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    Video problem on Linux?

    Its an eVGA 7800 GT. Everything is in my signature, and I'm not overclocking anything. Thanks.
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    Video problem on Linux?

    Linux noob. I'm not sure exactly what is going on with trying to get linux running on my rig. I tried installing both Ubuntu and Kubuntu 64-bit (and 32 bit for Ubuntu) and it always freezes in the installation as soon as it tries to load the graphical interface. The box that appears has...
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    Starbucks/ T-Mobile Hot Spots

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    Trying to hook up Xbox 360 using two wireless routers. Can it be done?

    I have a Belkin pre-N wireless router (F5D8230-4) hooked into my cable modem upstairs, which of course feeds the wireless signal to my house. I want to have my old Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router connected to my xbox 360 downstairs as a wireless "adapter". Is this possible? If so, how? In...
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    IGN gives Zelda: Twilight Princess a 9.5!!!!

    Fair enough, if I was to look at IGN in particular, the avg score on IGN for all reviewed ps3 games is 7.4, and Wii is 8.1 as of 11/17. But visually, I agree. You make a good point about the tools developers have available to them as far as AA, etc.
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    Best PS3 Ebay auction by far.

    J-A-C-K-A-S-S Very nice! Make sexy time! High five!
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    IGN gives Zelda: Twilight Princess a 9.5!!!!

    Time will tell us what the Wii can yield as far as appearances. All developers seem to struggle at first to take advantage of the hardware for their respective platforms. PS2 was this way. Games will only get better for the Wii. Resident Evil 4 for GC is good example of how long it can...
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    Wii impressions. Leave your thoughts here!

    Talked to a manager at BB today. Said they are getting over 100 (not sure if its true). I'm pretty sure its safe to sleep in on Sunday and I'll still get one. I use my computer for REAL graphics. The Wii is for true playability and having fun with friends. There's nothing like it. BTW...
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    1080p samsung 61" vs samsungLN-S4695D 46" 1080p

    You are absolutely right about a TV being too big. My friend has a 70" HDTV and is only 16 feet away - it looks totally retarded. My 51" at 13 feet is pretty much perfect for me.
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    Need powerful wireless router ASAP

    I searched for an existing thread to no avail. We have 15/2 Mbps roadrunner at the home, which obviously performs brilliantly when cable connected to my Linksys wireless-b router and my desktop pc(11.8/1.8). However, we have 2 laptops that we typically use downstairs in the living room( 40 ft...
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    Post your fastest internet speed!

    Supposed to be 15/2 RoadRunner. I'm very fortunate to have this connection at home methinks.
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    CPUZ misreporting RAM frequency?

    Thanks for everyone's help. My board definitely is running at DDR 333 in auto mode. I finally understand the concept now with regard to the ratio, etc, at least somewhat. In manual mode at 200MHz windows gets a system error on boot, so I upped the FSB up to 244 x9 and voila, 2.19GHz proc and...
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    CPUZ misreporting RAM frequency?

    Not sure what you are asking, probably because I don't know alot about RAM with respect to timings, etc. It is Corsair ValueSelect 2x512MB PC3200 running in dual channel. The stock timing is 2.5-3-3-8. I have another identical kit showing up tomorrow from the egg. This memory should run at...
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    CPUZ misreporting RAM frequency?

    CPUZ is reporting 183.3MHz for RAM frequency for the rig in my sig. SPD reports correctly at 200MHZ 2.5-3-3-8. I have the setting to auto on my mobo, which is almost correct at 2.5-3-3-7. I thought it may just be a mistake, but I ran Everest too, and it says the same thing. Everything is...
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    Yikes! Will my TruePower 380W work with new mobo?

    I read the sticky up top and i'm not quite sure. I have an Antec Sonata with the TruePower 380W. Will it connect to my A8N - SLI ?
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    $750 for mobo/cpu/gpu

    Thanks, bought the rig from Newegg with the opteron 165. Yay! :cool:
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    Add new Hardware without reinstalling Windows

    Thanks everyone. I think it might make sense to just backup my important files on a DVD and then read a little on swapping iTunes to a new comp without my iPod freaking out. I can't imagine going to a next gen system and have it run like crapola. I'll do it the right way, especially since its...
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    Add new Hardware without reinstalling Windows

