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    LG 48CX

    Current lack of HDMI 2.1 capable graphics card. The upcoming rtx 3xxx should be 2.1 ready but that'll take a while
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    LG 48" OLED is coming

    Is it purely a matter of viewing distance as to why 55" screens don't work well for computer usage? Or are there other reasons? I've been thinking about moving to a 55" for PC usage, and i'll definitely increase the viewing distance to compensate. Just not sure if i'm missing other potential...
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    Reeven Justice 120mm CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    haha, i was checking out their lower profile coolers. Not many reviews compared to some of the other SFF heatsinks, but seems to be a good performer too. hmm i wonder if the bends make a difference, now that you mention it. Though, i'd think after all these years of heatpipe technology, these...
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    Thinking about going ITX or mATX and smaller. Any unforeseen drawbacks?

    ^ Great casing suggestions. I think those itx casings have the least compromise for the volume. One thing to add - do not obsess over the internal volume so much. I did that at first and many itx casings seemed way too large considering the internal volume. But this is necessary to accommodate...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I read through the change log for the different versions, has anyone actually upgraded from the older ncase versions to the newer ones? Did you find the upgrade worthwhile?
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    H100i in a Fractal Design Arc Midi case mini review

    What you could do is find the measurements of the MSI/Gigabyte tube length, then do a rough estimation with measuring tape to see if it's long enough. I'm sure you could get the tube length information from msi/gigabyte or online
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    Reeven Justice 120mm CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Numbers in the test results are impressive. If only i could get it to fit into my small itx builds...
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    Micro-stutter - 2600K, 2x 6950 (ShaderUnlocked), 8GB GSkill 1333 CAS7

    the stuttering is caused by the c300, not anything else
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    Intel RMA experiences?

    Intel probably has the best RMA procedure. So smooth and easy
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    Latest i7 vs C2Q benchmarks from Xbitlabs

    i noticed the same thing. i had a 4850 + e8400 oced to 4ghz. In heavy firefights - which happen almost all the time - i couldn't get decent FPS (>60). I downgraded to a 8800GT but at the same time upgraded to a q9550. To my surprise, my minimum fps went up even at the exact same settings...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    seriously? I hope that doesn't mean they suck.. cos i'm getting them in a few hours' time. By the way, i hope you did see the leg at the left side, cos it's looks like an A leg, or am i wrong? :confused:
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    Ikea desk gallery

    I'm pretty sure this is a Galant, but can someone double confirm it with me? And no, the seller doesn't know what model it is lol
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    Ikea desk gallery

    It'll work then, great!
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Awesome desks!! I just got myself a Galant, it's this model. I'm thinking of getting this extension, but i'm not sure if it'll fit. Almost every Galant extension i've seen extends the shorter end, but i guess i'm kinda weird and i prefer to extend the longer end cos it's broader. Will it work?
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    Dirt2 PC demo and Benched DX11

    Thanks for the upload, appreciate the effort. Yea, 1080p's working well and it looks very sweet! There's the button to select 720p/1080p; i think it takes awhile before it shows up, now it's there
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    What computer speakers are better than the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's??

    Impulse: Only if you're buying them straight off the audioengine site at MSRP ;) I've seen a couple of guys around here and in other forums that snagged them at pretty good prices. Can't remember how much exactly now, but it was in the 200+. That makes them great value :D I second the...
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    Looking for a Quality set of Headphones

    Yea, you probably do. But watch out for your hearing, those are dangerously high levels :eek:
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    Prototype on PC

    Game runs much smoother than i thought it would be; i'm on a q9550 + 4770, playing at 1920x1200 with maxed settings. FPS rarely dips; the graphics look pretty weak, but i guess that's compensated by the hu-uge game world that needs to be rendered. Loading is extremely fast too < - That...
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    Oh yea, forgot to mention it in the first pm; i'll take the q6600 + TRUE @ your price ^^...

