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    Looking for 4x Win 10 Professional Keys

    Please let me know
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    Zotac Amp Extreme Edition GTX 1080Ti 11GB - Cheap

    As title says, Zotac AMP Extreme Edition GTX 1080Ti 11GB $400 SHIPPED (lower 48) Paypal Preferred Card Only; purchased in January of 2018, very low use. Fans/operation/LED perfect condition. 10/10 MINT. Heatware: Engimahaqr Email: Enigmahaqr (at) aol (dot) com
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    FS: eVGA GTX 1080Ti SC2 Edition

    Responded to PM
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    FS: eVGA GTX 1080Ti SC2 Edition

    Making room for one of the gaming rigs for RTX. The new Zotac RTX 2080 Ti replaced the eVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 card I had in one of my gaming rigs. It's sitting on a shelf and should be in someone's machine. Card: eVGA Superclocked 1080Ti SC2 11gb DDR5x Straight and to the point 515.00 SHIPPED to...
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    BNIB XFX Vega 64 liquid cooled $750 (Austin local pickup)

    I will buy it if you ship it for 750 LMK
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    Crazy Build: 2x PowerColor Devil 13 390x2 ; need help on what case!

    I hear ya guys but the target isn't a single most powerful card etc.; Owning a small crypto mining farm I cycle through a lot of equipment regularly i.e. see attached picture. Additionally, I already have a few boxes with Dual 1080's on a 6950x and a 6900 with a pro duo for gaming and production...
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    Crazy Build: 2x PowerColor Devil 13 390x2 ; need help on what case!

    We ran 3 of these cards (just the cards) on one of the 1600 EVGA Titanium T2s - just look up Devil 13 mining rig on the internet and you will find our video (12 GPU mining rig) I hear you guys though on on the quad support, not a lot of experience with that. The raid0 SSD's however, I run 2x...
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    Crazy Build: 2x PowerColor Devil 13 390x2 ; need help on what case!

    So my team has been breaking down some of our older inefficient mining rigs and are going to build some slick gamers with them. One of the builds we are planning is the following: Ryzen 1800X /w Corsair H115i Cooler Gigabyte GA-AX370-GAMING 5 AM4 AMD x370 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4...
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    WTB: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

    Lol I have a BFG 5800 Ultra in an old Athlon XP 2600+ box ...nForce2 board with 512mb DDR memory old quake gamer just out of college. Also a almost same MB/CPU combo with a 9700ATI Pro Edition i used to do limited editing on, it was the media edition one, with the purple external box thing...
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    2x Devil 13 R9 390x2 16GB in Crossfire

    There is a lot of interest in the RX 480 ... as i know most folks are wanting it for VR given its 'AMD' marketing claims. Big question is if its throughput is going to be as good with mining as the R7 370, R9 380, R9 380x, R9 390 and 390x. AMD made a shift in their latest drivers that caused...
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    2x Devil 13 R9 390x2 16GB in Crossfire

    We have 19 rigs and are just over 2500mh ... have been mining since November of last year. The rig in reference:
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    2x Devil 13 R9 390x2 16GB in Crossfire

    So we just got done with our 6x R9 390x2 Ethereum Mining Rig build (yes 12GPU, across 2 mb's) with this Devil 13, posted on youtube. But we decided to team putting together a sick i7, 32gb RAM box with 2 of these cards for some serious benchmarks. What do you guys suggest we try out for...
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    All keys gone, thanks for interest folks!
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    4/10 left! ... (you know, total random thought... I joined this forum before some of you were probably born
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    Full copy
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    FS: Multiple Copies of Hitman

    Team, I have multipe copies of Hitman on some GPU's I have recently purchased. I am selling these for 15.00 bucks each via Paypal. This is the latest version of the series. You will get a website to claim your copy All gone heatware: enigmahaqr email: enigmahaqr at aol dot com
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    WTB: HD 7990 (XFX) if possible

    Paypal Ready! Heatware: enigmahaqr
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    WTB: Office 2013 / 2016

    Anyone selling? Paypal ready
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    FS: BNIB SSD Crucial MX100 512GB

    i will take it
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    FS: Dell XPS 11 QHD 1440p touch, i5, with SSD & Win 10

    msg received and returned ; still avail TTT
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    FS: Dell XPS 11 QHD 1440p touch, i5, with SSD & Win 10

    Just got the wife a Surface Pro 4 ... Our ultra-book now is up for sale, priced to move. This is an EXCELLENT unit in tablet mode (windows 10). Very fast and responsive with the i5 and mSSD. If your looking for a great unit for web based content, office and desktop publishing, this is the...
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    I will take it if it falls through
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    FS: Playstation 3 (fat) 80 GB with games

    How many controllers?
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    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys -- best prices, volume discounts, Windows 10 Upgrade!!

    Confirmed - 5 for 5 worked and upgraded to win 10 pro
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    FS: 500GB Crucial SSD's

    I will take one
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    WTB: Minecraft for PC

    comes free with windows 10, which is also free