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  1. TheGeekFreek

    GPU Cooler Compatibility

    So I have a reference model PNY 2070 super and I want to replace the blower fan on it with something with 2 or 3 fans to quiet it down. Ive been gaming on a laptop for probably the last 6 years so I'm kind of out of the look on the GPU accessory compatibility and cant seem to find a straight...
  2. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: 2070 Cooler (air)

    I have a 2070 with a reference cooler. Would like a 2-3 fan model to cut down on noise, like an Accelero or even a stock fan. Let me know whatcha got. Hoping to keep it under $30 shipped.
  3. TheGeekFreek

    Does this exist?

    Not sure what to call this other than a network storage bridge but I cant find anything quite like it. Just for a personal science project to get more use out of my home lab while giving devices failover capabilities of the lab. Tired of dedicating physical drives to each appliance and having no...
  4. TheGeekFreek

    FS: 12ft SunDolphin KingSport Fishing Kayak (Central Ohio) - $550 obo

    Have 3 kayaks, but only 1 ass to put in them so decided this ones gotta go.. Discovered that fishing isn't really my thing so this kickass boat is up for grabs. Bought in October 17, Only been in the water twice. Have Title and paddle. Lots of Space for gear, tie downs, cargo holds, easy to...
  5. TheGeekFreek

    WTT up: My iPhone 8+ 64gb for your 256GB

    Was trying to be nice to my wallet when these released I got the 64GB iPhone8+ and supplemented with a large iCloud storage, but as it turns out I cant deal with all my stuff being in iCloud and requiring sync/download when I need my files. Needing to trade+Cash my Space Gray iPhone 8+ 64gb for...
  6. TheGeekFreek

    FT: Unopened 500GB Samsung EVO SSD SATA

    With the reward points I got from Dell from black friday I spent them on a Samsung Evo SATAIII 500GB drive that I have no use for. Looking for: Apple TV 4K 64GB 500GB NVME m.2 (preferably with known MacBook Air Compatibility) Large Anvil GoPro Blink security camera/base Home forge...
  7. TheGeekFreek

    Getting screwed for Christmas sale!

    Insert long dramatic story of discrimination and extortion that burned up all my liquid funds, and most likely missing out on about a 4K bonus that I earned but wont receive because I'm pretty much getting forced to work in a different place before the end of the year so I wont qualify for it...
  8. TheGeekFreek

    HomeLab Memory Help - Dell R810

    So I'm trying to cut my home lab down to size and I've started gutting my servers to build 2 of the best. Having an issue understanding the memory layout of the r810 to achieve what I want. Here is the Dell guide I am currently using 4x Xeon E7-4860, 10-Core CPUs, newest BIOS This particular...
  9. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (10$) (FOUND for 7.50, link inside)

    Walked down into the basement yesterday and my 4yo was sitting at my computer playing Diablo3... Having never shown him this or teaching him to play, this kinda baffled me as he was wandering around like a seasoned vet. We finished the game since I was about 3/4 through from the last time I...
  10. TheGeekFreek

    [SOLD] FS: 7 Laptops - Dirt cheap, need gone this week! [SOLD]

    SOLD: Mr34727 7 ready to go laptops, installed with Windows 10 Pro x64 with Creators update. Each comes with an adapter, all batteries tested OK. 95$ Shipped each Bundle for even better deal! (Shipping from Central Ohio (Delaware/Columbus) can meet/deliver) Going on a road...
  11. TheGeekFreek

    Columbus OH - : MacBooks, Laptops, Misc stuff -- (5/1 Price Drops!)

    CLOSED ********************************* [9] Acer Aspire One - SOLD - Holden J Caufield [7] PS4 500 GB - SOLD - Kwincy [4] Airport Extreme (A1521) - SOLD - MrFuzzy [3] Airport Express (A1392) - SOLD - MrWizardNo2 [10] SuperMicro LGA775 ServerMotherboard - SOLD - CrimeThinking [11] Gigabyte...
  12. TheGeekFreek

    FS: Thecus NAS - 5-Bay Mobius RAID - 16TB - Unlocked AMD FX-8150 --- Make Offer, Need gone ASAP

