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  1. RagingSamster

    Diablo 4 review: The horror’s back, and we couldn’t be happier

    I've played all of them to completion. I preordered so I could just play when it's available - my connection has been crap lately, so 83GB will need a few "overnights" to finish.
  2. RagingSamster

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Just bought *another* airplane... Flew from Orcas Island to Boeing Field. Other than that, Fortnite and Brawlstars with the grandkids, and a little TitanFall2 campaign.
  3. RagingSamster

    The favorite games you played in 2022

    Microsoft Flight Simulator, they have just upped the game multiple times per year - whether Asobo or third-party creators, the game just keeps improving. It's about the only title for MS that utilyzes (and stresses out) VR - it's the Farcry of the 2020's
  4. RagingSamster

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition $2.99 on Steam

    Arguably one of the best single player campaigns ever created (hyperbole, or no?)
  5. RagingSamster

    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    This game taught me frustration, especially in the twisty little passages - ran on our trusty Data General Eclipse S130 (through a 6053 monitor)
  6. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

    I have a low-midrange HOTAS Logitech X52Pro, but I use the mouse for switch clicking and dial spinning. The keyboard is used to pop out the menu for maps and radio comms.
  7. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

    Anyone else still playing this - VR is getting much better - if you stick with it and tweak settings. Live weather has come a long way, this is Boeing field set to "Clear skies" This is the "Live weather" rendering - Seattle just became the worst air quality in the world, due to wildfires...
  8. RagingSamster

    Quest Pro

    If this turns out to be an "Enterprise" device, I'm glad I retired - imagine you are in your virtual meeting and the company has all your facial, body, and eye tracking digitized and stored to look over at their whim. Some bodies avatar grab your fancy - HR will know. You roll your eyes at a...
  9. RagingSamster

    A picture I took 2022

    All taken with my pixel 6 pro - finest cellphone camera and software I've had.
  10. RagingSamster

    Tempest Rising.

    "Tempest"... I haven't heard that name since the ancient times, glorious battles were had, many quarters were lost.
  11. RagingSamster

    What is you go to launcher as Nova is now dead to me!

    Where the heck have I been?!? the MS launcher feels much more responsive and configurable than the vanilla android UI Great tip [H]!
  12. RagingSamster

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    This peripheral has lasted so long. I *just* found out how well the unit is put together while disassembling to clean it (for the first time in WAY over a decade, I bought the set for 150.00 in 2011) This keyboard is a beast. It, along with the mouse are flawless performers and work at a range...
  13. RagingSamster

    RagingSamster's Boxen race 2022 - Universe@home

    I have two machines running distributed computing in my basement - stays cool all year. One is a Dell T5500 rocking a dual Xeon, the other is my gaming rig - a Alienware Aurora R12 w/ I7 11700 I thought it was cool that the old machine is keeping up with the new one. I'm doing Primegrid on the...
  14. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    I'm downloading it, but honestly I won't have time for a while. Since the PMDG 737-700 was released I'm in full-on learning mode. AMAZING in VR Favorite still is the Cessna 337 Skymaster, then the Waco WMF5 followed by the Mooney
  15. RagingSamster

    Universe@home COmpleted Work not Uploading

    Thanks for the info!
  16. RagingSamster

    Universe@home COmpleted Work not Uploading

    What causes this, I have a bunch of work waiting pended multiple times (See Image) Any illumination is appreciated.
  17. RagingSamster

    Gaming in your 40s

    58, and one set of my grandkids (13 and 10) just hooked me solid into Fortnite. Doing dailies and getting crowns, etc. The other set (10 and 7) have me heavy into Minecraft Dungeons. Other than that I'm into MSFS in VR. Then again I'm retired, so I can spend time with family and gaming.
  18. RagingSamster

    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    I was supposed to have Starlink by mid to late 2021, now it's mid 2022, My laziness trumps industriousness. Coincidently, my mother-in-law(God rest her soul) used to say "The lazy man works the hardest". Curiously, she was always looking at me when she said it.
  19. RagingSamster

    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    I don't have to imagine. You can unplug it then wait 5 hours, which is a viable solution if you're going to bed soon.
  20. RagingSamster

    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Wait list Feb 9th 2021 - still waiting (They are saying by mid-2022) I have Tmobile 5g which is good for about an average of 18mbps. sometimes it needs to be reset, sometimes, sometimes they deprioritize me into the single digits MBPS. This is what happens when soft reset doesn't work -...
  21. RagingSamster

    How much do you get out of Videogames today?

