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    How do you store your Blu Ray rips?

    It really depends on how you plan to play them back and what quality you prefer. I prefer uncompressed audio and video for my home playback and have built my environment to support that. My go to is Plex Media Server, as it is a very capable platform and can support any number of different...
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    Best-Selling Product on Amazon This Holiday Season: Echo Dot

    It is not recording everything and uploading it. As the reddit post points out, it listens for the keyword to do anything. It would easily be proven by now if it were recording everything, which can be done by anyone that knows how to view network statistics on their connection. I can see that...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    I'll give you one example out of several where power delivery is important for Coffee Lake. Take a look at 8700K overclocking with the ASUS Z370i, which appears to be limited to less than 5GHz in AVX workloads. This is significant as it has the same power delivery as the Z270i motherboard, which...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    You should consider a 5775c. 8700k gaming performance without the need for a whole platform upgrade. Throw in a 1080ti and you'd be set for another couple of years. Or just sell all your stuff (sell me that hard to find one that isn't priced to the moon) and upgrade for not a whole...
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    Skylake-X (Core i9) - Lineup, Specifications and Reviews!

    Interesting (encouraging) performance gains there. I have a feeling AMD is going to need to make it rain CCX's to keep up.
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    7700K. Erratic fan speeds. Remedy?

    The default fan profiles on motherboards (and CAM) are too aggressive for the 7700k. The annoyance is the fan speed differential. If you decrease the differential between idle fan speeds and load fan speeds it will be much more tolerable. If you have an AIO cooler, you don't need to have the...
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    Most reliable X99 Board

    Still have your receipt? RMA! 3 year warranty on the Deluxe and it launched in August 2014. That said, I really like my ASRock X99 Taichi and the price is very nice.
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    Forza Horizon 3

    I disabled core 0 in CPU affinity for the Forza executable which has helped smooth things out. It wasn't terrible on my main system but was not quite right for the FPS displayed (75-90fps). No more dips in framerate. I also have a Skull Canyon system connected to a 1080 stuffed into a Razer Core...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    The article is lacking how it was measured. Horsepower in a gas engine is a calculation. Torque output@RPM / 5252= Horsepower. An electric motor produces torque based on load, the more you load it, the more it produces. You cannot simply throw a Tesla on a dyno the same as you would a gas...
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    i5-6500 in stock @ Fry's $199

    I can confirm that the bclock is limited on non-K. You might be able to get 104-105 before crashes.
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    FS: Intel Broadwell 5775C, Haswell 4790K, Z97 Sabertooth Mark II

    Selling some parts to recover what I spent to get Skylake all set up. Everything is in perfect working order with boxes, manuals, etc. I can post pics later. Intel Broadwell Core i7 5775C. - $400 Shipped. Hard to get your hands on one but I managed to do so. CPU has not been overclocked. It...
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    Broadwell-C Cancelled?

    Article was updated with the above information. This was already known, nothing to see here.
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    Skylake@MC: i5-6600k = $229 - $20 if you buy a board.

    You all do realize that MC will match Newegg as well as "Ships from and sold by" prices? Also the 6700k has the same $20 bundle discount.
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    6700K in stock (US)

    Keep checking. New inventory doesn't show up on their website until the next day. It will also depend on when they get their trucks in. You will probably need some luck, last Friday the St. Louis store got thier first small number of 6700k that were all sold before 3:00 so they never showed up...
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    6700K in stock (US)

    Microcenter in St. Louis has nine 6700k in stock as of 2:15.
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    what is happening with DDR4?

    Some light reading for you.
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    Broadwell Launch Date June 2nd

    I doubt that those are the correct prices. The 5775C is $120 USD more than a 5820K.
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    Single fast m.2 vs 2 SATA III SSD in RAID 0?

