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    Texas Bill Aims to Stop Companies from "Throttling" Internet Service during Disasters

    Hmm, didn't a federal organization propose a rule that would have stopped this from even being an issue?
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    HTC Sales Are down over 61% in 2018

    This decline is in near perfect parallel with my own reflection of the company. I can't recommend HTC to my friends and family after my own experiences with their hardware failures in my HTC 10 phone and customer support to get a freakin official HTC image to flash my phone. Using HTC makes me...
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    The Next AAA Publisher Crash May Already be Here

    I don't buy the idea the AAA companies are crashing. This isn't a crash - it's a market correction triggered by investors waking up to the "same old formula" fact we've known in the gaming world for years. Why a "correction" and not a "crash"? Look at each of these stocks he's mentioned over...
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    Blockchain Secured Voting via a Smartphone App Has Gone Live in West Virginia

    All the editing that went into this video to put this all together, and you couldn't get the audio to loop without an awkward pause in the dead center of the video?
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    When I lived in China, there was a similar device we had on our kitchen sink faucet. I don't think the electric circuitry was nearly as strong, but it did the similar thing of heating water on the fly. We never opened it up, so not sure if it had the same lack-of-safety in the design, but it...
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    China Lacks the Decades of Sustained Investment to Compete as a Tech Innovator

    Very true! But if you put your guanxi at risk too much, they'll abandon you. Not only do you not get the advantages of moving up the proverbial rungs of society, but you'll also lose the protection from corruption and accusations your guanxi often can shield you from. I witnessed this - or...
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    China Lacks the Decades of Sustained Investment to Compete as a Tech Innovator

    So much of the issue in China is a cultural one. Ingrained in centuries of Confucius teachings comes a belief that to become a master, you don't challenge other masters' ideas with new ones directly, but emulate other masters' ideas and maybe build upon them. In other words, say what they say...
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    Crackdown 3 May Be Delayed Until 2019

    Am I the only one concerned that a group of 4 people require 12-14 cloud servers alone to support their destruction?! How many servers are they looking at buying/leasing/supporting to support the millions of potential players?!
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    Facebook Adding Ads to the Marketplace

    I'm not sure how this is "lame." I mean, if there's an appropriate place for a company to put ads, it's in a place where people are actively thinking about spending money.
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    Comcast Cord Cutters Shunned...AGAIN

    Come on 5G, so I can ditch the cable company altogether....
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    AMD's focus moving to the Intel partnership has potentially released SOME pressure off of NVIDIA, but the real thanks for a lack of new card is cryptomining. After all, why release a new product when you still can't keep your old one in stock after nearly 2 years of manufacturing? Milking the...
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    And when your customers STILL can't get your current iteration of GPUs at MSRP due to strong demand, it makes sense they would (potentially) slow down the release cycle for the next iteration and milk this one for all it's worth, and instead turn some of that R&D money - let alone massive GPU...
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    Exactly what I'm talking about. Points that he wants to be more important than they are. Is it cool? Yeah it is. Is it as cool as he's making it out to be? Absolutely not.
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    Exactly. It's like there are certain points he WANTS to be important, even though half or them are not. And those that ARE important don't need to be repeated 15 times!
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    Is it THIS presentation or does Huang normally repeat certain phrases back to back over and over?
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    Flight Sim Labs Adds DRM aka Malware to its Airbus

    "You steal from us? Fine! We'll steal from you!" Yeah, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen, and certainly won't hold up in US courts. Two wrongs don't make a right.
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    Smart Stupid People Click Phishing Links

    Had a coworker who came from Lockheed Martin. He talked about how earlier this decade (around 2010-2012 -ish) a coworker had plans for a new stealth fighter. That same coworker had limewire installed on his WORK computer for listening to music. Low and behold one file ended up in the wrong...
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    Hey! You POS!

    I'm really looking forward to custom trigger words! I really hope this comes to the Google Home Mini - something my wife got me for Christmas. I've wanted to change it's name to something like GlaDos or HAL or even the more Trekkie name of Computer.
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    Li-Fi to the Rescue

    The article really didn't talk about any of the cons of this technology, so I'm just not sure. Wouldn't this suffer from the same issues as other IR technologies, such as not being able to pass through walls or objects? If you're using light frequencies instead of radio frequencies, wouldn't...
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    New Samsung Battery Tech Could Lead to 45% Increased Capacity, 5x Faster Charging

    Been waiting for this to hit the shelves since I read about the breakthrough back in 2012. 5+ years later, still waiting....
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    Black Friday 2017: More Consumers Want Laptops than Smartphones

    I've been working on a spreadsheet of the various black friday laptop deals for myself and friends/family, listing their specs and giving my own personal evaluation of the value of the price. Holy crap! In years past, there was like 10-15 laptops total. Now, there's like 10-15 laptops for...
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    NASA Goes Back to Chainmail for New Rover Tires

