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    it leaked

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    4400+ X2 hit a wall

    Definitely voltage.
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    12V rail is reading 11.79 in bios. Should I increase the voltage?

    That's less than 2%. You should be fine.
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    Finally! How's this OC look to you?

    i blame my ram. i paid out the ass for it and it's barely stable at 200mhz.
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    Finally! How's this OC look to you?'s not at all stable at that speed, but it's fun to look at
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    Airflow For Black Ice Pro II?

    just get a fan controller. if you really want a fan recommendation, try panaflo.
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    Increasing tubing size will increase performance?

    Well, my 2-302 had 1/2" tubing so he might just be able to slip 1/2" tubing over it.
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    Has anyone tried this yet? ViaAqua?

    i heard they die after six months or so. you should try the "search" feature. i know there's a thread on it.
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    order of cooling

    if you have res you'll want to put it before the pump so it'll prime itself. just do whatever you gives you the shortest/easiest tubing for the rest of it.
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    1st WC'ed Rig...Opinions??

    i didn't get the extra nozzles, either.
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    Got Chenming the heck am I supposed to mount my radatior.

    It's actually not *that* big a deal if pull air from inside the case through the rad. Since you've already moved the major heat sources into the loop the air inside won't be much warmer than ambient.
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    finishing watercooling install....have question

    i always connect the green and the black pin nearest the green. probably comes out to the 4th and 6th. oh, i use a paperclip for that.
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    Got Chenming the heck am I supposed to mount my radatior.

    that radiator is junk. you'll have more noise for less cooling with that. i can't believe anyone who reads this forum would buy an 80mm rad, dual or no. just do the math on surface area for a 120mm rad versus surface area on a dual 80mm rad. also, since the heatercore would be cheaper you'll...
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    Canadian SIghts With Qauality Waterblocks?

    site, not sight
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    Plumbing Advice Needed

    you should do whatever gets you the shortest lines. it's good to have the res before the pump tho.
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    Project "Oh So Clean"

    aluminum heatsinks make flakums cry
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    dangerden DDC-12v pump doesn't want to start when powered up...little help

    Algae really isn't that big a deal. I ran my loop for several months on distilled water with no problems whatsoever. edit: 10% zerex 90% distilled water seems to be the recommended mixture around here.
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    DangerDen cracks?

    i've heard it can happen, but have never seen a first hand account of one cracking. you could always pay the extra $6 for the bronze.
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    Air pocket in CPU block, does not go away.

    try tightening your hose clamps. it's possible that air is getting in there.
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    water pump

    you might find something like this useful, too:
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    Shipping watercooled box across the atlantic? good or bad?

    i'd just take it apart before shipping i were you. you'd have to do it anyway since you're going to have to leak test again.
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    beyond tv, sage tv, etc. which do you like seems to have all you need for getting ATI + tvout working.
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    water pump

    I'm sure your power supply is enough. My dangerden d4 pump draws something like 24 watts. not even a fart in the wind to a PS like yours. The big difference between AC pumps and DC pumps is that the AC ones need to be plugged into the wall. If you get a relay then you can have your AC pump...
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    beyond tv, sage tv, etc. which do you like

    Just remember to apt-get remove libdvdcss when you hear the feds a knocking
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    beyond tv, sage tv, etc. which do you like

    I think might be what you're looking for. I can't make any comment as to whether or not it actually works tho.
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    Is 740 GPH overkill?

    ya, that's it. i had too small a reservoir once and the water sloshed around so much all kinds of air was getting into the lines.
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    Is 740 GPH overkill?

    nope. doesn't work that way. you want the maximum temperature difference between the copper and the water. water just sitting in the block = bad. the only thing he'll really need to worry about is making sure his reservoir (assuming he's using one) is big enough to avoid having so much...
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    Water cooling something other than a PC

    Do you know how many watts your brew puts out? :D
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    beyond tv, sage tv, etc. which do you like

    Yeah, linux and the ATI AIW don't really mix. Nvidia cards and the hauppauge 250 get along great tho. In all honesty I've had bad luck with ATI and capturing. My PVR-350 is awesome now that I've gotten it 100% working. I cannot tell the difference between my TV tuner and playback of a...
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    noob questions for new htpc build.

    if you're planning on doing a Linux HTPC then you need to avoid Via motherboards at all costs. should be fine for a windows box.
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    beyond tv, sage tv, etc. which do you like

    mythtv for me. 100% GPL up in here
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    TDX nozzle gasket: manufacturer's defect?

    My temps were around 36C during summer and were as high as 42C before I took it apart. I haven't put it back together yet since I'm waiting on my new case. I'll be able to fit a 2-302 in it. I don't remember which size the o-ring was. I just brought the block with me and test fit them since...
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    this one is going to be mean. :)

    as long as you're at it you should leave a place to keep your mountain dew cold!
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    Choose D.I.Y. over prefab kits.

    682kb isn't bad. next time make it even BIGGER. we will force the 56k'ers to the light whether they like it or not.
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    Watercooling AIW

    all you have to do is make sure they all have the same diameter fittings. i doubt anyone still makes aluminum water blocks so you don't need to worry about that.
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    this one is going to be mean. :)

    So are you putting your mobo and such in a separate box or going with a rack mount? I don't imagine you can just screw an ATX board into that thing.
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    TDX nozzle gasket: manufacturer's defect?

    mission accomplished! there's a huge difference between the soft foam washer that was on there before and the rubber o-ring i found. i still think i deserve a new one from DD. i'll let you guys know if they send me one anyway.
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    TDX nozzle gasket: manufacturer's defect?

    Sounds good to me. i'm off to lowe's to find washers.
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    this one is going to be mean. :)

    are you going to use one of those codegen übercases that look as though they were constructed of two regular mid tower cases welded together?