    Could you please elaborate on the 4k issues reported? A quick web search returns one person that has shotgunned a post about High-QD4k slowness across many forums. I have tested my SM951 on four different motherboards, 3-X99 (I even borrowed Nathan's test system from Legit Reviews) and 1-Z97...
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    They were cleaned out when I went by earlier, there were 2 returned boards that I was told that they would work with me on.
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    NOW SOLD OUT Majora's Mask Limited Edition - Gold/Black is currently available for Pre-Order at Best Buy.
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    2600K to 4790K worth it?

    With XMP enabled on an Asus board it will run at 4.4GHz on all four cores. To the OP, $200 for your 2600K is at best, I was not able to get nearly that for mine a month ago. I've got both a 4790K and a 5820K and would recommend hanging on to your setup until later this year when Broadwell...
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    which x99 wifi capable mobo?

    I have had issues more recently with my Asus X99 Deluxe, it worked nearly flawlessly until a highly recommended BIOS update (one to fix a potential catastrophic failure) was installed. Just food for thought.. the WiFi performance of the Deluxe is phenomenal. It maintains a solid 1.3 Gbps, much...
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    For Sale: Z68, Z77 & Z97 Motherboards, I7 2600k, G3258

    Someone pick up this 2600K!!
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    For Sale: Z68, Z77 & Z97 Motherboards, I7 2600k, G3258

    Need to sell the rest! Updated and price drops.
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    For Sale: Z68, Z77 & Z97 Motherboards, I7 2600k, G3258

    To the top! Reasonable offers welcome.
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    WCG Christmas Race 2014

    Sorry guys, my production is going to drop off (tcrbiker) completely for a few days. Selling off some hardware as well as re configuring and moving the remaining hardware around.
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    For Sale: Z68, Z77 & Z97 Motherboards, I7 2600k, G3258

    Updated Pending sales and morning bump!
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    For Sale: Z68, Z77 & Z97 Motherboards, I7 2600k, G3258

    Selling some hardware I have collecting dust and/or don't actually need in order to pay for some bills coming up. Not really looking for any trades as I don't have anything that I need....except cash. ------------------------------------------------------Sold...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Well the fun with overclocking through OC Tuner has come to an end. After running fine for days without restarting and running BOINC, I restarted today and the computer will actually shut off before loading into windows now with any sort of overclock or manual setting. Everything was fine...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    I did a little more tinkering today and am finding strange things. I can set the CPU voltage manually and still boot into Windows. If I change the Ai Overclock Tuner setting from Auto to Manual (changing no other settings) or XMP it will fail to boot into Windows. Here is the wrinkle, if I set...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Hi Raja, I'm having a similar issue as HarderThanIThought. I have had the X99 Deluxe board since the first week it was available and have had a pretty good experience with it. My 5820K is a good sample, reaching 4.6GHz with relatively low voltage. I had some issues with XMP working correctly...
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    Another reminder and request for info

    Yesterday we said our goodbyes to my best friend's mother, essentially my second mom. On Sunday morning she lost her battle with Parkinson's disease. I'm not posting looking for condolences or a pity party, just a reminder that every little contribution brings us closer to a better...
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    Extremely Disappointed with Ivy-Bridge

    Posting a wiki link is considered explaining something now? Pretty obvious troll going on here. I was going to give it a 4/10 but he's hooked a number of you, so 6/10.
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    I don't get why people are declaring the 680 the winner already??

    Hilarious! 7970 comes at $50 more than GTX 580, lays a pretty decent smack on it, and it's considered "meh." Tack on 5% performance and $50 cheaper (and 2 months late) and the GTX 680 is the greatest card evarrrrrrr. For the trash that they talked, in my mind NVIDIA failed to deliver. Instead...
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    Nvidia : Kepler will be unbeatable

    Oh so what you're saying is that your systems are the control cases. I had it all backwards, silly me. :cool:
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    Nvidia : Kepler will be unbeatable

    I suppose, basic troubleshooting? If the installer works flawlessly on multiple systems, yet doesn't on another.... OH OH OH...I can use a car analogy! If I do a compression test on a 4 cyl engine and it's very low on one but expected results are observed on the others...something is out of...