    Funds for Christmas just didnt end up where I wanted them to be this year so I need to purge some of my toys.. This time around to save hassle, shipping is included in the price.. But if you feel like throwing me 5$ to help cover it I wont complain. MOBUIS 5-BAY RAID USB3 storage box. AMAZON -...
  13. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Old Xeon CPUs (4x X5470)

    Need at minimum 2, maximum of 4.. Trying to resurrect an old Poweredge 2950.. Preferably not break the 15$/CPU barrier. Also need 16GB of RAM for it at well. Fully Buffered and registered ECC DDR2. Let me know
  14. TheGeekFreek

    CloudMagic / Newton users

    After using CloudMagic for the last couple years, I went to open my email this morning and without warning found it replaced by an app called NEWTON requesting I now pay 50$/yr for it. Turns out the change was real.. Some crazy asshat actually believes their email app is worth 50$/yr.. Anyone...
  15. TheGeekFreek

    Frustrated with PC controllers, need some pointers

    So, Ive been mostly a PC gamer my whole life and I'm trying to find a good way to pass down the fun to my kiddo by letting him experience various games using multiple kinds of controllers. I have an Xbox 360 controller, PS4 controller, Logitech 3D Pro joystick and some misc Wheel/pedal system I...
  16. TheGeekFreek

    The "We Never Do Anything Together" Sale ----- Part 2 ----- 2x Razer DeathStalker Keyboards (+Gift)

    Now that Part 1 out of the way, lets move on to something smaller. Would like to sell these QUICK so I can have some money to do some extra fun stuff when I take my Kiddo to his first ComicCon tomorrow! Up for grabs are 2x RAZER DEATH STALKER keyboards (Green) $40+ship - EACH $80 Shipped for...
  17. TheGeekFreek

    The "We Never Do Anything Together" Sale ----- Part 1 ----- 2x Alienware Alphas (Custom Configs!)

    BOTH SOLD! If only I had bought us a couple little sweet gaming boxes for us to have some fun on. Its not like I have 5 loaded STEAM accounts with a lifetimes worth of things to play setup on them. This is going to be about a 7 part event of me selling things in pairs because my wife is too...
  18. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Doom (35$)

    Looking for a copy of the new DOOM for PC on the cheap. Hoping there are some video card voucher copies or something floating around. Not going any higher than $35, just not worth more than that to me. PayPal, Google, Amazon, blood of enemies ready.
  19. TheGeekFreek

    Consumed by IT - Getting rid of just about everything...

    Multi-part purchases get random perks at my discretion -Free shipping -Free Stuff -Priority deals PRICE DROPS: 4/29/16 PRICE DROPS: 5/5/16 PRICE DROPS: 6/5/16 **Free items limited to 1 per 100$ purchase TRADES: -Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4 w/ Keyboard - GOT IT -Base Model Alienware Alpha (No...
  20. TheGeekFreek

    FS/FT: i5-3550 1155

    MOVED Look over here! I'm showin' everyone my private parts!
  21. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: i3 4130T (From the base Alienware alpha)

    Looking for one of the Alienware alpha i3 CPU's. i3-4130t the i3-4170t is a suitable substitute. Looking for a good deal but also likely need it shipped overnight or Ill have to buy a CPU at microcenter on Tuesday. Looking to spend ~90$ shipped overnight to Ohio. *Yes, I...
  22. TheGeekFreek

    Laptops - Desktop - Tablets - Networking Gear - PC Components - Other

    Trying to purge everything I've been working on lately. I really REALLY need to make some room on my workbench and basement. *All orders ship within 48 hours. *I accept damned near every kind of payment. *Not looking for trades at the moment, trying to just get rid of things. *If you dont like...
  23. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: 2x 775 Motherboards

    Looking for 2 MATCHED or very similar 775 motherboards, hopefully no more than 25$/ea, just for a small project that I need to keep cheap. [REQUIREMENTS:] 775 Core2QUAD compatible Onboard video output (VGA/DVI/HDMI) Gigabit 1x PCIE x16 1x PCIE x1 I/O Plate [PREFERENCES:] mATX or ITX...
  24. TheGeekFreek

    Phones/Tablets/Networking gear

    Have a bunch of things piling up that need new homes. Wife got moved to a part time gig at the same time a spot finally opened up for a daycare for the kiddo so I'm really needing the cash. Putting a price on it per the rules, but just send me a fair offer. *Everything here is in perfect...
  25. TheGeekFreek

