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    WTB: Quadro P400

    Just a boring workstation card, maybe someone has one lying around.
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    WTB: 120MM Fan Wall Bracket for 4U Norco

    Looking for this thingy: hasn't been sold for a while, hopefully someone has one to spare heat:
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    FS: DDR3 ECC Server RAM, Asus Xonar STX, SAS/SATA RAID Controllers

    Selling: Four 4GB SuperTalent W1333EB4GM RAM modules, would like to sell all 16GB together for $40 shipped DDR3-1333 PC3-10600 ECC Unbuffered Micron chips 240-Pin DIMMs Original Asus Xonar Essence STX PCI-Express x1 Sound Card (card and adapters only as seen below): $75 shipped...
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    SOLD: Asus Strix ROG 1080TI OC Edition 1708 MHz Boost Clock (OC Mode)

    SOLDSelling a barely used Asus Strix ROG 1080TI OC Edition 1708 MHz Boost Clock (OC Mode). It's was bought to complete a build for gaming, and unfortunately didn't get much use for that purpose. Excellent condition and great performer. comes with OEM packaging which is also in great shape, minus...
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    Friends account banned for spam

    A friend of mine, whom I can vouch for, was banned for spamming. His account was a few years old with around 30 posts, and he made a few posts in rapid succession because he was in hurry to buy something from the Trading forum. He's not a bot and would like his case reviewed. Thanks!
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    Absolute smallest and quietest HTPC with Nvidia card?

    Looking for the tiniest HTPC possible, that has at least a Nvidia 1050. I really like the Intel NUCs, but they don't have any any dedicated graphics I require for madVR NGU rendering. It can be custom built, or barebones prebuilt. I've come across the Zotac Magnus boxes, but they are bit...
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    Which drive to swap, high failure account or SMART failure

    My 24 drive (two 12 drive RAID-Z2s) ZFS storage system isn't look too great today. 4 drives have high error counts, but only one failed the SMART test: I only have 1 cold spare handy. Should I replace the one with the highest error count of 418, or the one that failed the smart_heatlh test...
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    [FS]: Asus Strix RX580 8gb Top OC edition - BNIB Sealed - No Trades - Price Drop!

    For Sale: Brand New In Box, sealed, Asus Strix RX 580 8gb Top OC Edition Price: SOLD shipped to Continental US. Payment: PayPal FF/GS (your choice, add on $5.90 if you want to use GS)
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    FS: Forza Horizon 3 code for Windows 10 & Xbox One

    heat: $40 emailed
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    WTB: Lightly used SSD, 250-350GB

    Looking for a plain ol' SATA based SSD, 250-350GB that was only lightly used (3-6 months of moderate use). heat:
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    FS: 2x DDR3 4GB ECC RAM

    2x Super Talent DDR3-1333 4GB/256x8 ECC Micron Server Memory for sale Part Number: W1333EB4GM Used in my home server for about 3 years, zero issues Price: $27 shipped per stick heat:
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    WTB: Boxee Box Remote standalone release

    I'm looking for the Boxee Box Remote, model DSM-22 Must include the paired the usb receiver. Not interested in the remote from the actual Boxee Box release. heat: Thanks!
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    WTB: BenQ XL2420G 24" Monitor with G-SYNC

    I'm looking specifically for a BenQ XL2420G. Not interested in similar BenQ 144Hz monitors, I want the 24" with G-SYNC. heat: PM me any offers, thanks!
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    Have 2600K with GTX 770, ok to upgrade to GTX 980?

    So my CPU is an old 2600K, but it's overclocked to 4.5 GHz. Would it be silly to upgrade my 770 to a 980? I'd rather just do an video card upgrade right now, rather than rebuild my whole system.
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    Free: Steam games

    I got a couple extra copies of the following games ALL GAMES CLAIMED PM me your email address and I'll send over
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    1080p 27" IPS monitors that can do >60 hz

    I have a specific use case where I need a 27 inch monitor that does 1080p natively, not 1440p or 4K. I also want it to be an IPS display. Officially, based on spec sheets, it looks like every single 27" 1080p IPS is 60hz, but can any be overclocked to 75/80/96 hz? I hear the ASUS MX279H is...
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    Need to do my first ZFS drive swap... somewhat confused

    I've had a 12 drive zpool with RAID-Z2 running flawlessly for years. However during a recent zpool scrub I noticed it going much slower than normal. Scrubbing used to hover around 400-600 MB/s, but now it was going around 50 MB/s. I investigated the issue by running iostat -exn As you can...
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    FS: 2TB Hitachi 7K3000 HDDs

    I have 4 2TB HGST Ultrastar 7K3000 7200RPM SATA 6G 64MB Cache P/N: 0F12470 hard drives for sale I bought them refurbed a couple months, but decided to cancel the project they were intended for, so they are still in the sealed bags. They manufacture dates on them are February and April 2012...
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    WTS: Complete SuperMicro 1U Atom D525 Server for pfSense

    Components: SuperMicro MBD-X7SPE-HF-D525-O Mobo SuperMicro CSE-503-200B Chassis SuperMicro RSC-RR1U-E16 Riser Card 1x 4G G.SKILL F3-8500CL7S-4GBSQ RAM Intel 0G174P PRO/1000 ET 2x GigE PCI-Express card cost of everything new: ~$420 My price: $210 shipped It can run fanless, but I added those...
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    FS: 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1GB

