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    Why didn't anyone tell me about these?

    I use these at our school board on drops where theres 2 computers and only 1 line. Maybe it depends on the quality of the splitter but not once have we had any problems with them over the 5+ years we've been using them. Most of our schools have gone through renovations now though and theyre...
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    renaming folders on vmfs

    Would you mind pointing me in the right direction with cold migration. What I've found online makes it look like it for moving VMs off of a SAN onto another one? I would like to keep my VMs data on the SAN where it is.
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    DVD to itunes/ipod

    didnt know handbrake was ported to windows. nevermind. thank you
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    DVD to itunes/ipod

    I've gotten my dvd discs ripped to my harddrive but I can not find <b>free</b> software to convert the .vob files to mp4. Im on Windows too, so Mac software wont work. I was trying to use Videora but it wont work with a dvd ripped by anything other than dvd decrypter I think (it only allows...
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    renaming folders on vmfs

    Long ago I created some VMs in ESX, that have now turned into different servers. I've renamed them in Virtual Center so they come up correctly there, but if I browse the datastore the folders show the old server name instead of what I've renamed them to. I know this has no bearing on...
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    Cisco 3550, dscp marking for QoS

    Judging by my logs; %QM-4-CLASS_NOT_SUPPORTED: Classification is not supported in classmap BESTEFFORT It doesn't like my match access-group 10, but how else should I be matching my 10 network if not like that???
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    Cisco 3550, dscp marking for QoS

    :confused:I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I have been going through our archaic QoS setup and re-writing a new one to be a lot more streamlined and my dscp markings don't seem to be working.I'll post the relevant stuff below to see if anyone can help me with some ideas as to why its not...
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    Internal cd/dvd drives--Optiplex GX620--sff

    Yes, theyre the exact same as drives that you can get for laptops. We have the newer 755 and 760 SFF Dells and recently purchased a bunch of drives through them
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    New Mac Mini (Official Now)

    that 128mb of video ram is only when youre running with 1gb of system ram, if you put 2gb of ram in your system it will up it to 256mb of video ram. still it seems pretty overpriced, but then again its an apple. and it does have its place
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    how to replace failed drive on my Dell server? (scsi raid 5)

    Just wanted to chime in with a little tid bit of info since you seem kind of nervous. Without a hotspare youre raid array can't rebuild itself when a drive fails, this means that if you pull out the wrong drive or another fails all your data is lost. If the server can take it, I would try and...
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    Dell Mini 9 media card

    I picked up a mini9 the other day and even with the 16gig hard drive theres not much space for everything. I want to add an SD card or MMC so that I can get another 16-32gigs of space. Just wondering what cards people have bought for it, and if it supports SDHC cards?
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    Brute-force login attack

    I'm getting the following on one of my Linux servers; Oct 30 11:49:52 nmc sshd[5628]: User root not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers Oct 30 11:49:53 nmc sshd[5710]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN ATTEMPT! Oct 30 11:49:53 nmc...
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    Simple Shell Code, Trouble with SUDO

    This might be the wrong place, but I thought I'd try here first. I've got the following backup script on ubuntu; #!/bin/sh # remote login LOGIN=***** # backup server IP BSERVER= # get today's day of the week (ie: Tuesday) DATE=`date +%A` # remote directory to backup...
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    little concerned about MS RDC being to easy...

    If you're connecting to a remote PC it wouldn't supply the connecting client with a username, so it would have to be the local computer adding it in.
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    little concerned about MS RDC being to easy...

    Actually having no password is more secure than having a password, nothing will work remotely if you do not have one set, so your friend must have done something else to gain access. RDC is secure as you want it to be, I don't want to say everyone, but it is used A LOT in enterprise because it...
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    Cisco question (1900 switch)

    Looks like maybe you dont have an IOS on the switches
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    plain as it gets
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    Poor reception with my cell phone.

    dont know how far youre willing to go. but i got my work place to shell out for something like this; because we couldnt recieve any calls on our work cellphone. now we have 5 bars over the whole...
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    Need Help Config Cisco 851W Router/switch

    It just hasnt leanred any MAC addresses yet. Add other computers to the ports and starting pining around. The table won't fill in unless theres activity or traffic passing through the switch
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    Disk showing half size.