    FS: i7-870 LGA1156 CPU 2.93Ghz

    SOLD i7-870 LGA1156 2.93Ghz CPU only, no HS/F 70$ Shipped! CPU SPECS
  26. TheGeekFreek

    FS/FT: HP DV7 laptop (i7, 4GB, Dual HDD, BDR)

    SOLD HP DV7 17" i7-2630q @ 2Ghz 4GB Windows 10 Pro Dual HDD (500GB + 100GB) BluRay Drive Extended life battery I had 16GB and an SSD in here and it plays BorderLands 2 no problem. Only used this for gaming when I worked overnight in a helpdesk but I've long been out of that job...
  27. TheGeekFreek

    TheGeekFreeks Closet Cleanup

    Trying to raise some funds so I can go ahead and go payoff a shotgun I have on layaway so trying to sell quick.. Feel free to make offers.. The more you want the more likely I am willing to budge on the price. Shipping not included unless I give you a final price.
  28. TheGeekFreek

    FS: 3GB EVGA GTX 780 --- (Superclocked Edition w/ ACX Cooler)

    SOLD to hierovision
  29. TheGeekFreek

    [The Outpost]

    Found a few things during spring cleaning to post up.
  30. TheGeekFreek

    FS/FT: (3) R9 280x VisionTek

    SOLD! Thanks for playin!
  31. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Borderlands Pre-Sequel

    Please dont take this as a troll, but looking for a copy for 8$ for a friend of mine.. With reason, see below. He bought BL 1 GOTY and BL2 for 7.50$ each, but he JUST got them and I dont want to wait for him to finish those before playing with me.. I asked how much he would spend and after...
  32. TheGeekFreek

    [Lots of RAM] - [Cheap Laptops] - [Video cards]

    Need to reduce my pile of stuff but for no real reason other than to buy some guns/ammo so when it gets cold I have something to go do :) All prices negotiable, and the more you want, the more I will bend.. I just need this stuff gone! HEAT = Evil Juggalo DESKTOP/SERVER MEMORY...
  33. TheGeekFreek

    FT: My Quadro 4000 + EVGA GTX 780 ** for ** GTX 980

    As the title says, I have a lightly used Quadro 4000 and GTX 780 what I want o trade for a GTX 980.. Preferably the Gigabyte model. May throw some cash on top to get what I want so if you are up for the trade, let me know. HEAT
  34. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Laptop HDD's

    Title says it all. Currently need 2 asap, but would also like to get a few spares to keep on hand.. 120GB+ SATA II or III Must pass all SMART tests, and not have reallocated sectors. Warranty not needed. PM me pricing Will meet locally if close enough (Delaware/Columbus Ohio)
  35. TheGeekFreek

    3x i5 Dell Laptops (Small, Medium Large)

    ALL LAPTOPS SOLD! Price includes shipping in CONUS Feel free to send me offers! Looking to sell FAST so you might be surprise what I will take Take both for 375$! HEAT = Evil Juggalo (Ranked #389 of almost 100K!) . Size comparison off the small and large All 3
  36. TheGeekFreek

    FS: MacBook Pro 13" 2010 Model

  37. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: iPhone 4 (Any Carrier, Any working condition, ASAP, Columbus Ohio)

    Need the absolute cheapest iphone 4 in working condition that I can get, as fast as possible. ::Phone Requirements:: -Any carrier -Cracked screen OK as long as it still works and just be taped over -WiFi must work -ESN locked OK, but would prefer it wasnt so it could be carrier used if...
  38. TheGeekFreek

    WTB: Laptop HDD's 100GB+ (Need 8 or more)

    So, it seems im getting into a lot of laptop refurbing these days and one big thing I am missing is HardDrives. Need 8 at the moment, but wouldnt mind making a small stock pile if the price is right. Anything from 100gb to 320gb preferred (SATA), I'm trying to do this as CHEAP as possible...
  39. TheGeekFreek

    WTT: Sapphire 7950 + 5850 + Nvidia 660 GTX --- for Nvidia 780 or better

    Looking to consolidate my video cards into something a bit better. NOW SELLING! PRICES DROPPED! 780 has been purchased, just looking to sell/trade this last card off HAVE: GTX 660 - GONE Sapphire 7950 3GB - GONE Sapphire 5850- GONE ********************...