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    Hi, I am trying to fit the same radiator into my Metis as you did on this picture...

    Hi, I am trying to fit the same radiator into my Metis as you did on this picture, but the radiator is wider than the space allowed by the mounting hole, what did you do to make the radiator fit?
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    660 Ti or 670

    It is now possible to get the PNY GTX 670 at $260s range via the promotion... At that price, I can't see any reason to go with GTX 660 Ti anymore... You can sell the game to friends at $20~$30 each to bring the GTX 670 to the...
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    Official 660Ti Overclocking Thread

    I am doing testing with my PNY 660 Ti too, I would LOVE to hear how to get to 1300 as well = )
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    Official 660Ti Overclocking Thread

    What voltage are you running on to get this type of speed? Also, did you record the GPU temp and Fan Speed %?
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    Quadro 2000 overclocking

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    Which nVidia card for 3 x 24 Inch Displays

    If you intend to do 3 screen gaming, you need as much raw GPU power as possible and frame buffer too. So, if you got the funding, 680 4GB is likely the best to recommend. Or GTX 690, lol...
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    New HTPC card?

    If you are going to stick with the Nvidia, I will say go with the GT 640, it's the lowest you can get and still using the newer Kepler core. I do believe the Kepler is very power efficient and it should be capable to do great with HTPC while support decent amount of games. It doesn't...
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    Using a copper penny as heatsink medium?

    I was just thinking about the samething, all the time and effort went into this... I would imagine it will be easier to pick up an used card from ebay instead. BUT, it's an interesting story...that's for sure.