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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    I'm running mine at 4.4GHz and 1.215Vcore, nothing else changed with a Hyper 212 Evo (I'm sorry, I've been saving up for a custom loop but i'm always just short of getting one :(). The only reason i overclocked was Forza Horizon 3's shitty optimalization and even with a 212 Evo it never gets...
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    I have Corsair RAM in one of the PC's in my house and it's pretty nice
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    Best way to mass-move programs to another drive?

    I'm going to replace my main HDD with another one and I don't want to reinstall all the old games (and maybe other things I don't remember right now) that are there. I've heard of Acronis but it doesn't seem like it will do anything to the registry entries and i'm scared of things not working...
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    Finding the best high-static fans for Radiators.

    You can get Speedfan to control them based on HDD's built in temp sensors
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    Your favourite way of testing GPU stability

    Just like in the title, how do you guys like to test if your gpu oc is stable?
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    Monitoring software with graphs

    I'm looking for monitoring software that will show the data in the form of a graph, so I can put it on my second sreen and look at it while i'm playing. MSI afterburner does it pretty well, but it could be better. I don't really need a program like that but I really like looking at them I'd...
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    Any real advantage to having a cpu that supports hyper-threading?

    Hmm...I've properly set Cinebench to run on 6 threads and I get the same results. I've repeated the test 3 times for both ht on and off and the results were consistent
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    New build advice

    You propably can get positive air pressure if you spin your intake fans fast enough. How fast depends on what fans you'll have. I'm not experienced enough to tell you how much airflow they will give depending on speed. You could estimate using their max airflow values and how max airflow changes...
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    Monitoring software with graphs

    I'm looking for something like MSI Afterburner's detachable monitoring thing but with some additional features like putting multiple things on one graph or choosing what colors different lines on the graph have
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    Physx card for a 1070

    Thanks for the advice guys. You saved a perfectly good card from sitting on a shelf until a new, good physx game comes out :)
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    Physx card for a 1070

    I wasn't going to buy a new card just for physics but when I'll get my 1070 I'll have a 750ti just lying around and I was wondering if there's any point in reusing it for physx. I've looked at some tests and it seems like it makes a noticable difference for games that use physx (though there are...
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    Physx card for a 1070

    I'm going to get my 1070 next week and I'm thinking about putting a dedicated physx card alongside it. I want to know if a 2GB 750ti with a stable 1290MHz core clock is fast enough or would I get more performace with something better as a physx card? And if a 750ti is enough then would a 650ti...