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    [HOT...?] Motospeed 104-key Outemu Blue RGB Mechanical Keyboard for $29.99

    I see $38.49 on Amazon now. Still a great buy there. $29/31 was certainly too good to be true for this.
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    [HOT...?] Motospeed 104-key Outemu Blue RGB Mechanical Keyboard for $29.99

    Just got mine today. Paid the slightly higher $31 the day after the initial deal. I must say, this is a great board. Even at the current price I would not be unhappy, and I would still recommend this board to anyone for their first mechanical/RGB and/or for gifts. If it goes on sale again, it's...
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    IP POE home security cameras?

    Ubiquiti cameras are the way to go. I've done multiple house installs, my own home, a 50 camera warehouse and 100 camera highschool. We've torn out AXIS installs and the users found the UBNT setup to be significantly more pleasing. Nothing competes with them at the price point. The NVR is...
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    ISP Recommendations

    I understand you think your phone system is mission critical, but if that's the case you need to have it fail-over across any of the internet connections. I'm thinking your phone isn't actually as important as you claim it to be, that said... We pay $30k+ for internet, and we don't trust any...
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    Comcast is counting local data towards data cap?

    Comcast does bandwidth metering of your IP from between the CMTS and the upstream router the CMTS connects to. At least that is what we've been told. They certainly do not do it on any local level, though - as you can use any compatible modem and modems don't do traffic accounting. I find this...
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    What is used for the button in front of Alteon 4416?

    Are you talking about the CrystalFontz LCD display? I'm not sure what you're doing, but the drivers exist to use that LCD and buttons with a program like LCDProc.
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    Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber

    That's completely not true. Taxi/car services are irrelevant when it comes to road wear. The entirety of transportation companies only exist because the other citizens need them to.
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    Treyarch 'Shocked' by Reaction to CoD: BlOps 3 Twitter Marketing Stunt

    I wouldn't even apologize. There is no excuse for people who can't take a second to read the details to realize that they're seeing news from a fantasy world.
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    ISP Rolls Out 10 Gbps Internet For $400 Per Month

    I would pay $400/mo for the 10gbps line simply because we pay $8000/mo for 10gbps at our massive datacenter at work... These have to be massively oversold, and they also assume the users couldn't hit 10gbps.
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    Hacked Kid’s Toy Opens Garage Doors in Seconds

    I don't think I've ever even seen a fixed-code garage door. This would only be impressive if it was able to brute force rolling codes.
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    Hi-Tech Car Thieves Use Cheap Jamming Devices To Steal Cars

    That's reasonable. Maybe also make the key have to be awake... Some sort of motion switch inside the keyfob enables the proximity transmitters. Therefore if it's in your pocket the car will unlock when you're next to it - otherwise it's sleeping when sitting inside your house.
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    Hi-Tech Car Thieves Use Cheap Jamming Devices To Steal Cars

    Properly done WIFI deployments are more secured than wired, at least until you implement 802.1x on your wired side. Having the device not trust the network, and the network not trust the device until keys are exchanged is the Holy Grail of network authentication. The issue with the car keys...
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    Hi-Tech Car Thieves Use Cheap Jamming Devices To Steal Cars

    This isn't an interesting attack, and it is defeated by auto-locking doors. The cool attack is the repeater one. Basically the car whispers looking for the key, and the key shouts the proper unlock codes. Using a repeater, you can make the car's key request reach a long distance (probably...
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    Arista switch stacking or MLAG?

    Probably doesn't apply in your case, but a word of warning about Arista MLAGs... A large investment firm had a failed supervisor lead to a total double blade chassis outage when MLAG "rebuilding" spiked the CPUs on both chassis, leading to all traffic being dropped. The only way to get...
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    Schools Giving Laptops To Students Is A Terrible Idea

    Anytime I've seen a 1:1 device/student program fail, it's because the IT department was bad. It is not an impossible goal or a bad idea to have even student with a device. They could hide their incompetence running a normal network, but once you brought in a serious wifi network and 500+...
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    Ebay flooded with fake GPUs

    Are these actually counterfeit or are they just lesser models branded/name-flashed as higher ones? I keep seeing that these are "made in a factory after hours" but I highly doubt that...
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    Taking a while to "get internet" after a boot.

    Are you plugged into any switch at all? Or perhaps your router is acting a lot like a managed switch? This can happen with STP trying to verify your computer is not another switch. You'd need to enable Port Fast or another similar technology on your switch to speed it up.
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    Wireless Security: Open SSID & Dynamic VLANs

    With this new setup, it is secure/isolated from the point it hits the AP until till it at least gets to the internet. The wireless segment will be WIDE OPEN and can be sniffed over the air. From his language, it is clear this guy knows what he is talking about, but he is talking around the...
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    NICs... Intel vs Killer

    Serious gamers only use SolarFlare NICs. But really, SolarFlares are really the best NICs on the market. There is a reason that they're like $1k even on the used market.
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    TrueCrypt no longer supported?