    Oh yea, forgot to mention it in the first pm; i'll take the q6600 + TRUE @ your price ^^ Paypal's ready for you Thanks! Pls update me on the q6600 warranty status as well heh
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    Poor TF2 performance

    lol seems like i have a pretty similar story to most here. I was on a brisbane 3600 o/ced to 2.5ghz paired with a 8800GT; the fps was crappy - never above 80 and in firefights it'll crash rock bottom. Then i read all the stuff about how TF2 was sooo cpu-dependent. Sold those off, got an e8400...
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    Help: Thermal grease stuck INSIDE socket

    Great to know. I did what i could with soft bristles + isopropyl alcohol. Pretty sure i got rid of all the gunk on the pins themselves. Here's hoping the new owner of my mobo doesn't have any problems with it lol
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    Help: Thermal grease stuck INSIDE socket

    I was taking out my c2d processor out of the socket and to my horror, some thermal grease found its way into the LGA775 pins. I tried using some pointy metal tools to scrape the thing out but it's quite an uphill task. Anyone with ideas how i can remove them effectively without damaging the...
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    E5200 vs E7300 vs E8400 strictly FPS gaming

    But that's not taking into account how much the e8400 can oc
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    E8600 4.0Ghz @ 1.24v

    wow mate.. that's a monster you have. Excellent work!
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    q6600 ocing help!

    oh damn, yea. I had no idea what i was saying.. LOL i meant 1.3625. My bad. Hmm i'm running my ddr2 800 sticks @ 1:1 so it can't be that.
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    q6600 ocing help!

    I'm using a gigabyte p35 ds3p. I've read through most of the guides around, have my fsb and mch volts set to +0.2, trying for 4x800, which i've read, is hardly a problem for most q6600s. Anyway, i bumped the vcore to 3.0625 just for added stability. I primed the rig two days ago and i failed...
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    In a dilemma

    The E8500 deal was off; it was 20 bucks more for them compared to the quad. But i do have a e8400 on its way that will probably reach me after the new year. I'm still in two minds as to which chip i should keep. The quad does a wonderful job at multi tasking, but i'm not sure if i really...
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    In a dilemma

    Aight, i finally got my rig up and running. I downgraded from a 4850 to a 3870 and guess what, i'm getting twice my old fps with this new q6600. It's crazy how cpu dependent the source engine is lol.
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    Question about the q6600 g0 stepping

    Ok this is really odd. I'm gonna get a q6600 from this dude tomorrow and he told me he got it march 07. Here's the thing. The guy's a total klutz at this stuff, doesn't know what a g0/b3 is, so i got him to check out the product code. He said it's a SLACR. I'm kinda confused. I thought there...
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    AMD Athlon 2700 vs. Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Processor 2.66GHz

    The E7300 whips the 2.7ghz amd x2 (brisbane) ass any time
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    Is 35$ for a 8800GTS 320MB Good ?

    Bangin' deal. I'm mad jealous.. enjoy the card
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    Upgraded to a faster amd x2 6000+ got some questions now...

    Man, just get a friggin aftermarket cooler, and stop obsessing over it. My 3600+ used to run into the 60-70s regions for 6 months 24/7 and no problems whatsoever.
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    Give me your opinion on what I should do....

    Wait wait..water cooling just so your card won't die? That hardly sounds like a proper reason to go WCing. The single slot design is just fine. Tons of people have no issues with it and neither have i on my old 8800GT. If it really bothers you that much, why not just get a 3rd party hsf?
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    In a dilemma

    Ok i found this That pretty much confirms my suspicions. Actually i had a 8800GT for awhile prior to this 4850.. and although it was some time back, i remember quite clearly my fps was around the same for both cards, which makes no sense...
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    In a dilemma

    I currently have an amd 3600 o/ced to 2.8ghz paired with a 4850. Despite what many people say about higher resolution gaming being not that dependent on processor speeds, i can feel the lag, especially in crowded areas So now i have a e8500 on its way to fire up my pc's processing power...
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    HR-03 Rev. A and HD4850

    omfg man dude that's a crazy steal on the hsf. Where can i cop me some? They still available?
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    nForce 610i / GeForce 7050 - are these chipsets reliable?

    A friend of mine has that exact same board, and he's very pleased with it
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    Taking control of my 4850's power consumption

    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have the rivatuner setup file lying around, but i was afraid it would clash with the CCC so i didn't install it
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    Taking control of my 4850's power consumption

    So.. i got this card (asus 4850) a few days back and i'm loving the performance. I did, as per kyle's guide, take control of my fan speed too.. But i can't see why i need my card to run at 500/750 idle when i'm surfing the web/watching movies I've tried flashing my bios to the various...