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    Why OLED for PC use?

    This statement has no basis in factual data at this time. While the Alienware offers a 3 year warranty against burn in this in no way means there will be no burn in. We need long term testing to know this for sure.
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    7950X vs 7950X3D, which one and why?

    X3D chips look great in benchmarks but in the real world the impact is less noticeable. The extra cache is only impactful for SOME games and so you're paying for a part time upgrade. Further these new chips are only adding the extra cache to one side of the dual chiplette, this means it will be...
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    Which Gaming monitor? LG 42 C2? AW3423? Or AW3821?

    I got a C2 42" and i love it.
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    Which Gaming monitor? LG 42 C2? AW3423? Or AW3821?

    100% agree, would not by an OLED online, want local protection. In the end I chose Microcenter over Best Buy however, Microcenter actually has accident insurance with their warranty. Even if I drop the display, they replace it.
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    Which Gaming monitor? LG 42 C2? AW3423? Or AW3821?

    I have had my C2 42 for a month now and every other monitor in the house looks like crap. The contrast on this thing is beyond belief, I do not even run HDR in most games, the difference is still amazing. I considered the 34" display as I enjoy ultrawide gaming sometimes. I went into Radeon...
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    Just got mine a few days ago... WOW :-) love this thing.
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    Millionman LAN is coming up in July. Close to 300 attending.
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    I just ordered a C2 42" and cannot wait to start playing with it.
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    ASUS 25" 500hz TN panel

    This is very much a "specialty" monitor. The target is competitive gamers and unless you're playing at a pro level, or think you are, this monitor makes no sense.
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    Down to Two Options (FV43U vs FO48U)

    Okay I am down to two choices I am looking at for my new display. The Gigabyte AORUS FV43U for $699 or the AORUS FO48U for $999. Both will fit on my desk without an issue (96"x30" :) ) I am just not sure if the OLED is worth the extra $300 (almost 50%). The FV43U has been rated well for contrast...
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    Decisions Decisions

    I have found a couple of desk mounts that offer some level of control and can handle the weight of a 48" TV.
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    Decisions Decisions

    I have been looking at the Acer, Gigabyte and Asus models and the Gigabyte seems to be the best reviewed. Lighting in my room is a none issue as the room is fairly dark and I get next to no sunlight in here, yes I know that is sad. The window in the room is directly behind me so I use wood...
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    Decisions Decisions

    My current desk is 80cm but I am looking at a new top that is 100cm so I should be okay for size.
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    Decisions Decisions

    So I am right now fighting myself as I decide on a new monitor. I want to move to 4K but older eyes means the need for a larger display. I am debating the 43" displays out there right now as well as a 48" OLED. This will be 100% for computer use; from web browsing, to office work, to a lot of PC...
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    The actual game play is not the load issue for most larger events. The big issue is the game updating where you have 100+ PCs at once hammer a network at full load to get a bunch of Steam updates. Steam caching servers help a lot with this.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Started some old games the other day. Back playing Pillars of Eternity and also eyeballing the enhanced versions of Baldur's Gate and Nverwinter Nights.
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    There is no doubt that this has had a negative impact on the LAN Party. However, internet gaming still lacks to true interpersonal experience of the LAN event. While LAN Parties have shrunk, I feel like the core of these parties is more hard core than ever. A LAN Party is not about gaming...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I personally hate the DLC they have offered for Far Cry 6, it feels lazy. They did nothing to expand the game really, just stole old ideas for mini games.
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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    I look at OLED and really love the amazing image quality. For me one of the concerns is the high cost and then add in 4K. I want the display for gaming, the primary need with some media consumption and web browsing as the rest. I do not need the massive screen area afforded by a 4K display but...
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    Xproto itx gaming case

    Invest and right angle extensions or cables to make a clean build.
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    Most popular OS's (2009-2021)

    Not sure why this comparison matters since it muddles together different devices that do not go against each other in the market place.
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    Looking for a program to fill in the negative space in Win 11 missing side Taskbar

