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  1. Bomo

    X: Rebirth official thread.

    I'm really bummed by this. X3:TC is my most played single player game. I was a huge fan of just about everything in it. The huge learning curve was tolerable compared to how much you can actually do in the game (I consider becoming proficient with the UI to be a part of the learning curve)...
  2. Bomo

    So, my wife and I got the new Pokemon games on 3DS

    Agreed completely. Picked up both on Sunday and I've been having an awesome time with it. It hits me with the right amount of nostalgia and new stuff.
  3. Bomo

    Most indie games are such trash

    Pretty much this.
  4. Bomo

    Steam Summer Sale.

    Go on, why is it worth mentioning?
  5. Bomo

    So, why would one buy an Xbone over PS4?

    First, I think you're unwittingly agreeing with the person you've quoted. He was making the argument that you won't get a "steam" like service on the consoles because they are different. Consoles are designed, no matter how much you put into them and your library of games for it, to have an...
  6. Bomo

    OYUA is going to be crap and i already kickstarted it :(

    I just got my shipping notice today. I'm having it shipped to my parents in Florida, so they can box it with some of my other stuff and send it over to Japan. It's going to be a good month before I get to play mine, minimum. The latter part is on me (and something I did intentionally), I'm...
  7. Bomo

    Do not get an oyua yet!

    Or, you know, turn the damn thing off when you're not using it.
  8. Bomo

    Any good shooters besides BF3?

    I think we have a winner...
  9. Bomo

    Woman Buys $15k Game From Goodwill For $8

    Best find I've had was a pair of Sennheiser HD580's for $4.99. Sold them for about $100-$150 after I got a good year or so out of them. Thrift shopping has been a family addiction pretty much since I can remember. Goodwill is a great way to keep kids moderately entertained for much less...
  10. Bomo

    Half-Life 3 / Episode 3. Are you even interested anymore?

    Half Life is one of the only things for which I actually consider myself a fanboy. Bought the coffee table book, the figures, the posters, freaking love that series. Day 1 purchase for me. Even if it's just five minutes of Gabe laughing at you and then a shot of Gordon's balls.
  11. Bomo

    Final Fantasy Chronological Order

    Dawn of Souls has the original 2 (Japanese FF2, not the FFIV that we got). The best way to look at it is to see the Japanese release numbers as the true numbers and forget the US numbers entirely. With the rereleases that Square has been doing, it's using the true numbered titles, not the...
  12. Bomo

    [Hot!] Humble Bundle! PC and Android (9 games for $6.75)

    The Sword and Sworcery soundtrack alone is worth $7. Everything else is just an awesome bonus. That said, I'm getting a bit tired of the repeat games in these bundles.
  13. Bomo

    EU Fines Microsoft $731M

    The EU has fined Microsoft for non-compliance every two or three years since 2004. It's a revenue stream for them now, it's not about competition. 2004 - €497 million 2006 - €280.5 million 2008 - €899 million 2013 - €561 million Totally seems legit. Not at all a way...
  14. Bomo

    The Wii U is done

    Apple's "huge" success in Japan isn't nearly as "huge" as people paint it to be. It's huge in Tokyo, it's not huge in Japan. I still count more people playing with a 3DS on a train here than I do with an iphone. This is a country where sony's smartphones do well because of brand loyalty...
  15. Bomo

    The Wii U is done

    If this is true it kind of makes this entire thread moot, doesn't it? (I agree with most of your points, so far, so don't take that as me lumping you in with the doom and gloomers).
  16. Bomo

    Minecraft + Lego = Best Game Ever?

    I love minecraft, but I don't think I'd call it a game. A game implies a set goal (which you can loosely argue exists with The End). Minecraft, to me, is no more of a game than Paint or Gimp. It's a tool to create stuff. What's fun about it is pushing the limits of what you can make in the...
  17. Bomo

    How long can you go without serious gaming sessions?

    My only real "gaming" fix anymore is playing Minecraft on a server I host with a few friends from my area. I play the older pokemon games sometimes when I'm on the train, but really I'd rather read/study then. Gaming is far less important to me now that I'm in my mid 20's, pay my own bills...
  18. Bomo

    Microphone...non headset It's a great all purpose mic. Not audiophile quality/recording artist perfection. But it's an amazing computer mic.
  19. Bomo

    Just bought a 3DS XL

    Figured I'd jump in on the 3DS XL love. I bought a 3DS back at launch, but I sold it a few months later because the only games I was interested in were either releases or still a few months off. My games (and there all games I enjoy too) are: Starfox 3D Zelda: OoT Super Mario 3D Land Mario...
  20. Bomo

    Far Cry 3, controller or keyboard?

