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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    Looks like I'm buying parts from Amazon today due to prime day. Just saw their 2700 with wraith cooler for $150 and knew what I'm doing... Can't seem to find any good gpus. About to buy what i can and keep looking for the video card. Anyone got a good deal on just the gpu? 1070, 6gb 1060, or...
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    FS/FT: My gaming PC (specs inside)

    I'm on mobile only and don't get to see sigs. You might want to give people like us a rough idea what you have.
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    And at that point I'd just need a case and PSU. Come on gears in my head, turn faster...
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    I avoided lcd monitors for way too long because they can't show true black. Serious. Just because the logic is flawed doesn't mean it doesn't make sense to someone. I've seen the benches for the 8400, or the 1600x. I know they are good chips. But the silly hamster running the wheel in my head...
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    I've been trying to decide if i want a 6C/12T cpu. With the consoles all being 8C/8T cpu, I've been wondering if a 6C/12T will work as well as it does now a few years down the road. I would hate to build something now only to find out 2 years from now X game really needs 8 cores. I'll add your...
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    I can wait. I don't need this for work or anything like that. Something that old however I'm not willing to spend much. M.2 doesn't mean NVME fyi. Boise, i don't know if you are still able but I'm interested in any parts you have. Not looking for gifts per se. But not turning down good offers...
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    Sorry, no interest in a laptop. I want something i can upgrade as i need more power or as parts break.
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    I'm now looking for the pc parts. Look around guys. Really prefer bundles. I have to much to buy.
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    Weekend/evening bump.
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    4745454b's massive WTB thread.

    So here is what happened. Wife and I were caught in last years horrible "Camp Fire" in Butte county. 95% of the town we lived in was destroyed. I lost my i7/three monitor setup. It took us about a month to find a place to live but it wasn't able to support a gaming setup. I now live in a...
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    Ugly GPUs

    I actually like the sheer ATI fan shrouds. I liked seeing all the copper and fan blades. Always wished my x1800XT had them. The only real ugly thing I ever owned was the Foxconn x38A board. If you ever try running these cards, make sure it's on this board. Yuck.
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    Disable SpeedStep on P4 - faster or slower?

    Considering Intel helped develop the BTX form factor during the P4 heyday, I'd try to get better cooling in there. Not just for the CPU, but for all the stuff around the socket as well. Getting the VRMs some cooling will go a long way for your system.
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    Need unlocked phone ASAP!!!

    I assumed you guys didn't want to sell a 3T for $150, or a Nexus 5X either. I ended up getting that G4 for $120. I'll have to get through Sun-Tues now with no phone. Poop.
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    Need unlocked phone ASAP!!!

    Bump. I'm about to grab an LG G4 for ~$100. I'll use it till I find something better than toss it to the GF. Her moto X has a broken front cam due to a drop and other issues so she can use it once I find something more my style. Still willing to consider offers. Edit: Dragon1, what blu...
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    Need unlocked phone ASAP!!!

    If anyone is interested, this was the guide I was using. I got down to step 13 (So nearly finished) when it said the phone should reboot, and if it doesn't go into the bootloader then do it yourself. At this point...
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    Need unlocked phone ASAP!!!

    My Oneplus one has been running out of power earlier and earlier, and today it started throwing an error and wouldn't load the icons. I tried updating it to Bacon (newest oxygen OS.) and it got bricked. What I'm looking for is the best phone I can get mailed to me super fast. (I have a $200...
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    WTB unlocked cell phone, Windows XP gaming laptop, more

    Biggest "need" right now is an unlocked cell phone for my GFs daughter. 17, wants to text her friends. Needs to be an unlocked GSM phone. I'm still not sure which pre paid service I'm signing her up for, so unlocked GSM is a must. She said no white on the front of the phone. I'm also going...
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    F/S Galaxy Note II verizon unlocked

    It says unlocked, so it works with GSM chips? What size card would I need? Interested as long as I can use it on a prepaid GSM network like ST or Metro.
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    unlocking Tonga Grqphical Cards

    Roads to no where are still cool though right?
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    PSU help for i3-4170, Gtx-960 (and possible future upgrade)

    I thought the same thing as defaultluser. Draw while gaming should be ~200, perhaps a bit more. Why would anyone say you need a 600W+ unit for that? Crazy. I'm running a 3770K and 7950boost/280 on a 450W unit. A QUALITY 450W unit will run your system just fine. I wouldn't go higher then a...
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    How much of psu do I need?