    I have XP Home Edition, and I'm planning on buying a new mobo, cpu, and vid card. How awful will it be if I swap out the hardware and try to let Windows figure it out...or am I just being lazy? One of my big concerns is iTunes, and it getting screwed up. Any thoughts?
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    $750 for mobo/cpu/gpu

    Its easy to get sick of these kinds of threads until you find yourself wanting advice :p I just need to update the main part of the rig in my sig below. I've tentatively decided on : Asus A8N-SLI Premium eVGA 7800GT PCI-E A64 X2 3800+ That's all I need, and its right on my...
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    Its not guaranteed to work. Getting an HD gaming setup for me was a failure on my 51". I tried 9700 pro to Tosh 51H84 RPHDTV which was DVI to HDMI and I never got a complete picture. In fact, the mouse cursor would scroll over to the missing parts of the screen. Tried other viewable...
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    WoW 1.5 + Battlegrounds Arrives!

    The Blizzard automatic downloader is THE WORST! :mad: I had good luck downloading it at this mirror - got right in, took only 2 min or so with roadrunner.
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    Problems upgrading dad's Dell 4400

    I don't claim to be a RAM expert by any means, so I need some help. Okay, so my parent's have a Dell Dimension 4400 that's 3 years old. It currently has 256MB of Micron PC2100 CL2.5 in it. We went out and bought 512MB PC3200 Corsair ValueSelect CL3 today, which is 2 sided if that matters...
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    1gb Corsair Value Selection $80 + $0.99 shipping @ newegg

    paid $77 a few weeks ago for the 2x512 Corsair VS at the egg...still a good deal, nice RAM, makes a HUGE difference in WoW, which is why I got it.
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    Not totally dead, if you like cherry finish - went up to $49.99
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    Fry's 20 Year Anniversary Sale!

    Odessa - Westchase area here :cool: I'd love to have a Fry's, getting sick of BestBuy...though this is more like a MIR sale than anything else. The R30's in cherry are still pretty cheap though:
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    Yep got my r50's today, ordered them Sunday... I had spoke to them (outpost) on the phone at one point too this week, and I agree, it was easy and pleasant. As good as newegg is for online orders, for example, I had to call them once and it sucked a$$ - the guy was rude and condescending.
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    Don't worry, seems like their just slow...I ordered my r50's yesterday in the afternoon and just now got the confirmation email. You can call them too, they were helpful when I cancelled my order for the r30's.
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    Actually, as of today, I cancelled my order for the r30's and got the r50's instead for $79 each...came to $208 w/ shipping to Florida.
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    yep, cherry too
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    polk audio r30's $39.99 each @ fry's

    THANKS!!!! I feel like I'm stealing - Polk's website sells them for $399 a pair. Shipping was $21 ish to Florida totaling $101 for the pair. :D
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    using HDTV output on X800XL

    Just cuz a TV has DVI or HDMI doesn't mean it would fix your problem. I had the same problem with a DVI to HDMI mode with my Tosh 51H84 where the screen was cut off and you could pan to the edges. Very annoying, never did get it to work so I gave up eventually.
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    Worst videocard you have ever bought.

    Diamond S4 Savage...ugh
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    New core system, yet another what do you think thread...

    I plan on upgrading my current system in sig - keeping the same Antec Sonata (which has TruPower 380W PSU), Monitor, SB audigy 2, etc. A64 3200+ 939 90nm $190 DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra D mobo $130 Rosewill Radeon X800XL $290 Mushkin 1GB (2x512MB) DDR 400 $82 Total w/ shipping at the egg...
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    Your Favorite places to Shop

    Michael's Computers ...just kidding :D
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    WoW on dial-up

    My parents live in Minneapolis, you can get roadrunner can't you? They have it.
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    New "Core" system, whaddya think?

    Corsair VS1GBKIT533D2 1GB Kit DDR2-533 PC2-4200 Value Select Memory Retail 1 $184.00 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor Socket 939 Retail 1 $190.00 MSI NX6600GT-TD128E GeForce 6600 GT PCI Express 128MB DDR3 Video Card w/TV-Out & DVI Retail 1 $184.99 DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 ULTRA-D nForce4...
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    The Only Gmail Thread and It All Goes Here!!

    I have 49 left, PM me for one....
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    Connecting Two Linksys Routers - need help...

    Okay, I'll oust it from the mix, thank you.