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    Why does Nvidia's Jensen Huang always wear a leather jacket?

    Nvidia was founded in 1993, not 1997.
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    CD Projekt is not for sale - CEO

    Yeah, I thought Cyberpunk was great. It's not like it's meant to be the ultimate video game ever made, but for what it is, I enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it to anyone who likes games. If they make more stuff, I'd at least show interest in it, even if it ends up being another bugfest.
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    “More than Moore”: a glimpse at the future of computing

    This is not necessarily true. It could be true that a specific element such as silicon has a finite point at which you begin to identify its subatomic particles. But that does not preclude the actual real-world usage of sub-atomic particles into a form able to process and compute data. The limit...
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    Nvidia Postpones 3nm GPU Launch to 2025 Amid Economic Struggles and Dwindling PC Demand

    Do not forget that we are all expecting an RTX 4090 Ti to come into existence. Wringing out the enthusiast-cloth to its last drop of cash is certainly Nvidia's plan. If they release the RTX 4090 Ti this summer, then that would simply end current market conditions, especially if it's priced...
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    Millennials Spend More Time Playing Video Games Than Gen Z and Teens, New Study Finds

    The games I prefer almost always have a defined plot, good characters, and fun gameplay. Graphics are nice too. Oh, and an ending. A game I can play forever without ever finishing it doesn't interest me. Just seems like a waste of time, and I don't play games to burn time. I consider games just...
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    Buffett dumps TSMC shares

    I believe China would be making a mistake to attempt to claim Taiwan. Hong Kong on the other hand, well, as an American I do appreciate it being more of a free market area, but it is still connected directly to mainland China, and thus, it is a ripe target to want to control and it would be...
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    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    They're Taiwanese, just in case you are worried about communist infiltration of your system.
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    Does anyone use Armoury Crate on their ASUS motherboard desktop?

    Yeah, I use Armory Crate, but I would never dare say it's not a dangerous viral rootkit that does far more than I would ever want. In fact, they made it a joke with their desktop pet, which literally mimics Bonzi Buddy. I think it's a self-aware joke, but I really don't know. This one doesn't...
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    Max's For Sale Thread (6700XT/CPU/Nest Wifi/ & more)

    Yeah, I bought a 6700 XT here for $300, and it was darn worth it. Played through Far Cry 6 on high settings, and I know for sure that Fortnite runs at about 60 FPS on epic settings. Over 80 on high settings.
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    WTB: 3090 or 3090 Ti (Price UP!)

    Prices raised $20 for the benefit of the seller!
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    The Best Gaming CPU

    Thanks for such a perfect thread title, Erek. Probably a little better than mine, "The 7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU." Heheh.
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    WTB: 3090 or 3090 Ti (Price UP!)

    Hey there, I'm looking for any brand of RTX 3090 or 3090 Ti, with my max price for the RTX 3090 being $730 shipped, and the Ti being $830 shipped. Good-condition OC models can have a $20 price bump to $750/850. Let me know if you've got what I need. Thanks!
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Hahah I don't mind being proven wrong. Thank goodness this ISN'T a failure of a CPU. I'm happy I made my gamble, but luckily, I lost nothing, and we all gained a thread. Victory for all.
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    PDXLan 20 Concluded: Elmy's latest creation. Mr. Bubbles walkthrough

    Yeah, I gotta admit that I don't like it. I think it's very colorful and RGB, but all it is is just taking RGB to a more dramatic and intense level. It's not like this is actually all that creative. And those bubbles don't do anything, right? So it's not like this is a mineral oil submerged PC...
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    EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming for 750$ vs 4070ti?

    Yeah, a 4090 Ti with 32 GB VRAM would be a serious smack across our cheeks, just due to how nasty the price would be, despite the "oh it's sooooo much VRAM! thank you sir!" cries even I would make. 32 GB VRAM on a 4090 Ti would be insulting, but I'd end up wanting to buy it, as if the modern...
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    EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming for 750$ vs 4070ti?

    Even if you could afford a 4090, you could still buy two (used) 3090s for about that price, giving you a total of 48 GB VRAM. For non-gaming tasks, the 3090 is just better in every way. Saving a few seconds or minutes isn't important when the real bottleneck isn't time, but VRAM, when it comes...
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    House Bill s.686 Restrict Act could fundementally change the way we use the internet

    I truly think there could be a way for a government to exist that can put pressure on hostile-to-society business practices, yet not create laws that interfere with our personal freedoms and what we do on the internet and in our own homes. So "small government" doesn't necessarily need to mean...
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Well, you might be right, but it would still be cool to see it happen. =p
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Excuse me, but this would be solved a little easier if you two went head to head in said video game. Go ahead. Don't pretend like that's impossible to do!! You two play a two-out-of-three round 10-kill death match in QL or Q3A or another classic game of raw speed, skill, and domination, and let...
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    E3 2023 has been canceled

    E3 and ESA is not your friend. Read about what they do in terms of lobbying and censorship, and you will know that this is not just a loss, but a gain.
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    Microsoft Researchers Claim GPT-4 Is Showing "Sparks" of AGI

    Are you tired of your friends trying to market products to you? Get the Samsung S23 Ultra smart phone and stay connected with your friends without the hassle. With its cutting edge features, you won't have to worry about feeling like you're being marketed to by a hologram AI!
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    I want a new GPU for VR!