    I was sick in bed during the week I got this, so I played it on med/low mixed settings on my laptop with an xbox controller. It wasn't that bad of an experience actually. The graphics still look really good at that level (though clearly not on par with them cranked up), and the controller...
  21. Bomo

    China Has A World of Warcraft Theme Park

    That's where I saw the blatant ripoff. The other four pictures just seemed fantasy/asian MMO'ish to me. But the bloodelf architecture is pretty much spot on from the game. Haven't seen the reddit photos though, maybe it gets more obvious.
  22. Bomo

    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    My haul: Borderlands 2 (kinda meh on this one) Max Payne 3 (Haven't tried it yet) Far Cry 3 (absolutely loved it, I'm really hoping for some DLC or even a full blown expansion here) Galactic Civ Complete Skyrim DLC FTL Mark of the NInja Possibly the shortest list of games I've ever done during...
  23. Bomo

    NVIDIA Project Shield

    Lol, thinking the same thing. It's for gaming on the shitter.
  24. Bomo

    About to dust off the PS3.. what to play?

    The boxed version of Journey (comes with two other games, Flow and one called Flowers or something like that) is like $30 and comes with a free month of PS+. Pretty good deal for one of (imo) the best games of last year, one of the more original early PSN games (Flow), and access to a lot of...
  25. Bomo

    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    The cooling is pretty awesome. I helped a friend pick out a card with his recent build, a Galaxy 670. Works great and he's overclocked it quite well. Would love to have a hand at a Galaxy 680 :D
  26. Bomo

    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    I was in the same boat at first too, but I took the direct opposite approach to this sale from my normal one. Since my backlog is mainly growing with games that I'll either not play any time soon or not play on a regular basis, I used this sale to pick up three of the bigger recent releases to...
  27. Bomo

    Steam 2012 Christmas sale is here! runs from Dec 20- Jan 6

    ruh roh. Went to check the deals for the firs time today and can't see anything :( Hope it's a pretty short outage.
  28. Bomo

    The [H] TOTY Award Thread

    Diablo 3 gets my vote. It was just sad how bad it made me feel when playing it. Went back and played D2 and LoD after essentially throwing away D3.
  29. Bomo

    Post your Workstation 2012

    - Main rig - File server (not currently active though) - Mine craft/2000-2005 era LAN server - Friend rig (not really Sig worthy, but my friends can play source games at my place, also mine craft and 2000-2005 era games) - Laptop (it moves) That's my current set up. Generally only two are ever...
  30. Bomo

    Anyone go laptop only (no desktop)?

    I was laptop only during college (2008 MBP, then asus 1215n and a G73jh). Worked for what I needed, which was commute capable power. Now I love my desktop but each new game I get into seems less demanding than the last. I am looking at an Asus U24A (11.6 and i5-3210m) for the portable work...
  31. Bomo

    Batman Arkham City, any missable collectibles?

    After you've beaten the game, there are spots on the map that allow you to switch between the two characters, so you can go back and get the Catwoman trophies.
  32. Bomo

    Post your Workstation 2012

    I have that same projector. Absolutely love it. It's a bit dim with any ambient light, but it makes for a great apartment theater projector. Is your mount custome made? I've been looking for a good way to mount mine from the ceiling (currently using a tripod on the ground...).
  33. Bomo

    Post your Workstation 2012

    Yea. I currently live in the middle of no where Japan, finding a desk chair that's not priced out the roof is kind of difficult. I've gone through two or three already that have broken (not that fat, 198lbs last I weighed in) underneath me. The table is actually a "desk" that my work bought...
  34. Bomo

    Post your Workstation 2012

    My Workstation: I had a desk that used a normal desk chair, but I couldn't find a chair that I like. Getting a decent chair where I live is really difficult. So I just finally gave in and set it up using the furniture that the locals use. Since furniture is kind of a bitch to come by, my...
  35. Bomo

    Where Assassin's Creed Should Go Next

    The French Revolution could be cool, also a victorian/old timey-London. I would love Feudal Japan, but I'm pretty sure the developers have said that will never happen, which sucks considering it's apparently the most requested place from their fans (as in, of the places requested, it gets...
  36. Bomo

    Dual cards to single card - help?

    Went from CF6870's to a single GTX670, and the difference was huge. The microstutter alone was driving me crazy. A 660TI/7870/7950 may be technically weaker than what you have, but I think you'll find the overall experience better. As for hackintosh, I don't really know about what works best...
  37. Bomo

    How is there no backlash over the Assassins Creed 3 ending (all spoilers inside)

    Couldn't get into either of the follow ups to AC2, so I probably won't play this. Plus from what I've read, I won't like where the story has been heading for the past couple of games anyway. So, much like Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed will end on the second installment for me.
  38. Bomo

    Anybody Returning their iPhone 5?

    Which version of the GS2 do you have? I've had zero of those problems on mine. Definitely not my favorite phone, but for the year I used it as my main phone it was nice. It really sounds like you got a lemon that slipped through the cracks.
  39. Bomo

    How totally will the Xbox 720 rule?

    So... next gen games are going to be roughly the same size or price as tablet games? Will, like half the things you've listed above, the next gen consoles come with 3G/4G capabilities? Or are you just making a horrible comparison to try and prove a point?
  40. Bomo

    Sony Vita handheld, buy or pass on it?

    The library is definitely building up, for those that were on the fence: Uncharted Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD Lumines Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Lego Batman 2 Lego Lord of the Rings Little Big Planet Vita Rayman Origins Gravity Rush Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation Retro City Rampage Just to name a...