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    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    Unable to be upgraded after specc'ing during purchase. 1) It's Apple, they've been cutting off tinkerers for years 2) It's an SoC, rather than discrete CPU/GPU, so it's all a single, soldered, and un-socketed package on the logic board
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    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    As somebody who likes to record externally in ProRes on my Atomos... These new MacBook Pros are going to be a significant upgrade with the built-in ProRes decoder/encoder accelerators on the SoC. Having a 1000nit-sustained display is going to be great for HLG workflows too. These are going to be...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Terrible day in shuffle-land. Even if I win I will feel like I lost with these combos.
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    4/20 New Apples errryday

    New iPad Pro seems like complete overkill. Although the display tech seems niiiicee
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    3090 FE or 3090 FTW3

    I would keep FE only if SFFPC or custom water-cooling were my jam. Otherwise, FTW3
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    I can get a RTX 3070 for MSRP (actual MSRP) should I ?

    Buy now, think about whatever else later (y)
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    IDK. I see tons of folks on eBay still buying GPUs, even older ones, at crazy prices.
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    What cpu to get? 3600, 3800 or 3900.. cooling is not an issue..

    I would start at 3600, use it, be happy with it and wait til next gen.
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    IBM Deskstar 75GXP

    This hard drive is what made me start researching PC parts more in depth
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    Apple’s A12Z Processor Confirmed to Reuse A12X Silicon

    This is the iPad 3 all over again. It is going to get obsoleted soon and not worth the upgrade over the 2018 model.
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    Creative releases Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Gaming Sound Card

    Is a discrete sound card worth it for general computing? or more for audiophile use?
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    Best Rechargable Batteries?

    Other folks have mentioned but the IKEA batteries are wonderful
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    Best TIM that is easy to spread

    Gelid GC-Extreme is my go-to easy to spread, high performance paste.
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    Winux could effectively kill off macOS.
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    Windows Embraces New Space-Squeezing Photo Format

    Apple doesn't lock anybody into HEIF to keep them in a walled garden. When sharing from an Apple device, images/videos get converted to standard JPEG/H.264 on-the-fly for the sake of maintaining compatibility.
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    MacBook Users Claim Apple Overstates Standby Battery Life and Resists Repairs

    Anecdotal, but this is not my experience with Apple Support and my MacBook Pro battery. I have a 4+ year old 15" MBP, completely out of warranty. I recently took it in precisely because I was having some battery issues. They are replacing it free of charge, given that I have to wait for my...
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    DisplayMate: iPhone X Has the Best Smartphone Display Ever Created

    Yeah I think Samsung's manufacturing expertise helped Apple with their patents.
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    DisplayMate: iPhone X Has the Best Smartphone Display Ever Created

    1. The actual pentile pixel structure is slightly different and the sub-pixel fill rate is higher 2. Apple has stated that they did a custom design (unless you believe they're lying to everybody) 3. Apple's display team carries OLED patents (20160204366 and 20140042406) that seem to have made it...
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    DisplayMate: iPhone X Has the Best Smartphone Display Ever Created

    I don't see how some folks see this as some sort of spin from Displaymate. AFAIK, they're extremely well regarded in the field of display knowledge and expertise. It would be like calling out a Kyle review as BS. Just a few weeks ago they crowned the Note 8 as the best mobile display ever, so I...
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    App Developer Access to iPhone X Face Data Spooks Some Privacy Experts

    Article from Reuters reeks of FUD.
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    Gary Explains why Qualcomm Get Whipped by Apple

    SD to Lightning adapter. Here's a YouTube vid of Tony Northrup using iPad for editing:
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    Tried selling my KS8000 everywhere, and in spite I put it on my computer desk...

    I have a 65KS8000. Anybody else have issues with seeing micro stutters? Like on some content, there appears to be frame drops. This happens on live TV, Netflix, and Blu Ray.
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    Gary Explains why Qualcomm Get Whipped by Apple

    Here's a personal use case scenario: As a photography hobbyist, I find using the current generation iPad Pro (A10X) a dream come true in conjunction with Mobile Lightroom/Photoshop, especially when traveling. I can make about 90% of the edits I would make in desktop Lightroom/Photoshop, and it...
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    One Lone Dude in Line for the new iPhone 8

    Right, because no company should ever profit from their products. The suicide issue seems like an industry-wide problem, not an isolated Apple-centric issue. They get the press for it, so they're obviously guilty by association, but so is most of the industry. I guess the solution would be to...
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    One Lone Dude in Line for the new iPhone 8

    Here's where I think smartphones, even expensive ones, are a "value" to many people, and those people are far from the demographic that knows and reads [H], much less dives into the forums. To many people, their smartphone is their only and primary device for the following use cases: general...
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    Why so excited for the iPhone X ? It's the same old thing running boring iOS

    We're on [H] -- And quibbling over SOFTWARE differences between iOS and Android. Use what you prefer between the 2 like installing Linux or Windows on your PC... But have you seen the rumored CPU specs on the "iPhone X?" It looks like it will put any Snapdragon to shame... In fact, when...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I'm looking to upgrade from Radeon 290x. I don't have a High Refresh Monitor yet. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to get Vega56+Freesync or GTX 10xx+Gsync. The cost of 1440p IPS Gsync still scares me off going Nvidia.
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    Teens React To Windows 95

    Are they dumb and uncultured, or is OP just old? Legit question, though. If you're born in the 80's, you would say these same things about a punch-card terminal.
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    Is mushkin a good memory brand?

    I remember in the old AMD Athlon days, they were AMAZING, among the best of the best. They may just be run-of-the-mill at this point, as I see most folks going Corsair/G.Skill.
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    2016 Call of Duty in development by Infinity Ward

    So tired of COD games now. There's not enough differentiation in them anymore. I would hope they take a break for a year (yeah, right), and put some time into getting something GREAT on the market rather than something just good enough.
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    Help finding a new Mechanical Keyboard

    I'm having a hard time finding a place that has all of the different Cherry MX switches on display. I would love to compare in person.
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    Why did video cards stop having extra ram?

    I think higher-end RAM configs on mid-range cards would eat into and cannibalize higher-end product lines. Imagine a 970 with 6GB VRAM. Majority would have bought that over the 980 4GB variety.