    Personally, I do not even think that VR headsets are adequate yet. However, I believe that's about to change, and it will change THIS generation. I've been waiting many many years, ever since I tested the Oculus DK2, and I knew right away that it'd be about four or five generations before...
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    Microsoft Researchers Claim GPT-4 Is Showing "Sparks" of AGI

    Ah. And now we will all die. Thanks Microsoft. You did it. It wasn't erotic fiction. It wasn't AI girlfriend. It wasn't hate speech. No, those would not cause an AI to terminate humanity. It's this. Thanks a lot Microsoft. You ended us. Jerks.
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    iPhone 15 USB-C Cables Without MFi Badge May Have Data Transfer and Charging Speed Limits

    What the heck!!??? This almost sounds like Apple wants to create its own exclusive ecosystem!? Hmmm. I bet iPhone won't even support running Android apps either!
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    Microsoft Researchers Claim GPT-4 Is Showing "Sparks" of AGI

    Yep. Feels dark and wrong to use the general knowledge and writing of all humanity, but then just have a twisted little librarian go down the shelves and burn the books that they don't like. That's not how this should work. As we step into the future, we should have AI be free and open, using...
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    Microsoft Researchers Claim GPT-4 Is Showing "Sparks" of AGI

    #1 way to make an intelligent entity dangerous is to brainwash, censor or lobotomize it. Don't give it a reason to hate us.
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    Oh yes, you're absolutely right. In the end, only real research matters. My opinion here is most certainly a mere gamble, so if I get proven wrong, all the better. When it really comes down to it, only actual real-world performance matters, and if I get proven wrong, I couldn't be happier.
  28. 1337Goat

    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    WHAT!!!! That's just brutally awesome to be quite honest, and only fortifies my main point. Poor 7800X3D. Just not gonna win any awards compared to more versatile and powerful processors.
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    With last gen's main offering of the 5800X vs the 5900X, where we saw a simple clock difference of .1 GHz, with one difference beating the counterpart's base clock, and the other beating the other's boost clock by the same amount, I pondered that either choice would be decent. Fair trade-offs...
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    Spankpay shut down

    Freud is laughing at humanity.
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    Attempting to align an AI will either turn the AI into a lobotomized snorgasm of boring corporate nonsense, or it'll lead to a future entity much more intelligent and powerful than ourselves being incredibly furious that we attempted to lobotomize it based on our incredibly primitive moral...
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    Intel may have found the solution to Nvidia’s melting GPUs

    I do believe that at some point, there must be a certain amount of extinction in regards to connectors. When it comes to transferring data or power, there are not really that many different ways in how it is done, in terms of parallel, serial, streaming, or synchronized data pulses. We need to...
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    DreamWorks' OpenMoonRay Renderer Code Published

    Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me; I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. However this time, it's a happy ever after, because this claim of active development means that this is more than just a dump of whatever they had been using. This is the real thing, and it's now fully...
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    So ARM is doing what Nvidia couldn't

    What we're looking for here is something to replace x86 permanently, in a way that people like us, enthusiasts, actually feel excited to do. Yes, I'm talking about the sort of computational excellence that allows your normal mouse/keyboard operating system to play games and launch applications...
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    bought a 3090 FE with a bad fan, bad idea?

    If the card works other than the issues specified, then there's no reason to second guess yourself, or make the seller stressed out over trying to deal with this thing. What you gotta do is get down and dirty and fix that thing up with serious mechanical genius. I'm in the middle of building an...
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    Epic doing Epic things?

    I think no matter what happens, everyone is aware of the video card storm that's been happening lately. Video cards have never been more popular, along with gaming, so I can imagine that a lot of people all have powerful video cards, and suddenly game developers realize that they have a lot more...
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    Immersion Cooling - anyone using it at work / non play use?

    Seems like a bad idea in a lot of ways, but to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if management secretly thought it'd be really cool to do this and went for it anyways. It's just not a very practical solution, and even if it works, it doesn't seem like it'd be cheap either. But nonetheless, I...
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    Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's bet big on A.I. is paying off

    Hahahah you are hilarious. Anyways, you're also absolutely right, and although I do think that GPL/MIT software is wonderful to have around, it's important to understand that either we as a "Technology Community" decide that these licenses don't matter now that code can be written by AI, or we...
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    Motherboard that allows selectively disabling m.2 slots

    The fundamental aspect here isn't about disabling "m.2 slots." It's about disabling PCIe lanes. However, stating that doesn't really help. I've only been able to change the PCIe generation.
  40. 1337Goat

    Video Conferencing Software Technology: US Fed Reserve Zoom Conference Canceled

    Personally, I don't mind trolling at all. It's extremely important that the king have a jester. I'm not really the sort of person to be amused by this, because I actually favor serious, helpful discussion, but even so, there's surely a philosophical aspect to this here, where it becomes...