    Would love to see something that would work with Radeon Software monitoring.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Played Ghost Recon Breakpoint all weekend.
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    LANWAR/Millionman LAN still takes place. They tried for their JAN event this year but where forced to cancel due to Covid. Still shooting for their July event. NETWAR is scheduled for early April in Nebraska. There is still PDXLAN in Portland and Windy City in Chicago.
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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    I wonder and am curious to hear others thoughts, on if we will see OLED trickle down into 1440 and 1080 monitors.....
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    LG 48CX

    Since you seem to need a monitor now, I would look at the 48" C1. The fascination with the 42" is mostly, I feel, due to people having smaller desks.
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    Gigabyte AORUS FO48U 48" 4K 120Hz OLED

    Depending on the desk, I guess. It seems a lot of PC users have 24" or even 28" depth desks. I had 30" and just replaced the top with 36", I prefer a nice deep desk.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    I have been looking at large monitors lately and this one has been on my radar, also the ROG SWIFT. Still however considering a LG C1... Mostly for gaming but also need to be able to do some work on it as well. Mostly web based stuff with Word, power Point and Excel as well as some photo editing.
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    If anyone gives a poop about 3d printed cases

    I look at 3D printed cases and realize I can make pretty much the same thing out of wood for less time and total cost. Plus a wood case with a nice stain looks awesome.
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    Which 500gb NVME M2 SSD would you recommend?

    I have used Inland Professional drives and been very happy. Also like Crucial P5 Plus
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    Xproto itx gaming case

    Would love to see them design some clip on outer metal shells that you can put on for transport.
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    SSUPD Meshlicious

    Watch temps as I have seen cases with this hanging style cause GPU hotspot temps to be higher. Using the same card in an NR200 vs an XProto I saw the core temp rise about 8C despite the edge temp being lower in the Xproto. Turned the Xproto on it's side and temps at the core went down.
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    Budget SFF Box Build

    I wonder if you would not be better off with more RAM rather than faster. 32GB of DDR 3200 or even 3600? Also unless your going to regularly need the extra cores I would save the money and do a 5600G.
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    Help with components for 3080 TI gaming PC in NR200P case

    If you want the best info for building in an NR200 check out this YouTube channel. I have found that I prefer the NR200 to the 200P as I do not use the glass side panel. Using the vented side panel with a side mounted intake I am able to run a 5900X using a $50 (Big Shuriken 3) cooler ands...
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    Found a 3070, any reason to keep my 1080TI ?

    I would not sell off an extra card if you have it because you may need it. Sure you can make some money off it right now but if a friend had a system die or some other unforeseen situation happens your left spending a lot of money for a new card. As an Avid gamer I hold onto old cards even...
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    So, this thread made me decide to go back to my account just to see how things had progressed. I was an early backer, did not spend a lot, got a base game and one ship. When I logged into my account I can go see my ship and that is it. They are telling me I need to spend more money for a proper...
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    I had a nephew buy a motherboard from Newegg a couple of years back, the board was DOA and so we RMAed the board waiting for a replacement. With no notice after 2 weeks get got the package and it was the SAME board, same serial number and the box was opened and so on. No note or anything in the...
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    Is 2021 a dud for gaming?

    I am not prepared to say it is better until we have games in hand. The potential for a better year is here for sure but the realization of that better year has yet to be delivered.
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    Is 2021 a dud for gaming?

    I saw this thread, had this same discission with friendsa couple of weeks ago. There were no new releases in 2021 that really caught my attention. I ended up spending my gaming time with games a few years ago. Right now, I find myself playing Witcher 3, Mechwarrior 5 and Skyrim since there is...
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    I think we need to consider that we may never seen the same pricing levels we have seen in the past. The overall cost to produce a GPU has increased. The cost for the sub components and the chips as well. Then factor in the overall cost of shipping has massively increased. Now add part shortages...