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  1. Stanley Pain

    4K Editing Brings My Ryzen 5 1500x To Its Knees

    4k requires a fast I/O subsystem. Thankfully good + fast NVMEs exist ;). Even on the cheap you could RAID0 together 3 or 5 cheap SATAIII SSDs for some scratch space. edit: To add a beefier CPU will help in certain situations too. Depends on what your current storage hardware is like.
  2. Stanley Pain

    SB katana 2

    Oh wow I must've missed that somehow. Thanks :)
  3. Stanley Pain

    SB katana 2

    What happened to the Creative soundbar that was supposed to have the Super-XFi stuff in it?
  4. Stanley Pain

    Are there earbuds that sound as good as my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm ?

    Best set of IEMs I've ever had. If you can find these or the w40s for a decent price I'd highly recommend them.
  5. Stanley Pain

    5800x with g.skill 3600 is unstable

    Yeah definitely sounds like bad RAM.
  6. Stanley Pain

    Receiver used for PC is dieing. Need a replacement solution.

    I hate to pile onto this conversation but HDMI audio out to an AVR is actually the superior way of doing audio on PC. @OP. I get what you're trying to do I had an analog setup like that for years maybe like a decade and a half ago :P. I was even using a sound card maybe 5 years ago now. Then I...
  7. Stanley Pain

    My 165hz monitor only 100hz after latest windows updates? Anyone else?

    If I remember correctly when someone did this test a while back most people chose the comedy option as sounding best which was a copper coat hanger.
  8. Stanley Pain

    My 165hz monitor only 100hz after latest windows updates? Anyone else?

    Aww, but then who's gonna buy all these Monster Cables? /s ;)
  9. Stanley Pain

    My 165hz monitor only 100hz after latest windows updates? Anyone else?

    Pro Tip: Always check the cables first. Like for everything.
  10. Stanley Pain

    Is Supreme FX any good onboard?

    Literally the two best options for PC audio are: 1. HDMI out to an AVR 2. A decent DAC/AMP setup for headphones or headphones/speakers.
  11. Stanley Pain

    Dolby Atmos for Home Theater

    Battlefield 1 had an amazing Atmos soundtrack as well.
  12. Stanley Pain

    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    Everything/Everyone else in this thread is wrong.
  13. Stanley Pain

    It seems ASUS have increased their MSRP of their 3000 series

    Some people like to play games. Graphics fidelity et al be dammned.
  14. Stanley Pain

    Haven't built a rig since the i7-3770k was king, is hardware offloaded audio still a thing? I'm finding very little [H]ard evidence on the subject.

    Legitimately, the best audio you can have on PC is pretty much HDMI out from your video card to an AVR.
  15. Stanley Pain

    Home storage server OS (Windows)

    So I did some reading about stablebit and DrivePool and it seems ok. If you've been using that it should be fine to continue using it. Get Windows 10 Pro for Workstation (since it can do REFS) and call it a day maybe? I've never been fond of Windows for file server type stuff though.
  16. Stanley Pain

    Home storage server OS (Windows)

    JBOD with that amount of disks is a bad idea though. Better option would be something like unionfs or mergerfs.
  17. Stanley Pain

    Home storage server OS (Windows)

    For once I have to agree with the Linux zealots here. Install Linux, use ZFS, never look back. Getting a Windows server license is going to be costly and isn't going to net you much, unless you want Storage Pools + HyperV. I've used FreeNAS, Windows Server and Linux w/ ZFS and there's no way...
  18. Stanley Pain

    Annoying Dolby Windows 10 issue

    Yeah I have the same problem with Atmos. My solution was to uninstall the Nvidia HD Audio driver and let the HDMI output be detected as the default HD Audio driver. No more timeouts and all that.
  19. Stanley Pain

    Windows 10 Hard Links

    This is the correct answer. Mount the other drive to the folder you need.
  20. Stanley Pain

    Favorite Linux distro?

    Arch in the streets, Manjaro in the sheets :D
  21. Stanley Pain

    Is NVidia NTOSKernel.exe driver DPC latency bug present in Windows 1909?