    2 identical EVGA 460s for sale. They are both part number 01G-P3-1370-TR. The older one was bought 8/12/2010 and the newer was bought 2/15/2012. So that means the warranty is expired on both. Ran in SLI and both have performed flawlessly over the course of their lifetime. SOLD $50 shipped each...
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    Expand my zpool

    I was never a ZFS or Solaris expert, but with some help a couple years ago I created a 12 drive RAID-Z2 in OpenIndiana. The pool was shared out with SMB. What I would like to do is add another 12 drive RAID-Z2 to the pool. This is how it currently looks: With 12 new drives inserted, what...
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    Monitors with DisplayPort 1.2 for Surface Pro 2

    The Surface Pro 2 dock unfortunately only has 1 mini-DisplayPort output, luckily it's version 1.2 which means it supports MST daisy-chaining. I'm looking for some 24" inch 1080p monitors that are DP 1.2 for this daisy-chaining feature. The Dell U2414H specs explicitly say it is a DP 1.2...
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    Modern equivalent of Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000?

    Back in 2011 I built a ZFS rig with 2TB Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000s, model number 0F12117. They had 512 byte sector size, 32MB of cache, and 5900RPM "CoolSpin" spindle speeds. I put 12 of them in a 24 drive Norco chassis and made a RAID-Z2 resulting in 17.7TB of usable space. Now 3 years laters...
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    Use IR remote with Intel NUC?

    On black friday I picked up an Intel NUC D34010WYK that has a Infrared Sensor on the front. For controlling it I bought a Rii K25 wireless air mouse: When I plug the RF USB adapter into the NUC, the mouse, back keyboard and some of the front...
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    Cheaper, reliable RAID for VMware?

    My ESXi 5.0 lab is pretty small, so I'm storing my vmdks on a single local drive. (hypervisor is on a flash drive). Normally I'd make a RAID-1 with the onboard Intel FakeRAID, but apparently ESXi won't see the virtual single drive, only the original 2 disks. So I'd like to protect my VMDKs...
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    FS: Verizon Droid Incredible & Garmin nuvi 750

    Garmin nuvi 750 - $43 shipped Good condition overall. Few scratches on the body, none on the screen. Works great Will include: Original box, GPS unit, car suction cup mount, usb cable, car charging cable Heat:
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    FS: 16GB Corsair Vengeance kit

    This: Used for 6 months, never had any issues, switching to Vengeance Low Profile so I can rotate my heatsink over the RAM area. It's 4x 4GB modules heat...
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    FS:80GB G2 Intel SSD

    $80 shipped, drive only, will ship on Friday
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    Pfsense box - Motherboard compatibility with SuperMicro 503-200B

    I wanna get one of the following Atom boards for a Pfsense box: X7SPA-HF-D525 Mini-ITX - X7SPE-HF-D525 FlexATX - X7SPA-HF D510 Mini-ITX -...
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    WTB: SuperMicro 1U Atom Server

    Preferably with D525. Must have Intel NICs and IPMI. For pfsense. With or without RAM, would prefer no hard drive.
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    Asus P8P67 1x PCI-E slot won't work

    I have a Asus P8P67 Evo and yesterday I added a 2nd GTX 460 videocard to do SLI. They are in the top 2 x16 slots: However, my Asus Xonar soundcard in the 3rd x16 slot was blocking the intake of the second video card. So I moved it to top x1 slot. The card turns on...
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    WTB: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 1GB

    Part number 01G-P3-1370-TR if possible For SLI
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    $50 of Harkins Theaters gift cards

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    WTB: New 2TB Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 HDDs

    I was gradually buying up 2TB Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 hard drives for ~$65 for my NAS over the last few months... and was very close to finishing... but then the Thailand floods hit. I'm hoping someone can sell me the remaining drives I need for a reasonable price. I have 10 of the 14 drives I...
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    How to protect a flash-based hypervisor?

    Has anyone found any way to RAID or mirror or somehow protect a flash drive/device storing the hypervisor? Cheap off the shelf flash drives work great with ESXi but they aren't very reliable. Once it's dead it's a pain to set everything up again. This is how Dell does it:
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    FS: Core2Duo E6600 s775

    Ran at 3.4GHz @ 1.45v for a few years with the world's worst cooling, can probably go higher no prob. $50 shipped
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    Gaming/enthusiast mobos with 2x intel NICs?

    Usually enthusiast mobos from the common manufacturers have 1 Intel NIC and 1 Realtek NIC. I'm looking for one with 2 Intel NICs. Reason is that with 2 Intel NICs you can use the Teaming function in the Intel driver options to combine them into a single 2Gbit link. My server has 2 Intel NICs...
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    Hitachi MIR @ newegg

    Seems like there's a new Hitachi HDD MIR sale every few weeks at Newegg, here' the current one: Does anyone know if you can go over the rebate limit if they are different sales? Last month's...
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    WTB: 16 or 24 port Dell or HP gigabit network switch

    Like a 2716 or 2724 from Dell or a 1800-24G from HP. $100 or under please Thanks heat:
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    FS: DFI LANParty UT nF4 Ultra-D (modded to SLI)

    Time to get rid of this old classic: Ran an opty 170 on it until a year ago Mobo only: no cables, no I/O panel, no accessories, but modded to support SLI. Chipset HSF replaced with a Evercool VC-RE: