old reseat cables and cards in the pc itself first?
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    BF2...worth it?

    I'm gonna go ahead and call BF2 a classic online, PC, first person shooter for our times. (meaning in the last 3 years). I remember being blown away just playing the Gulf of Oman demo map over and over. Running along,and then a giant jet crashes 100 yards front of you? F*ckin' A, what an...
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    BF2 Patching failed error ! plz help

    If you look up EA at Yahoo finance, you can find the telephone number for the company. Then you can call and you'll get the switchboard. Just ask for tech support. I recently did this to get my "invalid cd key" error problem solved (my manual with the key went missing--can't reinstall without...
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    18m crysis footage
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    What games is everyone playing now?

    I played a little of the BF2142 demo. Wanted to play some BF2 online again, however the manual has gone missing. (I need to do a reinstall because of the good, old "Invalid CD" message, thus need my key) I actually called EA support, can you believe it! (found a number for them on Yahoo finance...
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    Best Flight Combat PC Game?

    Red Baron 2 by Sierra. Those was some fun times. They came out with a follow up called Red Baron 3d that used glide! I didn't get that because I had a Nvidia card. :D
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    Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta

    So give it up! :D I'll just pester the company for one or something.
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    Cant download Direct x ( cant connect to server )

    This site worked for me to fix my BF2142 demo error "d3dx9_29.dll was not found", when the microsoft site wouldn't work:
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    Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta

    That's weird, I logged into Fileplanet with my old id and I'm now in line for the beta and the patch without paying a dime. Wonder if it will work? In unrelated news, I just got my missing d3d file error message solved and was able to try out the BF2142 demo after all this time. I'm kinda...
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    Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta

    So does a month of fileplanet subscription still get a key?