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    Huawei Sues Samsung Over Cellphone Patents

    Lol, Cisco sues Huawei so Huawei sues Samsung. Huawei blatantly infringed on Cisco's parents
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    Network Switch to Handle Multi-Wan?

    This is just stupid... This isn't a power grid where you just "give" power back to the grid. It's a lot of mickey-mouse config for no real benefit.
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    Cisco SG300-28 (SRW2024-K9-UK)

    I have a SG300-10 and they are great. Do note that the CLI isn't true IOS. Some commands are similar but they are not all the same.
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    Remove pc from network

    First thing, always reboot both workstations and try again.
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    Cisco SG300 multicast vlan setup

    Is this an apartment complex? Setup sub-interfaces on the ERL "LAN port" with VLAN 1 and VLAN 10. Tag the internal LAN port from the ERL to your switch with both VLAN 1 and 10. On the switch, any device that needs internet access put on VLAN 1 and any device that needs TV, put on VLAN 10. I...
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    Cisco ASA5500X GUI?

    The CLI on ASAs can be unintuitive compared to IOS or other vendors. ASDM (their GUI) is decent.
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    Windows 7 Professional Reinstallation CD DVD 64 bit SP1 with 1 RAM Option

    Windows 7 never came on systems with DDR. Any OEM system with Windows 7 came with DDR2/DDR3 memory. Also, I'm pretty sure that a piece of RAM for a system does not count under the OEM terms... This not at all legal.
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    T1 Phsyical Layer Question

    This is normal. Pretty much any decent provider does this for dedicated service. Whether that be copper (T1,T3,etc) or fiber.
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    DVR/NVR recomendation

    Several years? With 24/7 recording, that's not happening.
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    Access Point Recommendation?

    I'll post for Dizzy. Some TP-Link model with OpenWRT. /thread
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    Netflix Launches In 130 New Countries

    That's what a VPN or DNS proxy is for ;)
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    Why is this so #$%@ hard to do ??

    Just use a software firewall.... The built-in Windows can do this no problem.
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    COOL FUCKIN STORY BRO (I have the same card. Works great.)
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    Question about network wiring

    LOL. That's wrong on so many levels...
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    Ethernet switch redundancy

    You must have shitty switches or power if you are that concerned about failures. I have Cisco 3550s from 2004 happily purring along with no issues. Buy two switches, keep one as a cold spare.
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    options for 10gigabit firewall

    LACP can only do 1Gb per stream MAX. The most you could pull with a client behind the firewall would be 1Gb. That said, 2.5 clients could each pull 1Gb before running out of bandwidth.
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    Hardware that can do Robust IPSEC w/ 3 Sites

    Cost effective? Probably the EdgeRouter Lite. They handle Mutli-WAN as well.
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    Canadian Town's Sole Internet Provider Is Shutting Down

    45K? That's not a small town....
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    Minimum and Maxium number ports for etherchannel

    Depends on the device model. You can technically have one port minimum. Maximum is usually 8. You want port channels in multiples of 2 if you can.
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    Custom Routing over Specific Backbone Routers

    You are at the mercy of your ISP. A IPv6 tunnel may add latency depending on where the tunnel IPv4 headend is.
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    48 Port Gigabit Switch Recommendations?

    You do realize Cisco created many of the first iterations of today's standards? Inline Power (POE) being a good example. They also support "Open Standards" as well. Your point is moot.
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    New router for ISP

    All in one devices are never "great". You usually get a router with a junky switch built-in. Do you ABSOLUTELY need one device?
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    They aren't slow. They can route at 1Gb in most use cases. They do use their own "OS". It's basically a fork of Vyatta that they took and have changed and added features of their own. They aren't meant for joe-blow home user. They never have been. IMO you shouldn't need to bridge the ports...
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    That's why I asked. I want to hear of these "major issues".
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    What major issues are you referring to?
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    STP/LCAP to switch connections??

    No. The switches would need to be stacked or use something like VSS. Even then you can't mix interface speeds in a LACP bundle.
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    Cisco Switch Config Question

    Sure. Send it over.
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    Cheapest way to virtualize old Windows 2000 database server?

    ESXi. It handles older OSes better than Hyper-V. Base version is free.
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    Also, the ERL runs EdgeOS which is a fork of Vyatta. Personally I find EdgeOS/Vyatta far superior to OpenWRT.
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    Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite Input

    I use an ERLite at home and use Zone Based Firewall among other features. Never had an issue. I did have the flash fail, but I put in a new drive and was good to go. I have the first run model which had the known issue. New revisions have since fixed that issue.
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    School me: Moving from Acronis to MDT

    Personally I use clean images. The only changes I make to the plain image is injecting offline updates quarterly Any other changes I prefer to do in the task sequence.
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    network/vlan wide domain blocking

    OpenDNS + Script block add-in for whatever browser.
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    Wanted: 500+GB HDD and 128GB SSD Drives

    I have a 128, and 2x 256GB SSDs for sale as well as two WD Blue 500GB 3.5" drives I might be willing to part with. I'm from Canada, but with the currency rate it might work with the additional shipping costs. PM if you're interested.
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    running cat5e between 2 keystone jacks

    Meh. IMO A is the better standard as it allows dual phone lines if you ever use it for phones. (RJ14)
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Enthusiast SLI Bridge

    This. I've mentioned it many times but no one seems to give a shit.
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    Is there anything I can do to stop spammers from spoofing my email?

    I'd suggest adding DKIM recods as well.