    I haven't had any DPC latency with the latest builds of Win 10. I had that stupid bug.
  22. Stanley Pain

    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    I hate it. Because now I can't easily justify buying more computer hardware :p
  23. Stanley Pain

    Win 10 Pro How to disable Log in password or PIN on boot up?

    Apple has been a walled garden for a long long time now.
  24. Stanley Pain

    Windows 10: Why can't I disable Windows Defender?

    Anyone arguing against Windows Defender doesn't know wtf they are talking about. Especially in the Enterprise market, but equally so in the Desktop environment. Installing 3rd party AV software these days actually increases your attack vector. Too many CVEs out there with full remote code...
  25. Stanley Pain

    AMD Threadripper 3970X temps

    Yeah those are great numbers for single fan air cooling.
  26. Stanley Pain

    A Windows Gamer tries Manjaro

    I'll add to this. If you're installing any kind of graphics drivers, or ZFS or whatever. Use the DKMS package if there's one available. It makes kernel/program upgrades less of a hassle.
  27. Stanley Pain

    A Windows Gamer tries Manjaro

    KDE Manjaro is what I run on my Desktop. I really like it. I am very tempted to try KDE Neon, because bleeding edge KDE on LTS stability has me kinda intrigued and I haven't started fresh on a Linux in a while.
  28. Stanley Pain

    A Windows Gamer tries Manjaro

    Gotta say KDE is by FAR my favourite DE. Super customizable and really REALLY good fractional HiDPi support. It's also come a long way in the theming department. It's rare to run an app that doesn't look right these days. GhostCow, don't bother with BSD unless you have a very specific reason to...
  29. Stanley Pain

    "Cleanest" version of W10?

    Holy fuck the derail in this thread because someone said something bad about their favourite flavour of computing. The LZDF (Linux Zealot Defense Force) is out in full force here. Just as much as I hate people spouting off about religion, I hate people spouting off about what OS I should be...
  30. Stanley Pain

    A Windows Gamer tries Manjaro

    Manjaro is by far my favourite "flavour" of Arch if you will. I have pure Arch on my server but if I ever get around to re-installing I would probably go Manjaro.
  31. Stanley Pain

    Permanently disable win 10 update

    As has been stated ITT. Home/Pro versions have checks that re-enable it. The proper way for disabling it permanently has already been shown ITT as well ;)
  32. Stanley Pain

    Permanently disable win 10 update

    WTF do you mean by you people? WTF are you even babbling on about with this? Please tell me you're not arguing from some asinine position of Windows vs Linux or something equally as juvenile If you properly disable updates on Windows 10 (Moreso if you're running Workstation/Enterprise) MS isn't...
  33. Stanley Pain

    Windows 10 Pro (1903) won't accept ANY Manual IP settings

    Yeah, it's easy to miss that word when you're skimming through the settings fast :D
  34. Stanley Pain

    Windows 10 Pro (1903) won't accept ANY Manual IP settings

    It's asking for the prefix, not the subnet mask.
  35. Stanley Pain

    New rumors : MS trying to push Windows 365 in 2020 to replace owned Windows 10

    Windows as a service is already a thing in the Enterprise space. I'm not sure what the fear mongering ITT is about though.
  36. Stanley Pain

    Permanently disable win 10 update

    Prove that this actually happens. Also it's not very involved at all. It's like 1 extra step compared to just disabling the service.
  37. Stanley Pain

    YAIV - Yet Another Intel Vulnerability

    Are we seriously using as gospel ITT? That site redirects to CTS-LABS with no info about any of those flaws after a cursory glance. Are there any actual CVEs for any of those flaws? My understanding is the majority of those exploits' requirements were already in LOLPWNED territory.
  38. Stanley Pain

    YAIV - Yet Another Intel Vulnerability

    That joke just went right over your head didn't it?
  39. Stanley Pain

    YAIV - Yet Another Intel Vulnerability

    This along with PC Gaming right?