    Montu, you've got to stop sharing videos with random starting points in the middle - or in this case, at the very end - of the video. Just post the link, not the link with the time stamp. Every single video you've shared today has had a random, insignificant starting point when we click play...
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    More than a Billion Android Devices Are Out of Date

    Yup, sitting here with my Galaxy S4 by my side, running 5.0.1 Lollipop. Hoping to upgrade to a year-old HTC 10 after Black Friday hits and people put their used phones up for sale online.
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    Amazon Developing a Free, Ad-Supported Version of Prime Video

    No, it's not the ads people are sick of, it's the large fees with contracts and bundling of crap you don't want (like a landline phone). Hulu has been extremely successful and they've maintained ads in their main tier. Spotify has ads in it's free streaming service, which I used for several...
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    Air Force General: China Is Advancing in Space Five Times as Quickly as the US

    China is on a ten year journey to organizational space? The same China that currently has a space station slowly falling uncontrollably from orbit? Yeah, it's important to be concerned and aware, but I think 10 years is quite a stretch. I'm sure the regulation points are mostly valid and...
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    Windows 7 Won’t Shrink Fast Enough

    Sitting here typing this on my Win7 work machine. The company didn't even allow Win10 on their system until last year. My Win7 machine is set to be replaced next year when it's fully depreciated. At that time, I fully expect to get a Win10 machine, as many employees around me have.
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    Consumer Reports Refuses to Recommend Microsoft Surface Book 2

    As software engineers, my coworkers have been very unhappy with their Surface Books. One manager (who still writes code on a daily basis) left his phone ontop of his closed surface book at home one night. The heat from the phone mixed with the heat from the surface caused warping in the case...
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    Humans as a Multiplanetary Species

    He seems really uncomfortable during this speech. Maybe being in front of large groups makes him uncomfortable. Maybe his speech impediment simply gives this allusion of being uncomfortable even when he's not. I don't think it takes away from his message (let alone his proven leadership...
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    Killer Robots...Are Going to Put a Smile on Your Face

    When getting any sort of dental procedure, my dentist stops at my slightest flinch and applies more numbing agent if I feel ANYTHING! After several procedures (turns out I wasn't as invincible as I thought I was in my early 20s and paid for it dearly in multiple ways) he learned that I need at...
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    Equifax Hired a Music Major as Chief Security Officer

    Quite possibly the best post in this entire thread.
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    How to Live without Google

    "Remove Google from your life? Yes, it can be done, according to a competitor." No doubt there is some truth in this, I just the premise... obvious. It's like "Breaking: US says North Korea Bad!" Sure DuckDuckGo might provide decent results, and their paid email service might be good, but...
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    Tesla Extends Range on Cars to Help Owners Avoid Hurricane Irma

    This right here is one of the many reasons why I won't be getting an electric vehicle any time soon (beyond the super high price point). I don't always need to drive 300 miles in a single trip, but when I do, I want a vehicle that can meet my needs. Not living in a large metropolitan area like...
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    Hollywood Blames Rotten Tomatoes for "Summer from Hell"

    My wife got an email from a local theater for a free movie ticket from their email club for her birthday. We looked over the upcoming movies to see if there's anything worth watching for us, and thus paying for my ticket - after all, who wants to go to the movies alone? We're strongly...
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    Wisconsin Company Offers Employees Microchip Implants

    I'm surprised there are so many people here against this idea of a simple RFID chip. It's pretty much a purely convenience factor much more convenient than trying to remember my badge every day. Everyone acts like this is the worst thing in the world, but it's more low-tech than most...
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    Stanford University Dumps Java as Introductory Programming Language

    Despite it's shortcomings Javascript is heavily used, lightweight, and growing in popularity thanks to Google spearheading the Angular framework. No doubt it has shortcomings, but it also doesn't need to be compiled, and thus doesn't require a specific bulky IDE. It's light-weight and...
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    China Will Block All VPNs by February 2018

    After spending several years living over there, I can attest to how important it was to have a VPN. I can also attest to how difficult it was to obtain freelancing positions due to such governmental regulations. I'm curious to see how many foreign companies begin to pull operations out of...
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    Young Men Are Playing Video Games Instead of Getting Jobs

    In the 90s it was TV, today it's video games. Different medium, similar situation.
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    The Government May Not Let Amazon's Big Deal with Whole Foods Happen

    Doesn't Whole Foods focus more on organic and non-pesticidal foods, as well as other specialty items? Although Kroger might be a strong competitor, it could be argued that Walmart is a "substitute" at best given the lack of direct competition in this sub-market. It's really hard for me to see...
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    Ubisoft Announces Another Assassin's Creed Game at E3

    You're a bit late there Kyle. Seth beat ya to it yesterday. :)
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    More Internet Users Watch Streaming Video Than Cable

    I get ads from Spectrum (formerly TWC in my area) to take my internet from $50/month to "Just $30/month!"... if I also get cable at $30/month and home phone at $30/month. Yeah, let's go from $50/month for just internet to $90/month for crap I don't want so I can feel like I'm getting a "deal"...