    I really really really doubt that is true unless it's purely weak passwords.
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    Barclays Plans to Cut Up to 5,600 IT Jobs

    If you are high-skilled (even if you're not high-experienced), you'll be extremely successful and have a great career. The people at risk are the ones who don't "get it", haven't been at it as a hobby, or simply aren't enthusiastic and gave up on learning/changing. I made nearly $100k out...
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    Barclays Plans to Cut Up to 5,600 IT Jobs

    I don't know the size their IT department used to be, but anyone who has ever actually worked in large companies IT department knows almost 60% of the folks there are nearly useless. It sucks that these people are losing their jobs, but sometimes there is a lot more going on than you know. IT...
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    More Insane Network Messes

    I'd show you the mess that is a HFT investment firm's huge Arista 40GbE/100GbE chassis switches, which have become the biggest pile of spaghetti I have ever seen... But I work for what is half a colocation facility and I love my job... I don't think I can post it... :(
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    Intel Core i3-3240 - $88 @ amazon

    Bought this a few days ago, Amazon just credited me back the difference. In for another, though.
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    DICE Looking Into BF4 "Death Shield" Bug

    This bug has to have been introduced in a recent patch. This should have been way more of an issue on Operation Locker or similar maps/situations.
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    Google, VMware Team Up to Bring Windows to Chromebooks

    As a systems engineer responsible for a huge Cisco UCS cluster and a VMware View VDI, I'd have to say you're way off base with that. We usually out preform our users expectations since it's all done with SSDs and highly optimized Windows 7 images. I'd be impressed if someone could tell...
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    PSA - DIMES is something everyone can run, no impact on other DC'ing

    TinyCore's CLI version called MicroCore might be worth looking into. I'd be willing to help out.
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    Official Red's server room thread

    The over/under on a fire destroying Red's house is +/- 6 months. Bets start at 0.10BTC.
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    MSI GTX 780 Gaming $420 AR HOT! (Pay with Masterpass)

    In for 2. :D Thanks!
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    Comcast Kills Business Model of Piracy Settlement Firm

    I wonder why wires get hot when you put electricity through them... :rolleyes:
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    12-Year-Old Learns to Program Graphics Chips

    It would be more beneficial to just create a true multi-threaded minecraft server. This is really just a feel-good story, and I wish her all her luck in her career. The issue is, minecraft servers are just awful in the current state. Some really good programmers have just completely given...
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    Two pfsense on same switch limited to ISP transfer speed.

    I'm a FiOS and pfSense expert, and I can't even explain this one... Maybe try another switch? You're clearly looping through the PON for this "local" traffic... But why is super strange, I have never seen this happen like this considering pfsense is seeing everything as being perfectly...
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    Are U.S. Phone Landlines in Danger of Being Disconnected?

    Which is funny since fiber is easier to protect from those, and is able to do line-encryption. Not to mention it's more reliable, cheaper to maintain, and orders of magnitude faster in real-world applications. If you somehow think copper pairs are secure and reliable, you're completely out of...
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    ESET NOD32 Anitvirus 7 - 1 PC $4.99

    Yeah, but the most important thing for AV is good and quick updates to definitions... You can't really expect to not have to pay a subscription for that.
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    Official Red's server room thread

    Couldn't agree more. I appreciate the dedication on projects like this, I still think it's an awesome build... But when you're building acid spill catch trays, and using wood which burns better than metal... It's just not something you plan on running your kit on 24/7 inside your house... OP...
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    Official Red's server room thread

    You probably could have built your own standby generator for less. All you would need was a rackmount ATS, and a portable generator that can be remotely turned on. Have the ATS in front of your small UPS units so it gives the effect of two sources of utility power. Just put your generator...
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    Getting on my internet in college campus?

    You should be able to have an okay experience with your campus LAN. I help run a pretty large campus LAN and WLAN, and we're able to pretty much beat any local ISP on performance. We're pretty much in direct peering with 3 schools and 3 major tier 1 ISPs, so you're getting right out into the...
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    *DEAD* eVGA GTX 780 Superclocked $360 at Amazon

    Yeah, people should definitely be getting them today assuming they weren't delayed shipments... No reports of cancellation emails is pretty good, since even if they had a shipping delay, Amazon would surely have noticed the pricing "mistake." Good luck to those who ordered, I'm super jelly!
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    help, cryptolocker, I have no options other than to decrypt

    This is a real encryption put on the files, and with current technology (and foreseeable future technology)... it's irreversible other than having that private key to decrypt. Not even the NSA x 100 could figure out how to get your documents back.
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    PSA - DIMES is something everyone can run, no impact on other DC'ing

    Did you fully clone them, or are they manual installs? :p