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    Apple iPhone 4S - 16GB - Black (Verizon) + Otterbox - Ends 12/8/2012 - $298.99

    Buy It Now item @ $298.99 + $8.99 USPS Priority shipping.
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    Unlimited LTE version iPhone 5 question

    What if I were to do the same thing as the OP, but I currently don't have 4G (using a 4s now). Would my unlimited data plan remain untouched?
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    Missed call without reception = no missed call notification

    Roaming is already enabled. It looks like I need to port my current VZW number to Google unless I want to give everyone my new Google voice number. I don't think that will work for me. If I did port my number it would screw up my contract too. I am now trying out YouMail. Thanks!
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    Missed call without reception = no missed call notification

    I work in a building that makes even my VZW service drop to no signal. Occasionally it will regain weak reception but eventually drop out again completely. I've had a couple people try to call me during the times of no reception. Unless they leave a voicemail I have no idea they tried to call -...
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    Rate my build for a professional photographer

    If you don't already have one, consider buying a Spyder3Pro or similar calibration tool to ensure accurate color reproduction.
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    Origin sale live now 60% on 200+ titles

    D/L'ing BF3. Thanks OP.
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    13"ish laptop shopping...

    I ended up ordering a ASUS U31JG-A1 for myself. $450 for a refurb. The person I was originally shopping for is indecisive atm... I had a thinkpad before and loved it. X220 with an IPS screen looks awesome but went the budget route this time.
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    Droid Razr - special 11/11/11 price of 111.11

    So I'm in the middle of my contract, without a upgrade discount til July 2012, I think - can I get this for $229.99?!
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    13"ish laptop shopping...

    Thanks all; looking into those.
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    13"ish laptop shopping...

    I'm shopping for someone else. Not a whole lot of prerequisites except for for the following: 1) Needs to be light because of lap use which means... 2) Needs to dispense heat somewhat decently/not make a lot of heat 3) Decent battery life..a given, I think. 4) Well under $1k USD 5)...
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    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    Maybe I need to find newer/better drivers. Thanks for the replies. Hopefully DMA mode will stick for a while.
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    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    Just fixed it. I selected "uninstall driver" for the channel reporting PIO mode. Rebooted server, and just did a 70+MB/s transfer. Woot! All drives are connected via SATA cables FWIW.
  13. J

    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    My CPU goes to 100% or near it while doing large file transfers and becomes almost unusable (very sluggish). I checked my drives in device manager all channels are set to "DMA if available", but some of the channels read "Not Applicable" under the current state mode. Whats most worrisome is only...
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    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    34% full across 4 drives, 3.3TB total.
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    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    I believe so. I just did a file transfer from my desktop PC to another desktop on my network @ 65-75MB/second. It is connected in the same manner as the server.
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    1-3MB file transfer speed in WHS

    Very similar to the problem in this thread. When the build was fresh I could copy files fairly quickly. 20MB/second+ if I recall correctly. Probably faster. Several months ago speeds dropped drastically. I changed nothing in my setup. File transfers average at about 1.6MB/second. This has...
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    Hot? X58 MSI mATX board b-stock @ cdw: $56 + tax/shipping

    Seems pretty hot. What's typically included with b-stock motherboards from cdw?
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    There Are Too Many Games

    The less free time I have the more great games there are...piling up, that is. :p
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    FS: Lenovo IBM T60 w/ 14" SXGA, C2D, 2GB...

    I'm just looking to sell for the time being.
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    FS: Lenovo IBM T60 w/ 14" SXGA, C2D, 2GB...

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    FS: Xbox 360 Pro 20GB HDMI + games, IBM T60 14", Canon 18-55mm IS

    I've decided to keep what I have left for the time being...