    Severely into MSFS VR, but because of that I can play any game out there with excessive settings turned all the way up in pancake mode. Love flying around, but I also just finished Halo:Infinite Although the Boss monologues and some of the cutscenes were over the top. I really enjoyed it. Other...
  22. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    In MSFS I am only in pancake mode for screenies or videos, in VR I use FSKneeboard, it is a wondeful little app that provides access to detailed GPS like maps and imports your flight plan into the map. I always have it running - it's maps are far more useful than the...
  23. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    The amount of quality aircraft coming to MSFS in the near term is impressive, while some are relatively inexpensive, others can dwarf what you paid for the simulator program itself - The one that I'm interested in is the study level Boeing 737 NextGen that will be on the other side of a...
  24. RagingSamster

    Your latest VR purchase?

    Just bought the Carenado WACO WYMF5 - Gorgeous aircraft, in VR or pancake mode. Great controls, fun to handle on the ground. Great in the air.
  25. RagingSamster

    Oculus Quest 2

    I played a few quest games, but for the money you can't get a better PCVR headset, I do MSFS and DCS exclusively and the Q2 is an awesome display for those titles.
  26. RagingSamster

    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Hey Elon, I got your saturation capability right here pal.
  27. RagingSamster

    Have you ever became mad within a game?

    Tea-bagging is a form of high praise
  28. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

    Update 5 coming out the 27th - Frame rate increases and more!
  29. RagingSamster

    Your latest VR purchase?

    Well, Besides a Alienware R12, I bought a Logitech X52Pro, I used my first time DCS discount on an F16, F18 and Persian Golf Map. I also bought Bredok's 737 Max8 for MSFS2020. I downloaded a Grumman Goose and The Savage Grravel bush plane... and a 16' USB 3.2 cable to link my Q2 into it all
  30. RagingSamster

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    My Alienware R12 just arrived, so with it, my Quest 2 and my Logitech X52 Pro, I shall attempt the wonton destruction of aviation hardware heretofor unimaginable!
  31. RagingSamster

    The state of VR technology

    For now, quest 2, but I will upgrade when budgets permits if needed, (old eyes are not too particular) I just bought a rig that should run DCS and MSFS decently, it cost slightly over what I could buy it's graphics card for on eBay. I also bought some modules from DCS.. I've been around since...
  32. RagingSamster

    The state of VR technology

    I'm going all in on VR for flight sims in retirement. I have read that IR led illumination will suffice for the quest 2 giving you the "dark room" you are looking for
  33. RagingSamster

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Jumping into DCS with both landing gear! they are having their summer sale, but if you are new (which I am) your first purchase is 50% off MSRP on anything you buy - F18, F16 and Persian Gulf map. It BARELY runs on the system below, but Dell is working on that. VR here I come! Eventually, that is.
  34. RagingSamster

    Oculus Quest 2

    I'd just like to say, the Quest 2 has the best browser for perusing [H] whilst in the can.
  35. RagingSamster

    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

    I'm looking at a new system, no discrete gfx cards available. Probably go Alienware i7, 32GB, 512sdd and a 3080. After that then I'll start spending the real money on aircraft lol.
  36. RagingSamster

    Your latest VR purchase?

    Bought 2 Quest 2s for the Mrs. and I. Spent the afternoon in ecoshpere 180° VR shows, and bought Pistol Whip and Ultrawings. I like Ultrawings while I'm biding my time until I get a new pc this summer, but I took a chance on Pistol Whip, so much fun! I am John Wick!
  37. RagingSamster

    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    I somewhat agree with the Elon-rage, but if I can get 300Mb/s by "mid to late 2021"all will be forgiven. I just need to wait to get a new rig to run MSFS2020 in VR. Given the frame rates and settings people are running with 3090s it will be a while. MSFS2020 in VR is the new Crysis
  38. RagingSamster

    WCG - 16th Birthday Challenge

    My lone rig started up again over the weekend, hope to help out some