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    does anyone here have a "white" FREDRIK?

    Great desk no regrets here. Empty_Quarter where did you get that table top?
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    Which Steam games do you regret buying and why?

    Doom collection yesterday. Fuckin' Doom 3 settings won't save at all, tried autoexec.cfg and all that shit still nothing. 640x480 ultra settings no AA? no thanks.
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    Project "Threat Level Midnight"

    Samuel you are such an idiot. You are the worst assistant ever, and you're disgusting, Dwigt. oh btw looks badass so far.
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    Black Ops....who coded THAT network trash ?!?!?

    haven't finished one game on ps3 yet.
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    I'm still using stereo headphones from my iPod.
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    Funniest Game Tag/ Name

    KwitChoBichin. Something like that.
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    Dead Rising 2 Case: Zero XBLA

    Fucking load times are insane.
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    Ratpadz XT $25 w/Free Shipping

    Mine kept warping so I bent it really really hard on a table and it hasn't warped since. This was like over a year ago.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    No stylish stuff because I don't know how to set it up :confused:
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    Alien Swarm

    Game is awesome! Played all night last night. I always scream GET IN SO I CAN WELD THE FUCKING DOOR!
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    Post Pics of your chair

    Thinking of a Raynor Ergohuman, what do you guys got?
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    PS3 Firmware 3.40 Online (PSN+ Support)

    Nothing good as a bonus right now, I guess I'll wait to see what new stuff they will give out for plus members. And remember to turn off auto renewal, if you don't want to keep charging after 3 months.
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    Original Perfect Dark on 360 He does it a little fast, but if you pause every now and then you can catch up.
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    Nintendo 3DS = F*** YEAH!

    Nintendo does it again. All new ideas. I was skeptical of 3DS but I'm sold now. I mean no glasses for 3D?! :eek:
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    Duke Nukem is back.... kinda.

    Then what Duke Nukem game is good if that is the worst? I can't play those Duke FPS games they make me cringe. This game is def pickup because it awsaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhm.
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    Rumor: Sony to Unveil PSN+ Pay Service at E3

    I hope it's not like Xbox Live, I don't want to pay for a service to get online then have to pay for everything else in it.
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    Pandora's have shipped.

    for backups I have idiot.../sarcasm
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    UFC 2010? Anyone play it yet?

    It's great so far, just got it today for PS3. The online is absolute garbage. You can't play online against anyone and if you do it's a shit load of lag. I played a match online against my brother who lives about 5 miles away on a 4 bar connection and the game was lagging VERY bad. Career mode...
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    Best DS flash cart?

    LOL! Dude I'm playing backups. I buy the games and store them in a hydromagnetic chamber I have in Australia. My uncle is keeping an eye on them.
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    Bad Company 2 - New servers/Patch

    It's really bad, I've raged quit many times. Shots won't kill, tank randomly stops, rubber banding.
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    360 Games from a Flash Drive?

    Yes, you can install the games to the hard drive for no noise and faster load speeds. I'd recommend getting a 120GB or 250GB depending on how many games you want to install.
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    Gamespot or CONSpot

    Gamespot is shit, I left that shitty site many years ago when the banned me. They ban/suspend just for about anything, it's full of 12 year olds who don't know shit about anything. The website is very biased and is in the pocket of any game developer with money. See Jeff Gerstmann.
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    UFC Undisputed 2010 Thread + Demo Keys

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the demo keys are now available at just register and hit the main page to get a key for either PS3 or Xbox 360. I was upset there was no tutorial unlike 09. They put new features in so it can be kinda confusing.
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    Street Fighter 4 Thread

    People say it was rigged, I think it was a tease for evo 2k10
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    Street Fighter 4 Thread

    I'm pumped for the release. No more indestructible, new characters and a low price. I never knew we would be getting this much content for 40$. Amazon has a great deal if you haven't pre ordered yet, 10$ game credit and classic costume pack.
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    xbox 360 install game question

    No, it knows already it will spin up to check the disk then spin down to read the HDD.
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    Largest open gameworld?

    Wow San Andreas was 12 square miles!!?? I can't even imagine how big Daggerfall is. I used to spend hours playing San Andreas in the Country area.
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    Post your retro hardware.

    Is it just me or do these old computers look really well built? It looks like they can take a beating.
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    Would you guys recommend I get Heavy Rain?

    Uncharted 2 for the replay value, fun multiplayer. GOW 3 is a one time beat game, Heavy Rain is a rental but it can be kinda long.
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    Which preorder bonus for Red Dead Redemption are you going to choose?

    Amazon, the credit is not just for games but any video game accessory you buy will be used by the credit. I got my PS3 remote for 5$.
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    You forgot your and you're.

    You forgot your and you're.
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    Are PDF’s Worm-able?

    Hey guys, I got worms :(
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    Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 Wireless Headset

    Be sure to check out Tritton as well
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    More "new" DNF screens and video

    DNF=Did Not Finish.
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    It's the Jeep Cherokee office chairs. They are around 200$ not worth it. They become flat after a few months.
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    My setup, any dust tips? I use air dusters and dust cleaner but I still get alot of dust my room being small.
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    Disgusting Computer Award

    That is fucking disgusting. You win.
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    Heavy Rain

    Press X to JASON! and ARI COMMENT got seriously fuckin annoying after an hour of playing.
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    PSPGO not cutting it; which one to get?

    PSP Go was huge fail, PSP 1001 was the holy grail of CFW. Nintendo DS XL just came out also.