    Keep in mind with a Kill a watt it's measuring from the wall. So you need to take the PSUs efficiency into consideration. At low load you are probably at best around 80%, so its pulling 99W from the wall, but the computer is only using ~80W. I didn't see your PSU listed so I'm only guessing...
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    220 to 115

    Is he trying to power his computer with this? What PSU does he have? If it's a good recent one it should adjust the input voltage automatically and he just needs the Korean power cord to plug into the wall.
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    Replace PSU fan?

    It's pretty hard to fry yourself from the top of the PCB. It's not impossible, but you'd have to work to do it. If you unscrewed the PCB and removed it from the housing then it's very possible to hurt yourself. Feel free to unplug the cord and hit the power button to discharge the main caps...
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    How do you trade online?

    And don't forget to do legwork on them. Look up their name and the city they live in. Get a "real" email address. (not A phone number that you actually call to make sure it's them. Though with prepaid cells and google phone numbers this might not help much anymore. This is...
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    How do you trade online?

    A trade like that is a bit different. Because no money is changing hands you wouldn't/can't really use paypal. This really requires trust in the other user. I'd probably also ship it with a way that allows me to stop/redirect if need be. But otherwise you would do a LOT of research on the...
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    Need advice

    Asking what to do in X situation isn't a horrible thing to do. (I personally wouldn't have named names, but that's just me.) Being upset someone called you a name isn't going to help anything either. Your 100% name/rep is still fine so don't get upset over it. I bought a board to replace my...
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    Need to buy phone/tablet, other stuff.

    Switching gears again. (sorry guys...) I found a tablet that would work for ~$85, but then I started thinking. If I got her an unlocked phone then I could she could use it as a cell once she moves down to the city where I live. Once her daughter gets out of HS this year then the plan is to...
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    Unlocked Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, Asus MemoPad 8"

    Looking on Amazon, I see there are several models. Do you know which ME181C-A1-XX you have? This is for the Asus of course.
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    Need to buy phone/tablet, other stuff.

    Still looking/waiting for prices. If you are going to shoot me a message or offer something, system specs and/or link to product would be nice. I honestly had someone PM me offering me a "tricked out/loaded" laptop. But without a list of what's now in the unit, how am I supposed to guess what...
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    Need to buy phone/tablet, other stuff.

    Turns out the cord she has was bent. Second this month. New cord fixed it. Still looking for something that doesn't have a crack in the screen, etc. Just don't have the time pressure anymore.
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    Need to buy phone/tablet, other stuff.

    Prices guys? I'm going up to see her after work tonight, but I'll be looking to buy something sooner rather than later.
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    Need to buy phone/tablet, other stuff.

    Done taking vacations for awhile, looking for more parts for my stuff. Shipping will be to 95926. Looking for a tablet for my GF now. Her daughter bought a SFPro 3, but she is using an old Galaxy S3 that is starting to have some issues. Seems the case has now cracked and it won't charge...
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    FS: Surface 2 64GB

    Windows RT or 8? Looking online I saw it can come in either flavor.
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    Moneygram safe for a seller?

    I know in the past if using a payment form like this it was USPS MO or nothing. There are programs out there that can print our a real enough moneygram. If you do accept it make sure it CLEARS YOUR BANK before mailing it. Don't deposit it and then mail it same day. When it comes back as bad...
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    FS: Antec 750W Green, Games, Audigy 2 with box, Charger

    Replied. Sorry no contact, I spend my weekends at my girlfriends and don't get online much.