    Does it show up as 60GB in another computer, maybe a platter failed and SMART disabled it... although I dont think it can do that
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    Wireless VLAN - Not sure?

    Or instead of a managed switch, you could just run all your wireless access points back to an unmanged switch that doesn't connect to your internal network, and then have an uplink to a box or router that can segregate the traffic. That way your wireless data is seperate and you dont need to...
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    Simple batch script help

    Thanks guys, it looks like that last one works, I found this though and it seems to work too, thought I'd post it just in case anyone else ever wonders. echo n | gpupdate /force
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    Simple batch script help

    Im trying to do a gpupdate /force without user intervention but at the end it comes up with a 'OK to logoff?. (Y/N)' and I want to auto answer no. Is there anyway to do this in a batch script @echo off gpupdate /force echo N Something like that, but actually works? Thanks!
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    Halp! - Windows Media Services 2008

    Hopefully someone here has done this and can help me out. I have two ACTI IP dome cameras that I want to use to stream some stuff for our school (soccer tournaments, grad, etc). They can do a number of different streaming types (RTP, multicast, TCP) but none of those work or can get restreamed...
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    maxed out SN95G5

    Well its supposedly does take the opteron 185, but alas Ill just have to do with the 180. I dont really know if my next computer will be a shuttle again, although we'll see in a year or two. Your shuttle definately looks pretty sweet, with AM2 what is the fastest proc now that you can put in it?
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    maxed out SN95G5

    Well I finally went and ordered a 3850 for my shuttle After all is said and done the innards will be; Opteron 180 2x OCZ 1GB Western Dgital 320GB HD Sapphire 3850 and a normal DVDRW From what Ive read the little 240W PSU should be able to handle all of this which is pretty sweet if...
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    new WD6400AAKS in stock @ NE, ships to canada and great prices
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    Wireless & Gigabit Switch

    What youre looking for is a wireless bridge that you can then connect to the switch with the 5 computers. The computers will go to the switch, the switch will go to the wireless bridge, and the wireless bridge will connect to the wireless network you have setup
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    Switch recommendations.

    Depends where in your network its going. If its a Core, Access, Distribution switch it will make a difference. Im guessing its an access switch in which case I would save youre money and just go with a 2950-48. I cant see you needing any layer 3 stuff which is the only compelling reason I...
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    How did you get your break?

    When I was 16 I co-oped with the School Board's (District to you US people) IT dept for a semester. Then I worked as a helpdesk student over the next couple summers with them. The pay wasn't that great, something like 10$/h but the amount of hands on stuff I was doing was great. A lot of...
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    HD playback with 3850

    Now that the AGP 3850 is available, I have an older shuttle, SN95G5 with an AMD 3000+ 939. I think its 1.83ghz and a single core. Im just wondering since most of the codec processing is offloaded from the CPU to the videocard would this setup be able to handle HD content and blu-ray dvds?/
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    exchange server help

    iphone software v2 is going to have exhange support and push email i think. might want to check into that
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    Monitor Internet Bandwidth?

    Id go with cacti over mrtg. little bit newer, very easy to setup.
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    Nine Free NIN Tracks

    I went all out for the mega super deadly deluxe package. Ive been a fan since the start and while I usually dislike any of his new albums, they tend to grow on me, and quite quick at that after a couple listens, espcially after he plays them live. Like the other guy said, he needs to go on...
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    exchange server help

    exchange doesnt have incomming outgoing so to say. Its just an exchange server, and if you dont have that option on the iphone you'll have to setup your sever or imap or pop3 or whatever else you want to use
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    Why doesn't my "scroll pad" work with remote desktop?

    Its just software limitations of your trackpad software. With my mouse I can't use my forward and back buttons through VNC or RDS either
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    3G = CMDA iPhone?

    Dang, just did a little more reading, youre right. There goes my hopes of using an iPhone in my shitty area with CDMA service only
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    3G = CMDA iPhone?

    3G iPhone? FA "UBS also believes that 3G-enabled iPhones will be released by mid-year" Does the above story mean that a CDMA iPhone is coming eventually or is 3G just another network that GSM phones can use?
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    Deny rouge computers

    At the school board I work for, were starting to have problems with students bringing their laptops in and plugging into the network. Because were giving out DHCP they get an address and can use the network however they want without any group policy taking place. I was wondering if there is...