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    What was that AMD? Did you say Samsung is announcing an 8k Ultrawide?

    The "Odyssey Neo G9" is their 49" 5120 x 1440 monitor. It's already out and reviewed. I can't stand this trend of re-using product names. An 8K2K with high refresh rate would be amazing. The price of an 8K2K plus a $1000-1700 GPU to run it would not be so amazing, though. At this point I just...
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    LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W 39.7" 21:9 Curved FreeSync 5K2K (5120 x 2160) HDR IPS @ 72 Hz

    Has anyone seen confirmation that 72Hz mode works properly without frameskipping? The Lenovo P40w-20 using this same panel advertises 75Hz but skips frames beyond 60Hz. I'm curious if LG actually made the panel work at a genuine 72Hz.
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    7950x as compared to a TR3 3960x

    A 3960X CPU tops out around 280W package power. A 7950X can peak at around 220W. All-up, the 7950X plus a consumer motherboard is going to draw less power, but it might not be a huge difference. If you're really pursuing lower temps, you can take the 7950X and limit the power to the 130W range...
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    Raptor Lake 2022 October at the latest

    Supposed 13700K + DDR5 benchmarks spotted on Geekbench: Single-core is within margin of error of the DDR4 results, but multi-core gets a huge boost. 16,542 on DDR4 to 19,811 on DDR5. Now I'm very interested in seeing 13900K + DDR5 results.
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    FS: Zotac RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC White Edition (non-LHR)

    Tempting, but I have a small form factor case and unfortunately neither of those cards will fit.
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    FS: Zotac RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC White Edition (non-LHR)

    For sale is my Zotac RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC White Edition. This is one of the few RTX 3070 cards that will fit in the most popular small form factor cases, and one of the most powerful cards that you can get away with in 2-slot sandwich SFF cases. That's exactly what I used it for. Undervolted...
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    AIO vs Custom Water: Showdown at 280mm

    Huge thanks for testing this and sharing data. As much as I love custom loops, it's hard to ignore that the current crop of AIOs is really quite good. Considering the price and the simplicity, it's hard to justify a custom loop these days unless you're doing a multi-radiator setup or you just...
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    4k monitors

    I've used the 27" LG 5K monitor for a long time. It really is an upgrade in clarity. I still miss it, but I needed more physical space. 32" 4K without scaling is just about the limit of what I feel comfortable with (20/20 vision). 4K @ 27" requires sitting closer to the monitor or scaling...
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    Lenovo ThinkVision P40w-20 - 40" UltraWide (Curved) 5120x2160 IPS at 75hz

    The last test I saw showed that it was frameskipping above 60Hz. Have you seen any reports of 75Hz without frame skipping? If the monitor takes a 75Hz input but only runs the panel at 60Hz then it's no better than a 60Hz monitor.
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    40" 5120x2160 LG panel in Q1 2021

    The challenge with displays is that cutting edge display controller hardware is always expensive. I've done some engineering of display hardware. Getting 4Kp30 chips is easy these days. 4Kp60 is a little more expensive. Anything over 60Hz at 4K and you're not finding it on the open market. You...
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    GPU Prices dropping?

    The people getting their hands on new cards at MSRP are basically getting free upgrades. Buy 3080 FE for $700+tax, sell 1080 Ti for $750 on eBay. Free upgrade, if you're lucky. :)
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    40" 5120x2160 LG panel in Q1 2021

    The Lenovo Thunderbolt monitor looks great. I buy monitors with built-in KVM so I can switch between my gaming PC and my Mac laptop for work. Thunderbolt allows for 1-cable connection to the laptop for charging, display, and peripherals. The Thunderbolt 4 monitors even allow daisy-chaining, so...
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    They're not making money by being out of stock all the time. This isn't deliberate.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    The Bitcoin world is fueled by rumors. Crypto owners take any tiny piece of news and try to re-spin it as good for Bitcoin. Morgan Stanley isn't going to invest $150 billion in Bitcoin. The rumor was that one of their investment arms, which has total investments of $150 billion, was considering...
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    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    Technically, you have $0. But you have 0.01 Bitcoin, which you could sell for $400 (minus exchange fees and the $10+ transaction fees each time you need to move any Bitcoin) if you sell right now. But the person who sold you the Bitcoin has your actual dollars. That's some combination of miners...
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    USB-C hub which supports 2 USB-C outputs to USB-C monitors

    Depends on the source. I think certain Surface models support DisplayPort daisy chaining with compatible monitors. You can also look into Multi-Stream Transport (MST), but again you need to confirm if your source supports it.
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    Dell 5k UW released

    I've gone back and forth between dual 4Ks and a single Ultrawide. I prefer the single Ultrawide. Splitting the workspace in half right in the center of your view just isn't great for me.
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    Dell 5k UW released

    This is a great office monitor. Take a 32" 4K monitor and make it 33% wider. Perfect high-resolution PPI. Built-in KVM, too. 60Hz is too bad, but it's going to be a while before we get >4K monitors with high refresh rates. Brightness is a bit on the low side, too. $2100 is steep, but if this...
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    Is there a better monitor (or at least equivalent) than the iMac Retina 5K display to be used with a PC

    The dramatic "pop" of Apple displays is from the glossy finish. Looks great under ideal lighting conditions, but as others have mentioned it's a nightmare if you have any glare. We had several iMacs in an office last year that became useless for a few hours each day when the sun came in the...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    I hope that higher PPI monitors start to go mainstream. I've been using the 34" LG 5K2K ultrawide (163PPI) with an 27" LG 5K ultrafine (218PPI) on the side. It's difficult to go back to regular 110PPI monitors. I think the ~160PPI range is the sweet spot. It's not as sharp as the 200+ PPI...
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Bump. Apologies if I missed any PMs during my quarantine adventure. All is well now and these parts are available again.
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    September Bump
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Bump, more updates.
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Bump, removed a few more sold items.
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Bump, added GTX1080 photo
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Parting out my gaming PC because it's been collecting dust for 5 months now. GTX 1080 added
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    Bump and updates
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    FS: Xeon-D, DDR4, Alphacool Nexxos Radiators

    You're exactly right that surface area is king when it comes to radiators. The only exception would be if the fin density and/or thickness became too much of a restriction for airflow of your fans, but that's not an issue in most cases. The rad you linked is a 240mm rad ( 2 x 120mm) . I've got...